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H. MELVIN ALLEN, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
J. M. ANDERS, M.D., Ph.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
S. S. BISHOP, M.D., of Waynesboro, Pa.
William R. D. BLACKWOOD, of Philadelphia, Pa.
J. M. BLAINE, M.D., of Denver, Col.
THOMAS BROOKS, A.M., M.D., of Dearborn, Mo.
HON. MARIOTT BROSIUS, of Lancaster, Pa.

CHARLES W. BURR, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
A. Claus, M.D., of Ghent, Belgium.
EPHRAIM Cutter, MD, LL.D., of New York.
J. A. DE ARMAND, M.D., of Davenport, Iowa.
P. S. DONNELLAN, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
L. WEBSTER Fox, M.D, of Philadelphia, Pa.
E. B. GLEASON, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.

AUGUSTIN H. GOELET, M.D., of New York.
W. FRANK HAEHNLEN, M D., Ph.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
G. A. Hewitt, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
William C. HOLLOPETER, A M., M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
R. B. HOPKINS, M D., of Milton, Del.
William B HOPKINS, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
William E. HUGHES, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.

ALEXANDER Klein, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
M. Koch, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
ERNEST LAPLACE, M D., LL.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
HERMAN D. MARCUS, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
E E. MONTGOMERY, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.
J. MOUNT BLEYER, M.D., F.R.A.M.S., Naples, of New York.
ISAAC OTT, M.D., of Easton, Pa.
A. M. PHELPS, M.D., of New York.

William S. Price, Esq., of Philadelphia, Pa. Albert E. RousSEL, M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa. A. ROUTIER, M.D., of Paris, France, EMIL SCHNEE, M.D., of Carlsbad and Nice. H. H. SHERK, M.D., of Cramer Hill, N. J. John V, SHOEMAKER, A.M., M.D., LL.D., of Philadelphia, Pa. W. BLAIR STEWART, A.M., M.D., of Atlantic City, N. J. CHARLES H. STOWELL, M.D., of Washington, D. C.

SAMUEL WOLFE, A.M., M.D., of Philadelphia, Pa.

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Vol. XVII.

No. 1 ring in his family. Small spots of psoriasis CLINICAL LECTURES.

exist upon his hands.

Here, as in other patients whom I have ACNE, PSORIASIS, AND ALOPECIA shown you, we obtain the same history of the CIRCUMSCRIPTA.*

psoriasis developing first upon the leg, in front

of or just below the knee. Moderate itching BY JOHN V. SHOEMAKER, A.M., M.D.

attended the beginning of the disease, but ENTLEMEN: E. M., male, 22 years of soon subsided. In this respect, also, the hisage, a tailor, single, exhibits a co

tory agrees with that of other cases. As existence of two diseases of the skin. Spots regards its evolution, it is distinguished by of acne are scattered over the face, principally being rapid and diffuse. In a few weeks' upon the nose and forehead. The lesions are time numerous patches appeared and coalesced, both papular and pustular, though the former so as to form an almost uniform surface of prevail. They have been present at intervals diseased action. The scales have, for the for several years. At times his face will be most part, been detached, leaving the front of free, or nearly so, and again fresh crops will each leg almost covered by a dry, slightly. appear. This is a very common history of

raised, somewhat-rough, dark-red and shining

eruption. The psoriasis is of recent occurrence. About

This man was directed to sponge his face three months ago an eruption appeared upon every night with hot water and to wash every both legs. It came out at nearly the same morning with naphthol soap. In respect to time on each, the right limb being affected the psoriasis, he was placed upon the wine of rather earlier than the left. When first devel. antimony in doses of 5, increasing to 10, oping it was attended with some itching and minims three times a day. As a local applicaburning sensations. The lesions have always tion to the psoriatic patches, he was ordered been dry. They soon became covered with an ointment composed of 1 drachm of salicylic grayish scales, and when the man first came acid and an ounce of the ointment of the under observation his limbs presented a typical nitrate of mercury. picture of psoriasis. It first attacked the outer

The color of the lesions is less bright than side of the legs, but has spread to the inner when the patient first came under observation, surfaces. The patient states that he enjoys and there is but a slight tendency to the reprogood general health, and is strong. He can- duction of fresh scales. not, however, be called very robust. His

Alopecia and Psoriasis.-H. M., male, appetite is not very good; his bowels are aged 37 years; an iron-worker. About ten regular. He is not dyspeptic, and has never

years ago this man's hair began to fall in had rheumatism or syphilis. He does not spots or patches. The hair was originally know of any rheumatism or psoriasis as occur- thick. The baldness began on the vertex.

The denuded spots were at first roundish, but Delivered at the Medico-Chirurgical Hospital of Philadelphia.

as they grew larger adjacent spots coalesced.

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