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ENTERED according to the Act of Congress. in the year 1832, by Z. ALLEN, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, within and for the Rhode Island District.

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Cranston & Hammond, Printers, Providence, R. I.

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Excursion to France. Archibishop of Canterbury? Dover. Shakspeare's

Cliff. Dover Castle. Bathing Carts. Wall Flowers. Paper Mill.

Whitsuntide. Calais. Straits of Dover:

Page 12.

French Costume. Anecdote. Custom House Examination. Situation of

Calais. Passports. Precautions on entering a fortified City in the
night. Amiens. Deserted Manufactory.

Cathedral. Ancient

Buildings. Fortifications.


Mendicity. Journey to Paris. Unfenced Fields. Shepherds and Shep-

herdesses. Shepherds’ Dogs. French Cottages and Peasants. Paris.

City Gates. Streets. French Hotels. Houses and Streets of Paris. 36.

System of Police. Roman Catholic Ceremonies. Holy-Water. Relics,

Images and Rosaries. Church Festivals. Religious Procession of King

and Ladies of Court. Altars in the Streets. The Host.


Gallery of the Louvre. Talma. Palace of the Tuileries. Gardens and

Pleasure Grounds. A Sunday in Paris. Amusements on Sunday. 60.

Garden of Tivoli. Russian Mountain. Sunday evening Theatres. A

Gaming House. Rouge et Noir. Palace of Justice. Chamber of

Deputies and of Peers. Palace of the Luxembourg. Street Musicians.

Foundling Hospital.


Catacombs of Paris. Medical Halls. Skeletons and Wax Preparations.

Pantheon. Shops and Coffee Houses of Paris. Taste for Mirrors and

Mirror Manufactory.


Royal Library Conservatory of Arts. Patent Office. Public Slaugh.

ter Houses. Theatres of Paris. Opera Dancers.


Useful Arts. Print Works. Hours of Labor. Steam Power. St.

Dennis. Manufactory of Tapestry. Comparative cost of Fuel in Paris.

Cotton Mills. Cemetery of Pere La Chaise.


Public Escort of the French King. Dress of French Soldiers. Paris

Fashions. Nurseries for trees. Versaille Boats on the Seine.

French Porcelain. Water Works of Versailles.


Palace of St. Cloud. Public Shows of Paris. Fire Works. Maison de

Ville. Guillotine. Palais Royal.


Garden of Plants. Wine Market. Diorama. Castle of Vincennes.

French Diligences and Boots of a Postillion. Water Works of Marli.



Painted Horse Collars. French Broadcloth Manufactory. Cotton Man-

ufactories of Rouen. Octroi. French Cotton Mills. Wages. Elboeuf

Cloth Mills,


Rouen. Public Festival. Wedding. Vesper Service. Cultivation of the

Poppy. Poppy Oil. Female Laborers. National Antipathies. Fortifi-

cations of Lille. Battering fortified Walls.


Convent converted into a Cotton Mill. Theological Students. Great Can-

Mechanics of Belgium. Ghent. Journey to Brussels. . Farming

Operations. Public Squares and Fountains. Carved Pulpit. High Mass.

Court of Justice. Field of Waterloo.


Forest of Soigny. Battle of Waterloo. Mechlin. Antwerp.


Antwerp Cathedral and Docks. Steam Navigation in Holland. Flemish.

Artist. American Inventions. The Palace at the Hague. Passage in a

Canal Boat. Dutch Summer Houses.


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