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mandment which chargeth us to do well to them that hate us, and to pray for them that say evil by us, but also that we bear in mind thy holy example, which didst pray for them that cruelly crucified thee. To thee, with the Father and Holy Ghost, be glory everlasting. Amen.

A Prayer in Adversity. O Lord God, without whose will and pleasure a sparrow doth not fall upon the ground; seeing it is thy will and permission that I should be in this misery and adversity; seeing also that thou dost punish me with adversity, not to destroy me and cast me away, but to call me to repentance and to save me, for whom thou lovest, him dost thou chastise : furthermore, seeing affliction and adversity worketh patience, and whoso patiently beareth tribulation is made like unto our Saviour Christ, our Head : finally, seeing that in all tribulation and adversity I am in assurance of comfort at thy gracious hand, for thou hast commanded me to call upon thee in the time of tribulation, and hast promised to hear and succour me: grant me, therefore, 0 Almighty God and merciful Father, in all trouble and adversity to be quiet, without impatience and murmuring, without discouraging and desperation, to praise and magnify thee, to put my whole trust and confidence in thee, for thou never forsakest them that trust in thee, but workest all for the best to them that love thee and seek the glory of thy holy name. To thee be glory for ever. Amen.

A Prayer in Prosperity. I give thee thanks, O God Almighty, which not alonely hast indued me with the gifts of nature, as reason, power, and strength, but also hast plentifully given me the substance of this world, i acknowledge, O Lord, that these be thy gifts, and confess, with holy St. James, that there is no perfect nor good gift but it cometh from thee, O Father of lights, which givest freely, and casteth no man in the teeth. I knowledge, with the prophet Haggai, that gold is thine, and silver is thine, and to whom it pleaseth thee thou givest it; to the godly, that they may be thy disposers and distributors thereof, and to the ungodly to heap up their damnation withal. Wherefore, my most merciful God, I humbly beseech and desire of thee to frame in me, with thy holy Spirit, a faithful heart and ready hand to distribute these thy good gifts

, according to thy will and pleasure, that I treasure not up here where thieves may rob and moths corrupt, but to treasure in thy heavenly kingdom, where neither thief may steal, nor moth defile, to mine own comfort (whom of thy mercy thou hast promised to reward therefore, to the good example of the humble and weak of thy congregation, and to the glory of thy name. To whom, with thy Son, and Holy Ghost, be all honour and praise, world without end. Amen.


Ps. c.


At the Lauds.+

with all thine heart, and with all thy soul,

and with all thy might. And these words O God, make speed to save us.

shall be in thine heart; and thou shalt talk of 7. O Lord, make haste to help us.

them when thou sittest in thine house, and Glory be to the Father, &c.

when thou walkest by the way, and when thou Ant. O God, thou art my God; early will

hest down, and when thou risest up. I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee.

r. Thanksgiving to God. Ps. lxiii. Ant. O God, thou, &c.

Ant. Let all those that seek Thee, be joyful
and glad in Thee.

Morning lifts her dewy veil,
Ps. lxx.

With new-born blessings crowned; Ant. Let all those, &c.

Let us haste her light to hail Ant. Serve the Lord with gladness : be ye

In courts of holy ground. sure that the Lord he is God.

Christ hath shed a fairer morn, Ant. Serve the Lord, &c.

From darkness rising free; Ant. Blessed art thou in the firmament of

In his glorious light new-born,

Let us lift the Jubilee. heaven, and above all to be praised and glorified for ever.

From the swaddling bands of night,

When sprung the world so fair,
Song of the Three Children.

Putting on her robes of light,

Oh! what a Power was there!
Let us bless Father, and Son, and Holy
Ghost ; let us praise and exalt him above all

When He, who gave his guiltless Sob for ever.

His guilty foes to spare, Blessed art thou in the firmament of heaven, Woke to life the guiltless One, and above all to be praised and glorified for

Oh! what a love was there! Ant. Blessed art thou, O Lord, on the When, from the Eternal's hand, glorious throne of thy kingdom ; and to be

The earth in beauty stood, praised and glorified above all for ever.

Deck'd in light at his command, Ant. All his saints shall praise him; even

He saw, and call'd it good.
the children of Israel, even the people that
serveth him.

In the Great Creator's sight
Ps, cxlix.

Far goodlier stood the same,
Ant. All his saints, &c.

Wash'd into celestial white

In blood of the Great Lamb.


Capitulum. Deut. vi.

In the light of rising morn,

Which o'er creation flies,
We descry, by fancy borne,

God's heavenly palaces.

Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord : and thou shalt love the Lord thy God

• It is not possible to convey any adequate idea of a Breviary Service by any short portion of it that can be given in a Magazine ; nor indeed to do justice to a single part, the force of which arises, in great measure, from its adaptation to the whole. All that has been here attempted is a short extract from the Psaltery used on the Lord's Day during the winter season. The Hyinns, together with other parts of the Service, vary according to the season, and likewise on each day of the week. Excepting those Hymns here given, which are merely applicable to the hour of the day, as that for the first, third hour, &c., these are found the same.

+ The Nocturns, which precede the Lauds, are omitted.

$ The Psalm is preceded by the Antiphone, which is generally a verse taken from the same Psalm. The same Antiphone is repeated at the end. Sometimes, as during the season of the Nativity, the Ant. is a verse from the New Testament.

Collects in our Liturgy, all of which are greatly improved.-ED.

In image of the Eternal,

Capitulum. Ephes. v.
In Christ, of souls the sun,
Dimly, through the fleshly veil,

Ye were sometimes darkness; but now are
We see the Holy One.

ye light in the Lord: Walk as children of the

light : For the fruit of the Spirit is in all In thy law, blessed Trinity,

goodness, and righteousness, and truth. ProvA torch-light sure and true,

ing what is acceptable unto the Lord. What thou forbiddest, may we flee; Christ, Son of the living God: What thou dost bid, pursue.

Have mercy upon us.

Christ, Son of the living God : 6. Early in the morning will I direct my

Have mercy upon us. prayer unto Thee, and will look up:

Thou that sittest at the right hand of the 1. For thou art the God who hast no plea- Father :

Have mercy upon us. sure in wickedness.

Matt. xvi. ; Job viii. ; Heb. i.

Christ, Son of the living God : The Hymn of Zacharias. Luke i.

Have mercy upon us.

V. Arise, Lord, and help us :

r. And redeem us for thy name's sake.

Ps. iv. 4. t. O God, make speed to save us.

v. The Lord be with thee :

r. And with thy spirit.

Let us Pray.
Now Morn's Star hath woke from sleep,
Let us at his footstool pray,

Almighty Lord God, who hast safely brought That he would our pathway keep,

us to the beginning of this day, defend us in Light unborn, our better day;

the same with thy mighty power; and grant That hand or tongue this day do nought of ill, this day that we may fall into no sin; but that Nor aught of vanity the bosom fill all our thoughts, words, and works be directed Truth, calm and free,

to do what is righteous in thy sight, through On our lips be,

Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord, who liveth And on our heart's throne sit meek Charity. and reigneth with thee in the unity of the same

Spirit for ever and ever. While this day shall onward roll,

v. Shew thy servants thy work: and their From the cruel foe's dark haté

children thy glory. Keep the sentry of our soul

r. And the glorious Majesty of the Lord Of our senses keep the gate.

our God be upon us : prosper thou the work That this day's service to thy praise may be,

of our hands upon us.

O prosper thou our And as it is begun, so end in thee;

handy work.—(Ps. xc.)
Nor pride unwind

Glory to the Father, &c.
The treacherous mind,
But self-control the rebel spirit bind.

Let us Pray.
Oh! let us die from this world's vanity,

O Lord God, King of heaven and carth,

vouchsafe to direct, sanctify, and govern our With thee to rise, and treasure have on high!

hearts and minds, our words and actions, in Singing of thee, The Eternal three

ways of thy law, and in the works of thy Singing of thee everlastingly!

commandments, that both here and ever, under thy most mighty protection, we may be safe

from all our enemies, O Saviour of the world, Ant. Blessed are they who seek him with their whole beart.

who livest and reignest, world without end.t Ps. cxviii., and two Divisions of Ps.cxix.

May the Lord put his laws into our minds,

and write them in our hearts.—(Heb. viii.) Ant. Blessed are they, &c.


The Lord make us perfect in every good The Creed of St. Athanasius.

work to do his will; working in us that which Ant. With my whole heart have I sought is well pleasing in his sight.-(Heb. xiii.) thee. O teach me thy statutes.

Amen. * The Service for each hour always commences with these words, excepting at the nightly office, when this sentence is preceded by—“O Lord, open thou our lips,” &c.; and at the Complin, when it is preceded, as given below, by the words—"Turn us, O God, our Saviour, &c.”

Both this and the preceding Collect are very good instances in proof of Mr. Le Bas's remark to the extraordinary grandeur of thought and language exhibited in the versions of the ancient



Capitulum. 1 John v. u. O God, make speed to save us.

This is the love of God, that we keep his

commandments ; and his commandments are Hymn.

not grievous. O Spirit, fount of love,

r. I will consider thy testimonies, O Lord. Unlock thy temple door,

Thy commandment is exceeding broad. Thy And on our spirits pour

testimonies will I consider. Thy day-spring from above!

v. I see that all things come to an end.

r. But thy commandment is e.rceeding O thou, of the Great Three,

broad. Who art the Union,

Glory to the Father : Thy testimonies I will Unite us all in one

consider. In bond of charity!

0. I love thy commandments above gold.

r. Therefore I hold straight all thy comGlory to God on high,

mandments.—(Ps. cxix.)
And Him that cometh down
Poor falling man to own,

And Spirit ever nigh.

v. O God, make speed to save us.
Ant. Give me understanding, O Lord, and
I shall keep thy law.-(Ps. cxix.)

From Ps. cxix., three Divisions.
Ant. Give me understanding, &c.

Now the day's declining wheel

Doth to night's dim cavern roll;
Capitulum, 1John ii.

Thus hours, days, and seasons stealHereby we know that we know him, if we Life is hurrying to the goal : keep his commandments. He that saith, I Whilst thou, with outstretched arms, bleeding know him, and keepeth not his command

and bare, ments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him; | Art calling to a world that will not hear; but whoso keepeth his word in him verily is

Calling from high, the love of God perfected.

Still ever nigh, v. Incline my heart, O Lord.

Hid in thy sheltering arms, Oh, let us die! r. Unto thy testimonies, incline my heart, O Lord.

Oh! let us die from this world's vanity, &c. 0. O turn away mine eyes, lest they behold

(as above, at the First Hour.) vanity. r. 'And quicken me in thy way.

Ant. All thy commandments are true; great v. Unto thy testimonies, O Lord, incline

peace have they who love thy law. mine heart.

Ps. , Three Divisions. Glory be to the Father, &c.

Ant. All thy commandments, &c. 7. Make me to go in the way of thy commandment. r. For therein is my desire.--(Ps. cxix.)

Capitulum. 1 Tim. i.

The end of the commandment is charity out AT THE SIXTH HOUR.

of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and

of faith unfeigned. 9. O God, make speed to save us.

r. All my ways are before thee, O Lord.

v. I have kept thy commandments and tes Hymn.

The sun is towering high,

Before thee are all my ways.
And, from the east to west,

v. My soul hath kept thy testimonies :
Opens his golden vest,

4. And loved them exceedingly. (Ps.cxix.) And shakes light's panoply.

The Prayer.
True Sun, who, in the soul,

Liftest thy torch unseen,

Charity's light within
Thy better day unroll.

O God, make speed to save us.

Ant. The Lord said to my Lord, Sit thou at Glory to God on high, &c.

my right hand. (as above, at the Third Hour.)

Ant. The Lord said, &c. Ant. I have inclined my heart to keep thy Ant. All his commandments are true: they statutes always, even unto the end.

stand fast for ever and ever. Ps. cxix., Three Divisions.

Ps. cxi. Ant. I have inclined, &c.

Ant. All his commandments, &c.


Ps. cx.


dat. The man that feareth the Lord hath ( The Advent Hymn is here omitted.) great delight in his commandments.

Ps.cxii. Axt. The man, &c.

Hymn, at time of the Nativity.
Art. Blessed be the name of the Lord for Infant, born the world to free,

Look on us,
Ps. cxiii.

That in child-like wisdom we
Art, Blessed, &c.

May put on thy humility.
Capitulun. Ephes. i.

Thou, that midst the beasts didst sleep, Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord

Helpless Babe, Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all

From dark beasts that seek thy sheep, spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ;

Sacred Shepherd, save and keep. according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be

Thou, who hast thy Godhead laid holy and without blame before him in love,

All aside,

On the breast of mother maid,

To our weakness lend thine aid.
O Thou who in the light dost dwell,

To Thee, opening heavenly door, To mortal unapproachable,

Virgin-born, Where angels veil them from thy rays,

To Three in One, whom we adore, And tremble as they gaze.

Glory be for evermore. While us the deeps of darkness bar,

( The Hymn for Season of Presentation is From thy blessed presence set afar,

here omitted.) Till brightness of the Eternal Day Shall chase the gloom away.

Capitulum. 1 Thess. v. Such day Thou hast in store with Thee,

Ye are all children of the light, and the

children of the day-we are not of the night, Hid in thy boundless Majesty,

nor of darkness; therefore let us not sleep as Of which the sun, in glorious trim,

do others; but let us watch, and be sober. Is but a shadow dim.

r. Into thy hands, O Lord, I commend

my spirit. Why lingers thus the golden wheel

Into thy hands, O Lord : Which shall to us that day reveal ?

v. For thou hast redeemed me, O Lord, But we must cast this flesh aside

thou God of Truth. Ere we with Thee abide.

Glory, &c.

v. Keep me as the apple of an eye, But when the soul shall take her wing

r. My help shall be under the shadow of From out her dark enveloping,

thy wings. To see Thee, praise Thee, love Thee still, Her urn within shall fill.

Song of Simeon. Luke ii. Great Trinity, so mould and bless, Ant. (In Advent.) I have waited for thy O'erflowing with thy bounteousness, salvation, O Lord.-(Gen. xlix.) That we may pass through this our night Ant. (At time of Nativity.) For judgment To see thine endless light.

I am come into thy world, that they who see

not might see; and that they which see t. We make our boast of God all day long. might be made blind.-(John ix.) 1. And will praise thy name for ever. Ant. (After Presentation. ) Lord, thou Ps. xliv.

wilt ordain peace for us : for thou also hast Song of the Blessed Virgin.

wrought all our works in us.—(Isaiah xxvi.)

Let us Pray.

Visit, we pray Thee, O Lord, this habitaAnt. Turi us, O God our Saviour. tion, and drive far away from it all snares 1. And let thine anger cease from us.

of the enemy.

May thy holy angels dwell o. O God, make speed to save us.

within it, watch over us, and preserve us in Ant. His faithfulness and truth shall be thy peace; and may thy blessing be upon us, through shield and buckler : Thou shalt not be afraid our Lord, both now and ever. for any terror by night.

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Ps. iv.; Ps. xci. ; Ps. cxxxiv. the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Ant. His faithfulness, &c.

Ghost, be with you all. Amen.--(2 Cor. xiii.)


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