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de Sherbrock in Norfolk

(3 p) de Gattesford in Suffk

(2 p) de Maplestede in Essx

(2 p) de Standon in Essx

(1 p) de Skenfield in Kent

(2 p) de Gatton alteston in Kent

(1 p) de Clerkenwell in suburbis London (8 closely written pages)

(The whole rents of the latter amount to iij. xxi. xi. iiij.)

Camēr Hospital. imprioratu pdco Anglia
Camer de Chilcomb in com..

(1 p)
Cam de Wodecote in Com Sudhmptn

(1 p) Cam de Baruwe in Com Derbye

(1 p) Cam de Wolveton in Com...ancastr

(1 p) de Steyneton in Cm Ebor

(1 p) de Wynkbourn in Com NotingTM

(2p) de Horkestowe et-otnesseid in Com Lincoln (1 p) de Hetherington in Com Northptn (1 p) de Eton in Com Bedford

(1 p) de Asselee in Com Cantab

(1 p) de Stamford in Com Essex

(1 p) de Stonebrigge et Handler in Com Kent (1 p) de Chikewell in Com Med

(1 p) de Hampton in Com Midd

(2p) In Scotia Scotia—Terræ et tenementa redd. et ...

ecclesi et omnes possessiones Hospitalis in Scotia sut defec

...,combust.. pr sortem guerram ibidem pa mltos annos continuat hūs diebus potest levari. Solebat tamen tempe pacis reddi pr an CCC ij fre Willo de Forde capello hendinat in Scotiâ cum suptibus necess.


frcie non potest extendi prop. guerr

frat Ricus de Cernewell hend ibid et obligatm Solidi Priori Angl pr ann Cxv unde solut p ij annos jam elapsos.

.... in

Extent bonorum quond“ Templi

Thornton sup. marchiam Scotie in Com. Northumb. Then follow several pages relating to property in Yorkshire, Cambridgesh., Norfolk, Hertford, Kent, Rochlee in the county of ..... Walsal in Warwick, Warwyek itself. Many pages more in which curious entries are made of receipt & paym". on the rentals of Templecombe.

Rouche in Com Wyltes, Chiryton, Sandford in com Oxon, containing a manor, garden, dovecote 318 acres 2 water mills. These entries also fill several pages.

In Gloucestire, Bradwell, Templeguyting, Uppleden, and many other places. Then Garby, Harewood St Wolfston, Staunton.

Then pensions payable out of the property to sundry persons-viz. Sir Tho' Wale Magist Ricus Plessy advocat in consisto. Archiep. Cantuar, et Robe de Sco Clicer.... ad voluntatem, s..., ffco. Ricus de Foxcote vicecomes Glouces' p ibid pr an xxxlb

Then a long list of houses and other properties stated to have been once in the possession of the order, but now alienated.

The king and many of the nobility are named as being the actual occupiers-viz. The Countess of Pembrook, Lord ........ Neville, Lord Hugh de Spencer, Lord de Roos. The Countess Warrene Arundell The Earl of Gloucester ........ Pinkherne.

The Manor of Burlescombe by the Countess Say
The Manor of Bulstrode by the Abbess of
The Manors of Guyting and Bradwell pr Magist" Johem Pancium

The Manor of Saddlecombe by Earl Warrene. In a large folio are arranged, in chronological order, a variety of valuable documents of very ancient date—some of them are much injured, others in tolerable preservation.

Commencing with an appeal to Pope Alexander 3rd respecting some differences among the order, and dated 1169, they relate to grants, indulgences, and other privileges conferred on the knights up to 1328. I believe among the number is included the grant of the island of Rhodes.

That of Malta, from Charles 5th, I know to be one of them.
In another folio, headed

Lingua Angliæ. Liber in quo continentur deliberationes venerandæ linguæ Anglicæ ab anno 1524 ad ann 1559.

It appears that chapters were periodically held, and the proceeding thereat entered in this book.

They relate principally to the appointment of officers and allowances of the public accounts of the order.

Names of Knights whose signatures are found therein between the above mentioned

periods, some of them scarcely legible from the badness of the writing.

or Cuthbert


Roger Boydell
Edward Hylle of Anstye
John Rawson
Nicholas Heussey
Alerbros Layton
Gyles Russel
Nicholas Upton

John Sutton 1524.

Sir Wm Dreycott
Rowland Whytt
Thomas Whyttynton
Thomas Barnard
Thomas Lyre
Geo. Edwards
Edward Browne
Thomas Newlle
Sylvester Newdigate
Hugo Croft
Christopher Grantham
Phillip Carew
William Hurell
John Cheyney
James Shelly

Oliver Starkey 1525.

Ambrose Corne
George Edwards
George Aylmer
Edward Whytte
Robert Salyford
Blaster Vyllers
Thomas Lee
Edward Berens
James Babynton
Thomas Thorndyke
Edward Brown
Edward Roche
John Whyttynton
Thomas Halton

1528. lyeftennit

Edward Belyngem
Sir John Chamber
Anthony Rogers
Willyam Tyrrel
Sir John Babyngton
Harry Skyves
Thomas Thornhull
Anthony Bentham
Nycholas Upton

Harry Gerrard

Colbert Langton
Edward Roos
Thomas Coppledyke
Henry Pole
Sir Richd Salford
Sir Oswald Massynger
Sir Rob' Blesby
Sir Thomas Newton
Sir Edmund Hussey
Sir Tho". Montafia

Sir Tho". Pemberton 1532.

Sir Dunstan Nydygat
David Tonson

Sir George Dudley 1558.

Sir James Sandilands
Sir James Toller


Thomas Dyngeley
Edward Sands
Sir John Sutton
Edward Howard

.... Poole
Thomas Sandyss
Sir Thomas Cavendish
Sir George Sands

The following are specimens of the entries in this book ;(Extract.) The boke of Assembles by ..


Wyllm Weston * Turcopolier. 1523 as....
Mem: that the 10 day of Julye ann 1523 at a semble holden by
the lycense of my Lord master Lord Phillipe de Villiers de Lisle
Adam in the porth of Possela. by the worshypfull...
Willyam Weston and the holle tong—the sayd ...

... have demanded hys ....

of England and other dignities pertayning and belonging to the said poralte of England : the holle tonge with on consentt

... hath graunted to the his sayd.. the same.

there was present


upon the

my Lord &


At an assemble holden the 28 of Nov'. 1530 by lycense of my

Lord Levetenat Magisto frate Barnardyne de Raston for ptinge of Carvan of the galleys in the presense of Sir John Babynton Tyrcopyllier : it tonessed iiij knight : vid : Sir George Aylmer Commander of Salston who it is thought by the holle tonge is not hablet to make his Carvan. Being not a man of Curage as oder of that nobel nation be; wherefer they wyll that he shall find an habel knyght to go in his rome. signed Sir Edwd Browne Commandr of Swynfelde. Sir Henry Poole Auditor Sir Tho'. Dyngeley Commar of Baddesley. Sir Rich" Salford Sir Tho' Thornhull. Sir Nich Upton. Sir Henry Garard. Sir John Marshall Sir Thos Cavendish Sir Roger Boydell. Applications from divers knyghts for Commanderies (for their meliorment or cheryshment.

in 1530. They begin to complain of poverty Sir J. Sutton elected to the commandy. of Temple Brewer-present, Sirs Thos Treby Nicholas Upton Sir Oswald Massingberde Sir Tho* Candyssh Sir Dunstan Newdigate Sir Henry Garard Sir David Jensey.

An inventry wryghted the xij of Januay 1559 of all such stuff as was left in the Jnglish Alberg. (or lodge)

........ beyng (Tyrca) pyller the same tyme Sir Henry Jerarde Commander of Yete and burow


Prior or Principal. | This expression, the Abbate Bellanti, who is Dean of Malta and the Librarian, told me, means taking a command in the galleys

for three years, or serving in the

galleys for that time.

VOL. V. - Jan. 1834.


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In pmis--table clothes which were bout ij

it. towellys Pewter whiche Sturmet the borderer gave to the tonge it pewter dyshes viijit 2 Spytees

ij itm dyshes of a smaller sort it 2 payrs of knyves.


a greater sort ij it" 2 chayres-gyven by Sir Henith a latyn candlestyke S ry Seward the same day it" a letyl pot for to fetch meat i to the tonge as followythitm a brasse kettll

i itm a short table it. a frying Pan

i a bench framed of bordes it a grydyron

i a stoole of bordes Two other inventories of an early date occur-one of 1527, in wbich a

quantity of silver plate is set down as marked with the arms of the donors.



(Continued from vol. iv. p. 627.)

A Prayer against Envy. Lord, the inventor and maker of all things, and the disposer of thy gifts, which thou bestowest of thy bounteous liberality, giving to each more than he deserveth, unto each man sufficiently, so that we have no cause of grudge or envy, since thou givest unto all men of thine own, and unto such as deserve it not, and to each man sufficiently toward the heavenly blessedness; grant us that we be not envious, but quietly content with thy judgment, and the disposing of thy gifts and benefits. Grant us to be thankful for that we receive, and not to murmur secretly with ourselves against thy judgment and blessed will, in bestowing thy free benefits ; but rather that we love and praise thy bounteous liberality, as well in others as in ourselves, and always magnify thee, O Lord, the well of all gifts and goodness. To thee be glory for ever. Amen.

A Prayer against Anger. O Lord Jesu Christ, which saidest, Whosoever is angry with his brother shall be guilty to judgment; which also dost reserve, from time to time, all vengeance and displeasure to thy secret and just judgment; grant us of thy great mercy, that by no manner of occasion we fall not into disordering of ourselves, by anger and desire of revenging, but that we may alway remember, not only thy godly com

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