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Poppin's Court, Fleet Street.


Divine wisdom and goodness having graciously guided our “ Pilor” through another year, the most grateful acknowledgments are devoutly offered to God, for the contined benediction of his good Spirit. The readers of this humble periodical, an increasing number it is believed, still bear their willing testimony as to the value and edifying character of its contents, and to its adaptation for general usefulness, especially in the department in which it labours-exciting and cherishing an intelligent conviction of the duty and necessity of all, as Christians and as Britons, to promote the moral and religious welfare of our 250,000 merchant seamen, while aiding to evangelize the mariners of all nations.

Although the nature and size of the publication may not allow it to aspire after a high character as a literary periodical,—yet its appropriate records of the importance of our maritime community-of the moral disadvantages of our seamen cut off from the regular administration of Christian ordinances, and exposed to the most powerful temptations to iniquity when in port,—of the various agency employed in the United Kingdom and in America to benefit them,and of the mighty triumphs of the Gospel by the means and agencies in operation to evangelize sailors, are such as do not issue in any other form from the press in Great Britain,-and strikingly illustrate the necessity of the labours of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society.

Recording the increased Agency of the Society, in the einployment of a second Thames missionary among seamen in the port of London – the appointment of the Rev.J. Chapman, as Seamen's Missionary around the coast of Kent,—the engagement of the Rev. E. Corbishley, as the Society's Agent at Appledore and the Bay of Barnstapleand in a more efficient co-operation with the American Seamen's Friend Society-with other extended engagements and enlarged operations of the Directors, the details of the Pilot cannot fail to be interesting.

These things manifestly indicate the gracious hand of God: while they reflect honour on British Christians.

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