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BRITAIN'S PLEA FOR SAIlors, price 2s. in cloth, is already published, and may be had of all booksellers.

We have reason to believe that these works will be read with the deepest interest by every friend to sailors, as they contain important evidence and details respecting the condition of so valuable a class of the community.









Donations. Collections. Ano. Sab.

£ $. d. £ $. d. £ 8. d. G. F. Angas, Esq.......... 10 0 0 Camberwell Auxiliary, by Capt. Allen, R. N.

20 0 0 Islington ditto, by Capt. Dougal, R. N.

20 0 0 Mr. Kelly, Rent of Wharf

8 0 0 Mr. Davison, Rent of Shed

7 10 0 Woolwich, Friends at, by Rev. Messrs. Cox and James

5 0 0 Lieut. Selby, R. N., collected by... 1 100 Norwich, collected by Mr. Teas

dell: Mrs. Crane..............................

1 0 0 Mrs. Ringer

0 10 0 Mr. Jarrold

0 10 0 Miss Harrison

0 6 0 Mr. Tillett........

0 4 0 Mr. Teasdell

0 4 0 Mr. Darkins.............

0 4 Mr. Allen

0 4 0 Mr. Taylor.......... Mr. Watling......

0 3 0 Mr. Lincoln

0 2 Mr. Stacey...

0 5 0 Boys.

0 2 0 Rev. Mr. White.......

0 10 0 John Deacon, Esq., for Anthony

Ward, by Rev. T. Timpson... 1 0 0 A Friend, ditto

1 0 0 Mrs. Masters, ditto...

1 1 0 Mrs. Munn, ditto

0 10 0 Mr. Hillman, ditto

0 6 0 John Ainsal, Esq., by Capt. Prynn 1 0 0 Captain Oakley, “George Anson," ditto...

0 15 0 James Paterson, “ Marinus," ditto

0 2 6




Aun. Sub. £. $. d.



Donations. Collections.

£. s. d. £. 3. d.
Captain of the “C-" by Mr.

0 4 0
Captain of the “S," ditto .. 0 4 0
Ashford :
Mr. Frederick Lester (Card), by
Rev. J. Chapman

2 16 8 Mr. A. Nichols, ditto

1 1 0 Mr. G. Fawcus, for Chapel, ditto 1 0 0 Mr. Robert Pow, ditto........ 1 0 0 Mr. T. Hamilton, ditto......... 0 10 0 Mr. Read, ditto....

0 5 0 Mr. John Hollick, ditto Mr. Norris, for Pilots

0 10 0
Masters G. and E. Wilson,
Sailors' Box

0 6 0
Mr. Thomas Godwin, by Mrs.

1 Mr. J. W. Goss, ditto

0 0 Miss James, ditto

0 10 0 John Aurear, ditto ................

0 5 0 Mr. Brown, ditto....................

0 5 0 Mr. A. Manley, ditto..

0 4 0 Miss Cole, ditto

0 4 0 John Harris, ditto.............

0 2 6 Jacob Moore, ditto

0 2 0 Mary Tuck, ditto

0 1 3 Small Donations, ditto.

0 4 9
North Shields :
Mr. Cubitt Young, by Rev. J.

1 1 0 Pilots, ditto.

0 3 0
Miss Cookson, by Mr. Howard...
Mr. Hammond, ditto
Mr. D. Curling, ditto
Mr. Green, ditto
Mr. Bromley, ditto
Messrs. Freeinan, ditto
Francis White, Esq., ditto
W. Flanders, Esq., ditto........

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1 í 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 10

The Directors present their grateful acknowledgments to G. F. Angas, Esq. for 70 copies of the Memoirs of Rev. W. H. Angas, a Missionary to Seafaring Men, and twelve copies of Christian's Daily Companion. Also to Mrs. Upton, for two volumes of Home Missionary Magazine, in aid of the Sailors' Libraries.






For MARCH, 1837.




INFINITE WISDOM cannot possibly know any deficiency of means in accomplishing the gracious provisions of the new covenant in Jesus Christ. Much is revealed in the Scriptures concerning these provisions, including the eternal interests of men on earth, and the felicity of angels in heaven. All classes of the community, in this world those dwelling on vast continents, and the inhabitants of remote islands of the sea, landsmen and mariners--all are contemplated by the covenant of grace, destined to be brought into the Church of God, as the regenerated and holy members of his household. God has graciously given us this assurance :

“ has made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself: that in the dispensation of the fulness of times, he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven and which are on earth.” Eph. i, 9, 10.

Pursuant to this "good pleasure” which “God hath purposed in himself,” he addresses words of consolation to his church respecting the host of neglected mariners. Thus he speaks by his prophet Isaiah. “Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.



And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. Then thou shalt see, and flow together, and thine heart fear and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee." Isa. 1x, 1, 2, 3, 5.

“God that cannot lie,"_" with whom is no variableness nor shadow of turning,” is engaged to effect all that he has here promised; and this consideration encourages the Christian friends of seamen in their endeavours to advance among them the saving knowledge of God our Saviour.

Desirous of awakening the whole Christian community to embrace seamen within the arms of their benevolence, the Committee of the British and Foreign Sailors' Society sought, by the offer of a premium of Fifty Pounds, and obtained, a work, written concerning the Condition and Claims of Seamen. That work, the production of the eloquent Author of “Mammon,” Dr. Conquest's “Prize Essay on Covetousness," will have been published by the time this number of the Pilot leaves the press. That this volume will be extensively read, cannot be doubted; because the other works of that talented author have gained him such well-merited popularity. And we may therefore reasonably inquire, What are likely to be the results of that publication in relation to seamen ?

That results of an important and beneficial character are likely to arise from the publication of “Britannia," we have every reason to believe; for no one can intelligently contemplate the character and circumstances of British seamen, without feeling a cordial regard for their welfare. A few of the anticipated results we may here state, as peculiarly desirable, and as suitable for a record in the Pilot.

First, Public attention will be drawn to the interests of seamen.

Landsmen, especially those residing in inland towns, having no direct connection with seamen, cannot be expected to feel much regard for that brave class of the community.

Voyages," “ Naval Histories,” “Lives of Naval Commanders,”. &c. may have been read by them, and their admiration

may have been excited by the records of the hardships and daring courage of seamen; but little beyond this, regarding their present and eternal welfare, has been the effect produced on the mind by the perusal of such, though valuable works.

“Britannia," however, and the other volumes, which

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the offered “Prize of Fifty Pounds” called forth, will bdoutless, lead many, not only naval men, and those who are personally interested in the condition of seamen, but landsmen and British ladies, and thousands of British Christians of all denominations, to contemplate with intelligent, generous, and pious hearts, that deserving class of the supporters and pillars of our country.

Secondly, Seamen's religious disadvantages will be more clearly understood.

Pious persons justly regard it as a calamity to be separated from the administration of Christian ordinances : but this is the unavoidable condition of seamen. Captains and masters of ships there are, who are truly men of God: but their numbers, though we trust they are increasing, are yet comparatively few. In the very large majority of cases, therefore, seamen are not only separated from house and land, but for months, and in many instances for years, from all the public social means of grace.

These circumstances are scarcely known, or at least seldom considered, by hundreds of thousands of landsmen, and even those who are eminent as Christians ! Nothing therefore could have been more reasonable than these publications, which will be the means of bringing this state of disadvantage under which seamen labour clearly to the view of those, who duly estimate the saving ordinances of Christ in the churches of Britain.

Thirdly, Seamen will become the subjects of prayer in the Churches.

Instances have been known of Christian Ministers, possessing extensive knowledge, and the most enlarged benevolence of heart—and such even in the Metropolis of Christian Britain, where many thousands of seamen constantly crowd the port-forgetting entirely, or altogether omitting to mention in their prayers, the welfare of our numerous mariners! This is known to be the fact commonly with our excellent pastors in towns remote from the sea : and it can scarcely be a matter of surprise, as mariners are seldom seen in such places. But the publication of these volumes will surely lead many ministers of Christ, and many a head of family, and many a social circle of Christians, to remember seamen at the throne of grace in their prayers; and showers of blessings will descend in answer from the covenant stores of the God of

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