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heated, and went banging off, and clouds of lurid smoke, pile above pile, rose majestically, far, far up into the illuminated firmament. The sea, the skies, the trembling billows, the clouded moon, our shattered vessel and its tattered rigging, our bloody decks, and even our very faces, were wrapt in one uniform and brilliant scarlet light. The brig meanwhile glowed like a red hot coal in a fiery furnace. Her bristling guns, her chains, her raised ports, her stays, her wales, her anchors, and all her furniture were etched out so vividly, that to an excited imagination they seemed as if all had been bathed deeply in a flood of ruby light, while her sable ensign fluttered high in the smothering air, like the angel of death rejoicing over his sinking victims.

“Her last hour rapidly approached. Our shot had sent in some of their planks, and the hissing waters were gaining hard upon her. Down! down ! down she went, stern foremost, the scarlet waves gurgling and tumbling about her, and the cries of her ill-fated crew ringing through the still midnight air. The flames gave a loud hiss, as they touched the water, and were suddenly extinguished. Her masts still kept burning, flaring, and fizzing, like a couple of blazing sticks, but sunk gradually, lower and lower. At last she gave a sickening lurch, the flashing water boiled and curled about like a whirlpool, and a deep expiring groan, emitted from the very bosom of the . ocean, told that the chief, crew, and vessel had gone to eternity!"


This evening I was invited on board the C., Captain S. who related to me an interposition of Divine Providence, which proved to him that God was a prayer-hearing God.

Captain S. had sailed from a port in Ireland laden with grain. Soon after leaving port, during a gale of wind, the cargo

shifted, which much endangered the ship. After some days of great fatigue and anxiety, saw the coast of Cornwall, but found it impossible to get round the Land's End. Wind at this time blowing strong from S.W., bore away for Milford. Shortly after this experienced a very strong


gale of wind from N.N.W.; endeavoured again to get round the land, but being on a lee shore with a leaky ship and cargo shifted, after a long, painful, fatiguing night, as soon as the day dawned our awful situation was discovered; all were sensible of the near approach of death. Captain S. himself declared, that fifteen minutes at most, and to all human appearance all must have been in eternity. In this perilous situation, with all the painful reflection of misspent life, and no hope through faith of eternal life, made a solemn vow to Almighty God, that if he would change the wind, and save him from impendingdestruction, he would henceforth devote himself to his service, and live near to God. In a few minutes the wind shifted to the N.E. which enabled him with his shattered vesselto clear the danger; and, extraordinary as it may appear, the vessel

no sooner out of the danger, than the wind again shifted with violence to the N.N.W. This most extraordinary event in the hour of danger has made such an impression on the mind of the captain, that he is now become a most consistent man of God. After this relation, I desired the captain's permission to offer a few remarks from Luke xvi, five last verses, which seemed to have a good effect, and I fully expect the Lord was in our midst to bless us. We then read Psalm cvii, wherein David fully enumerates the gracious dealings of God with those men that are called to occupy in deep waters. Closed with prayer, expressive of our guilt, and beseeching God to impart unto us his pardoning grace, that whilst we are called to see and experience his mighty wonder-working hand in the great deep, we might be at all times found prepared for the dispensations of an all-wise unerring God, who worketh all things after the connsel of his own will, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.

B. P.


From Dr. Krummacher of Prussia. "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”

James v, 16.

Moses turned


the fierce wrath of the Almighty from Israel. With outstretched arms he smote the host of Amalek. And Manoah, by the voice of

I am

his cry, drew down a visible manifestation of the Divine presence in human form. Judges xiii.

Through prayer, at Mizpeh the prophet Samuel smote the army of the Philistines, and caused the thunder of terror to roll over Israel's foes. 1 Samuel vii, 9-12.

Through prayer, Josiah the prince died in peace. 2 Kings xxii, 19, 20.

Through prayer, fifteen years were added to Hezekiah's life; three men were preserved in the burning fiery furnace; and to Daniel it was said by Gabriel, come because of thy words !"

At the prayer of the brethren, on the day of Pentecost, the heavens were opened : and, at another time, after they had prayed the place where they were assembled was shaken, and all were filled with the Holy Ghost. Acts iv, 31. Prayer burst the fetters of Peter, and broke


the doors of his prison.

Prayer rebuked storms, healed the sick, and brought back the dead to life.

And what shall I say more of the power, the wonders, and the performances of prayer. The whole Scripture is full of them.

And our Church also would be full of them Christendom would be full of them, were there more prayer in our Israel, and more of this incense on our public, family, and private altars.


For what we call praying, morning and evening, according to custom — the sleepy, dull, and heartless repetition of devotional language, does not deserve the name of prayer

! The confession of the broken and contrite heart; the cry of the humble; the expression of the real godly sorrow; the opening of our cares to our heavenly Father; the breathings of grateful love; the acknowledgment of dependence on the name of Jesus ; these are the things which go to constitute true prayer.

- all

Sailors ! pray, then, earnestly that the Spirit of grace and supplication may be poured out upon you. He who

cannot lie” haş promised it. If for six times the answer should be as in the case of Elijah, when he prayed on Mount Carmel -- "There is nothing;" yet

wait on.

The seventh time, which is the proper and the Lord's time - will give the answer you need.

Therefore let the call to, or the opportunity for prayer, be regarded by you as an unspeakable privilege. «Continue instant in prayer.”

r." Pray in the Spirit, in the Holy Ghost, and not in your own self-sufficiency, and you will pray with power. Pray for yourselves--your families--for your officers and shipmates-pray for all seamen- for all your fellowcreatures—pray with faith, and with EXPECTATION; for in the immutable word, that word which must survive both heaven and earth, it stands thus recorded :

Verily, verily, I say unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name he will give it to you.John xvi, 23. AMEN.


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That eminent servant of the Most High God, opened the new building, “the Surrey Chapel,” with a sermon from 1 Cor. i, 23, 24, on the 8th June, 1783. we preach Christ crucified ; unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness : but unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, CHRIST THE POWER OF GOD, AND THE WISDOM OF God.

Addressing himself, at the close, to those who were the called of God, he said: “Ye servants of the living God !

I beseech you to speak his praise, by devoting yourselves to his glory, that the blaspheming world may be brought to shame by beholding your good con- versation in Christ., Mind your

ACTIONS, Whether ye eat or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God !

Again, I request you, mind your TEMPERS !- In malice be children. Parents! behold your children, and let them teach you to forgive: though they may be angry one minute, they forgive and love the next.

There is nothing more worthy to be inculcated than Holy TEMPERS. “Learn of me,” says our Lord and Master, who was the


receive you.

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pattern of meekness,“ and ye shall find. rest to your souls." Matt. xi, 29.

Lastly, let me request you who are living in sin, by the love of God to consider ere it be too late ; is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation" (2 Cor. vi, 2,); the arms of tender mercy are open to

' Fancy not that you lose your pleasures when you lose your sins, and that living to God will be an irksome task. No! blessed be God, thousands can declare that they never knew what it was to be redeemed from misery, till they were redeemed from sin!

My whole soul prays that God would make you of that happy number.

“Even so be it, Lord Jesus ! Amen."

Thus by the art of printing and writing, those now in the glorious presence of their Saviour and their God may still speak to those on earth. Were they now in the flesh, they would give the same good counsel. And is not the counsel as important now,

it was when the good man, in the warmth of his sanctified affections, spake the words to his fellow-immortals ? And are they not as important, if not even more important, to those who peril their lives by the ever-recurring dangers of the ocean? Oh! that the good man's prayer may be the blessing of


every Reader.




Lloyd's, October 1, 1836. I have no doubt but the reading of the words, the Gin Drinker's Liver,will excite curiosity in some to know what they mean; and that in the minds of those of your Readers, in whom there is working a sad consciousness, that they are of the class described, it will excite more than a mere curiosity. Such will, for they must, feel a personal interest which will induce a very attentive perusal. May He who is to judge you, myself, and them, so bless the knowledge of what I am about to impart, that they may be rescued from the dreadful crisis of attaining to have a Gin Drinker's Liver!

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