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been sent to Poplar, to the Rev. Mr. Upton; also three Libraries have been sent to Quebec, Hobart Town, and Petersburgh; besides fifty-seven volumes lent to sailors in the coal and coasting trades. Most pleasing testimonies have been borne by sailors returning books to the benefits resulting from the reading of the volumes. Doddridge's Rise and Progress of Religion, the Companion to the Bible, Sailor and Soldiers' Friend, Scott's Force of Truth, Bunyan's Come and Welcome, seem to have been read to much good effect; but the limits of a report will not allow me to go into detail of the many circumstances narrated on those occassions. Two Loan Libraries have been returned, with very pleasing accounts from the captains of the manner in which the books have been read and applied. Two Bethel Flags have been presented to pious captains, and several applications are now instituted for flags; thus is the desire for promoting this good work going forward.

Sailors' Chapel. The attendance at the Sailors' Chapel continues to increase, and much good is the happy result of the administration of the word of grace within those walls. The Rev. J. Chapman and the other servants of God who minister in holy things within that place, have great reason to take courage and go forward, knowing assuredly that the Lord is with them of a truth, to bless their labours.

Sailors' Fellowship Meeting.-As an additional means of grace, on Monday evenings, this bids fair to be made an especial blessing. It is pleasing to hear some of our brother sailors tell of the dealings of God with their souls; it encourages those that are weak, and stimulates to diligence in spiritual things for the good of souls, and more especially the evangelization of our brother sailors.

Open Air Preaching.–Our Open Air Preaching at seven in the morning, on the Sabbath days, at the corner of Dean Street, near the Sailors’ Chapel, has commenced, and we trust this labour will be blessed to the ingathering of many who are now found as wanderers from the fold of Christ.

Mr. Welch reports of his missionary labours on the River Thames, "On a review of my labours during the past month, my own heart and 'hands are much strengthened. It was said of the Apostles, “ The hand of the Lord was with them ;" so it may be said of the sailors' cause, the hand of the Lord is in it.

" In the Upper Pool, which has been the field of my general labours in the past month, it may be truly said, the work of the Lord has revived ; the spring showers of grace have descended, and the watery fields are already white to the harvest.

“In visiting the ships, and conversing daily with seamen on spiritual things, which is an important part of my work, an opportunity is afforded to ascertain the progress of the Gospel among sailors. I have found many of them inquiring their way to Zion with their faces thitherward.

“One captain stated, in a public company, that he had wept the whole of a Bethel service to see so many sailors brought under the power of the Gospel, and to hear and feel their artless prayers ; at the same time he offered his own ship for the Bethel service in future, though it had not been the case before. It is here where the master is heard to pray for the servant, and the servant for his master, and a heaven-born peace fills the minds of both; hence a Bethel service may be often and justly termed a peace-maker on board of a ship.

“If it be asked, what real good is done by Bethel meetings, under the blessing of God, let one captain answer for this who has attended those meetings of late. When I first spoke to him in his cabin he said with tears, I was once the subject of many prayers, which have long since ceased to be offered up for me by the removal of my dear parents to heaven ; for many years I seemed to be filling up the measure of my iniquity. O! Sir, I have been a proverb for wickedness in the part I belonged to ; I have nearly broken the heart of my dear wife; but by the blessing of God and the Bethel meetings, I am brought up all sails standing. O! Sir, can a sinner like me ever be brought to true repentance ?'

“ The Bethel Flag has been waving at the mast-head of this captain's ship on the Thames, and himself humbly bearing the reproach of Christ before the ungodly around him.

A spirit of zeal has been also poured out upon the pious captains who have greatly assisted me in the work, going with me from ship to ship, and taking part in the services, for which I am thankful to God and to them; may their numbers increase yet more and more.

“Want of room in the Pilot forbids me to say much on this subject.

"With much encouragement, I have been able to perorm the labours of the past month as follows:- I have visited 274 ships, persuading men concerning the Lord Jesus Christ, and distributed 1,890 tracts, obtained fiftyseven ships for Bethel services. Preached to 339 sailors; met eighty-three praying sailors at a throne of grace, and my soul is happy in the glorious work. May the Lord continue to prosper the work of our hands, and to him shall be all the praise."

Amen. Poplar and Blackwall.-Rev. J. Upton writes, I beg to acknowledge the receipt of the tracts and Loan Libraries. I am under the pleasing necessity of requesting a large supply of the former for the next month. Persons whose friends and relatives are going to sea, are now quite in the habit of sending for a few tracts, and in many cases for a Bible; so that to meet these demands, a large supply at Poplar will be absolutely necessary. Some of the cases are attended with circumstances of peculiar interest.

The Docks.--During the past month my attention has been much directed to the visitation of ships, and I have had much conversation with captains and others employed in the West India trade. Ten vessels have been supplied with tracts, which the officers have undertaken to distribute on the voyage.

Preaching on board.— During the past month I have been favoured with the company of several friends from the country, who have requested permission to accompany me on board, that they might witness a service among sailors. Visits of this kind are exceedingly desirable, as they invariably produce a deep impression of the importance of the work, and I doubt not, secure for us an interest in the prayers


our Christian friends. Attendance on Shore.-During the past month, on some occasions, our Sailors' Gallery has presented a very interesting spectacle to the congregation, particularly on the morning of the Lord's day.

Boarding Houses.-A Christian friend continues kindly to visit these with tracts every Lord's day morning. We should be very glad of some aid in this work every Lord's day, as it might tend to revive the afternoon service, which was originally designed especially for sailors.

Prayer Meeting for Sailors. — The third Monday evening in the inonth continues to be devoted to prayer

for sailors, and I generally read extracts from the Pilot. My dear

friends in the Sabbath School have recently presented me with an elegant copy of the “ Prize Essay,” with an inscription, expressive among other things, of the interest they feel in the labours of their pastor among seamen.


Provincial Agents.—Various interesting communications have been received from our Provincial Agents, which will appear in the Pilot for August.

Foreign Agents. Tahiti.—Rev, G. Pritchard writes from Tahiti, dated October 28, 1836.

“I duly received the letter addresed to me from your Society, in which I learn that I have the honour of becoming a director. Allow me to assure you that I shall ever feel it my duty, and esteem it a privilege, to do all I can to forward the objects of the Society. We have at Tahiti a very neat little chapel for English worship. The Bethel Flag is hoisted every Sabbath. The Library for sailors, I trust will be very useful. This port is now much visited by foreigners, and our prospects of usefulness are far from being discouraging. The attendance is usually good. About three months ago, three captains of American whale ships sent their carpenters on shore to make the flag-staff, put it up, and paint the chapel, I finding paint

and oil. Most of the captains touching here manifest a 4. friendly disposition towards us, and with very few excep

tions are present at Divine worship on the Sabbath, and thus set a good example to their crews. If your Society would favour us with two or three dozen of Watts's Hymnbooks, I should feel greatly obliged. In addition to my labours on shore, I have had the honour of acting as chaplain on board many of the ships of war calling at Tahiti. We have a good supply of Bibles and tracts, which I distribute as opportunities offer. Wishing the Society the greatest prosperity, I remain, &c. G. PRITCHARD.”


Donations. Collections. Ann. Sub.

£ s. d. £ s. d. £ 8. d.
Islington Auxiliary, by Captain
Dougal, R.N......

50 0 0
Weigh House Chapel, Rev. T.
Binney's, Sermon by Rev. Mr.

20 7 4
A Widow, on same occasion ......

5 0 0
Messrs. T. Piper and Sons, on
same occasion

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5 5 0 Silver Street Chapel, Rev. Dr." Bennett

3 3 3 Henry Bath, Esq.........

10 10 0 Henry Bath, Jun., Esq......... 10 10 0 Ditto, for Pilots

1 18 0




Donations. Collections. Ann. Sub.

£. s. d. £. 8. d. . 8. d. Mr. John Knight, of the Mumbles

1 I 0 Robt. Aldrick, R.N....

1 10 Ashford, by Mr. Lester

2 3 3 Joseph Trueman, Esq., by Mr. Gull......

5 0 0 R. H. Masten, Esq., sundry sums, ditto

5 4 Percival Wright, Esq. ditto Capt. Rutherford....

1 10 J. D. Lewis, Esq.

1 0 0 Mr. George Bowes

0 10 0 Sarah Tye, collecting card, by Rev. T. Timpson

1 0 1 Britannia, three copies, by Capt. Allen, R.N.....

0 13 6 Lieut. Featherstone, R.N...........

1 1 0 Thomas Graham, Esq.............•••

1 1 0 For Cronstadt case :

G. F. Angas, Esq.................. 25 0 0
Rev. R. Ferguson...........

0 0 Capt. J. Goodchild 0 2 6

R. Crawthorne.. 0 2 6
J. Burde........

0 2 6
C. Pearson 0 2 6
J. Fawckner..... 0 2 6
E. Houghton.... 0 2 6
J. Miller

0 1 6
J. Walker 0 2 6
J. Martin ...... 0 2 6

0 2 6
J. Welch..........

0 2 0 Cowie

0 3 0 Cringle

0 1 0 Burn

0 0 Park...

0 2 6 Hubbark

0 2 6

0 2 6
Harelock. 0 2 6
Dawson... 1 0 0
Sidgett....... 0 5 0
Spenceley 0 3 0

3 9
Capt. Sidgett, for Seamen's Box., 2 8 2
Robt. Wren, Esq. Bideford......... .) 0 0
R. Walker, Collecting Card 0 11 5
Mr. Facey

0 5 0 Miss Tucker

0 2 6 Sale of Pilots.......... 0 8 6 Less expenses..... O 30

0 5 6 ERRATUM.—In the Pilot for June, for Mr. W. Hansom, Hadlow, £1 ! O Donation, and ditto Annual Subscription, read Mr. Harrison.




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