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gers, 59.


A Col. Soc. at Utica, formed, 258. Letter concerning it, 258,

259. Its officers 259.
Proceedings at the seventh annual meeting of the male and

female Col. Soc. of Greene County, 293, 294. Their respec.
tive officers and inanagers, 294. Their respective seventh

annual reports, 306, 307.
In Pennsylvania. Anniversary meeting of the Young Men's Col. Soc. of

Penn. 100, 122, 156. Correction of a passage, concerning Edina, in
the report of the managers, 123.

The Pottstown Col. Suc.-officers and managers, 124.

Anniversary meeting, May 22, 1837, of the Penn. Col. Soc. 216.
In Vermont. Extract from the 17th annual report of the Vermont Col.

Soc 176. Its circular, 226.
In Virginia. Proceedings of the Va. Col. Soc. at its sixth annual meet-
ing, 18.

Extracts from the report of the managers, 48. Its officers and mana-
Anniversary meeting of the Lynchburg Col. Soc. 59. Extract from

the report of the managers, 61. Officers and managers, 62.
Bacon, Dr. David F. .Extracts of' a leiter, Feb. 15, 1837, from him, 170.
Bacon, Rev. Leonard. Addresses the Conn. Col. Soc. at its annual meeting, 260.
Bassa Cove. [See · Liberia.') Military defence of, 213.

Proposed expedition to, 213.
Begharmi, 272.
Benin, 272.
Bermuda Case.” Suit on a policy of insurance for the value of American slaves,

driven by stress of weather into Bermuda, and there judicially declared

to be free, 226.
Bibb, Rev. Richard Jr. 144. [See · Emancipation.')
Blair, Mr. 278. [See Emancipation.']
Blancho, Peter, a slave trader, 168, 279.
Bornou, 272.
Braxton, Carter, 354. [See · Emancipation.']
Breckinridge, Rev. John, D. D. Addresses the Pennsylvania Col. Soc. at its anni-

versary meeting, 216.
Breckiðridge, Rev. Robert J. Resolutions concerning his discussion, in England,

on American slavery, 111.
Brich, Rev. John. Bequeaths five hundred dollars to A. C. S. 223, 224.
Brown, George S. A colored teacher at Liberia. His letter, March 25, 1837, 289.
Brown, Rev. James M. 144. [See · Emancipation.']
Buchanan, Thomas. Addresses a Col. meeting at Harrisburg, Penn. 167. See 173,

Addresses the Penn. Col. Soc. at its anniversary meeting,

Butler, Charles. His liberal donation to the New York City Col. Soc. 142.
Caillie, Rene. His travels in Africa, 263.
Camp, Herman. His liberal donation to the N. Y. C. Col. Soc. 71.
Cannibalism in the Bolobo country, West Africa, 243.
Carrol, Rev. Dr. of Virginia. His remarks at the fifth anniversary of the N. Y. C.

Col. Soc. 213.
Catron, Judge John. His judicial opinion in the case of 'Fisher's negroes os.

Dabbs et al.' 125.
Chase, Rev. S. · His letter, Dec. 20, 1836, from Monrovia, 218.

His illness, 284.

His return to the U. States, and recovery, 288.
Clarke, Matthew St. Clair. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting

34, 36.
•Clarkson and Mills-their way,' 326.
Clay, Henry, M. C. His letter accepting the Presidency of A. C. S. 88. Remarks

on it, 69.

His letter, May 80, 1837, to Daniel Huey, 805.

Colonists. (See · Liberia,' &c.] Letters froin, 103.

Duties of, 374.
COLONIZATION. [See • A. C. S.'; 'Auxiliary Societies;' Clay, Henry;' Illinois;'

Liberia;' Nicholson, Cupt. Joseph J.;'Resolutions, &c.']
Discussion in England, 17.
Prospects in Virginia, 17. Report concerning, to the Legislature of

Virginia, 47.
Secreiary's visit to the south and southwest, 17.
Proceedings in the Federal House of Representatives in relation to, 46.
Extracis concerning, from the (Penn.) Keystone, and the (Georgia)

Christian Index, 260.
Extracts concerning, from the (D. C.) Potomac Advocate, and the

American Herald, 314.
Contrast between its results and those of abolition. From the (N. Y.)

Pulaski Advocate, 315.
Remarks concerning it, from the New Hampshire Observer, 315.
Do. do. do. do. do. Pittsburgh Christian Herald, 371.

Letter do. do. do. a gentleman in Illinois, 378.
• Colonization Sketches,' 112, 115, 177, 206.

Letter froin Washington City concerning them, 183.
Colored People. ["See A. C.5.;' Emancipation;' ' Emigrution;' Liberia,' &c.]

Of Boston, 88.
Condition of, in Delaware. 315.

Colored members in Baptist Churches, 376.
CONTRIBUTIONS to A. C. S. Froin October 25 to December 31, 1836, 40.

From January 1 to January 25, 1837, 72.
From do. 25 to February 25, 1857, 104.
From Feb’ry 25 to March 25, 1837, 136.
From March 25 to April 25, 1837, 168.
Froin April 25 to May 25, 1837, 200.
From May 25 to June 20, 1837, 232.
From June 20 to July 20, 1837, 264.
From July 20 to August 20, 1837, 296.
Froin August 20 to September 20, 1837, 328.
From Sept. 20 to October 20, 1837, 360.

From October 20 to Noveinber 20, 1837, 380.
Correspondence. Extract of a letter from a genileman in Virginia concerning

colonization and abolition, 359.
Letter from the Secretary of the Ladies' Society of Georgetown, D. C.

Coyner, Rev. David H. Appointed an agent, 199.
Crawford, Judge William H. His judicial opinion in the case of Jordan vs. Brad-

ley's legatees, 234.
Crittenden, John J. M. C. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 34.
Custis, George W. P. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 33.
Dana, Rev. Daniel, D. D. Defence of him against an abolitionist, 238.
Davis, Aaron P. A colonist, letter from, 103. See 104.
Delaware. Condition of the colored population of, 315.
Denham and Clapperton. Their travels in Africa, 263.
Devonshire. The Duchess of-Verses by her, 276.
Douglass, Rev. Orson. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 38.
Dream, The. 329.
Edgar, Rev. John T. His letter, Dec. 6, 1836, concerning the prospects of colo-

nization, 67.
Edmiston, Nicholas P. 67, 125, 191. [See · Emancipation.']
Education in Africa. [See' Africa.']
EMANCIPATION. [See • Emigration, Green, James,' &c. &c.] Communication

concerning Johnston Cleveland's manumitted slaves, 65.
John Smith, of Sussex county, Va. manumits by will all his slaves

for colonization in Liberia, 65, 356.
Richard Tubman, of Augusta, Geo. manumits by will 48 slaves, 66,



Proposal to abolitionists, 67.
Nicholas, P. Edmiston, of Tenn. manumits about 50 slaves for colo-

nization in Liberia, 144.
Principles of, at the south, judicially referred to, 125, 234.
Rev. Richard Bibb, Jr. of Ky. manumiis 15 more slaves for coloni.

zation in Liberia, 144.
Mrs. Ann IIarris, of Chesterfield county, Va. manumits by will 10

slaves for colonization in Liberia, 144.
George W. Fags, of Newport, Ky. manumits 7 slaves for coloniza-

tion in Liberia, 144.
A gentleman in Georgia manumits a slave for colonization in Libe-

ria, 144.
Rev, James M. Brown and his brothers, of Winchester, Va. manu-

mit a slave for colonization in Liberia, 144.
Rev. John Stockrell of Marlison county, Va. manumits 31 slaves for

colonization in Liberia, 257, 356.
William Johnson of Tyler county, Va. manumits 12 slaves for colo-

nization in Liberia, 257.
A gentleman in Washington county, Tenn. wishes to manumit 4

slaves for colonization in Liberia, 257.
A gentleman of Moorefield, Va. determines to manumit 6 slaves for

colonization in Liberia, 233.
Mr. Blair of Ky. manunits 2 slaves for colonization in Liberia, 258.
Case of Lee White's (of Ky.) mannmitted slaves, 295.
Carter, Braxton, of Va. agrees to manumit all his slaves if Gerrit

Smith will pay for their transportation, and take care of them when

they should be received, 354.
A lady of Madison county, Va. manumits one of her slaves that he

may accompany his wife to Liberia, 356.
Emigration. [See Expeditions to Liberia;' Liberia, &c. &c.]

Proposed emigrants from Indianapolis, 66.
Steamboat Randolph leaves Nashville, March 4, with 50 emigrants for

Liberia, emancipated by Nicholas P. Edmiston, 125.
Proposed emigrants from Rio de Janeiro, 184.
A free colored man in Augusta county, Va. proposes to settle in Li-

beria, 258.
A free colored man and his wife in Rockingham county, Va. propose

to emigrate to Liberia, 258.
A free colored man and his wife and s children, in N. C. propose to

emigrate to Liberia, 258.

Aid needed for some proposed emigrants, 258.
Expeditions to Liberia. See p. 3.

Proposed sailing of the brig Rondout with emigrants from Virginia

and North Carolina, 4.
Brig Rondout sails from Wilmington, N. C. Dec. 30, 1336, 103.
Proposed expedition of A. C. S. to Liberia with about 90 emigrants,

Proposed expedition of N. Y. C. Col. Soc. to Liberia, 356.
The ship Emperor, Capt. Keeler, sails from Norfolk for Liberia, with

about 100 emigrants, 30.
Fagg, George W. 144. (See Emancipation.']
Findley, Rev. Samuel. His address to a colonization meeting at Antrim, 0. 138.
Fisk, Rev. Wilbur, D. D. His remarks at the 5th ann'y of N. Y.C. Col. Soc. 213.

Attack on him by an abolition newspaper, 290.
Fitzhugh, William H. Defended against an attack of Judge W. Jay, 155.
Fourth of July, 200.
Gales, Joseph, Treasurer of A. C. S. His account from Decr. 12, 1835, to Decr.

10, 1836, 24.
Gallaudet, Rev. Mr. Addresses the Conn. Col. Soc. at its annual meeting, 260:
Garland, Mr. H. Addresses the Lynchburg Col. Soc. 62.
Green, James, of Mississippi. Particulars concerning his will, 18.
Grennell, George, Jr. M.C. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentiethannual meeting, 80.

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Gurley, Rev. R. R. Secretary of A.C. S. His visit to the southwest, 17.

Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting in favor of apply.

ing to Congress for aid, 34.
Addresses A C. S. at its twentieth 'annual meeting against the report

of the committee on auxiliary relations, 35, 36.
His remarks at the sixth annual meeting of the Virginia Col. Soc. 54.
Address the Lynchburg Col. Soc. 62

Do a colonization meeting at Raleigh, N C. 174.
Delivers a discourse, April 3, 1837, on African colonization at Ra.

leigh, N. C. 174.
Addresses a colonization meeting, April 18, 1837, at Fayetteville,

N. C. 176.
His report, May 21, 1837, of a visit to the south and southwest, 201.
His do. June 13,

do. do. do. do. 233.
His do. August 7, do. do. do. do. 297.
His circular, Sept. 22, 1837, to the citizens of Georgia and other

States, 325.

His speech, July 27, 1837, at a meeting at Athens, Geo. 361.
Harris, Mrs. Ann, 144. [See · Emuncipation.']
Herron, James B. Sails in the brig Luna for Liberia, 5, 6.
Hill, Rev. Dr. William. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 33.
Hitchcock, Capt. Ethan A. Appointed Governor of Liberia, 22.
Hottentot preaching. Specirnen of, 378.
Huey, Daniel. His proposed donation of land to A. C. S. 304.
Hunt, Rev. Thomas P. His remarks at the filth anniversary of the N. Y. City

Col. Soc. 215.
Hutton, William, Agent of the Western African Company. His letter concern-

ing Liberia, 161.
Illinois. Report and resolutions in the Legislature, at the session of 1836—7, on

the subject of slavery, 109.
Ireland, William H. Sale of real property devised by himn to A. C. S. 18.
Jay, Judge W. 151.
Johnson, William, 257. [See Emancipation.']
Jones, Walter. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 35.
Key, Francis S. do.
do. do. do. do.

do. 36.
Do. the Maryland State Col. Soc. at its fifth annual meeting, 117.
Lacey, Rev. Mr. Addresses a colonization meeting at Raleigh, N. C. 174.
Laurie, Rev. James, D. D. Addresses A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting,

33, 36.

Explanation of a vote given by him, 36 n.
Lee, Richard Henry. His letter in reply to Judge William Jay, 151.
Lee, Zaccheus C. His address to A. C. S. at its twentieth annual meeting, 31.

Addresses the Maryland State Society at its fisth annual meeting, 117.
His letter, April 23, 1837, concerning a report of the managers of

the Maryland State Col. Soc. 195.
Legacy, 223.
LIBERTA. [See Bacon Dr. David, F.;' Brown George S.;' Chase Rev. S.;'

Davis, Aaron P.;' Hutton, William;' Nicholson, Joseph J.;'

Rockwell, Rev. Charles;' Seys, Rev. John;' Skinner, Rev. Ezea

kiel;' Spence, Capt. Isaac;' Williams, Anthony D.'
Condition of, 6.
Agriculture of, 6, 278, 319.
Constitution of the Liberia Agricultural Society, 321.
Testimony concerning, 7.
War and scarcity of provisions, 8.
Goveinment, 9.
Treaty of peace with Joe Harris, 9.
Bassa Cove settlement, 9, 11,
Land purchased, 9.
Marshall, 10.
Cape Palmas, 11.
Mission into the interior, 12.
Wars and the slave trade, 13.


Medical department, 15.
Education Society, 15.
Rev. H. Teage, 15.
Finances, 15, 133.
Code of laws, 16.
Missions at, 17.
Appointment of Capt. Hitchcock as Governor, 22.
Constitution of general government for the American settlements on the

western coast of Africa, 75.
Report of the state of the Parent Society's colony, 80.
Letter from Aaron P. Davis, 103.
Capt. Nicholson's report, 105 See 164.
Inteligence from, 129, 137, 159, 169, 192, 198, 261, 357.
Public meeting at Monrovia, 132.
Pirates, 133.
Marine list, 134, 192.
Fashion, 131.
Marriages, 134, 281.
Deaths, 131.
Elections, 134.
Appointments, 134.
Wars in the vicinity, 135.
Arrival of the brig Rondout in Feb. 1837, at Monrovia, 135.
Sentiinents of colonists, concerning colonization, expressed at a public

meeting, 159.
Letter of W. Hutton concerning, 161.
Colonial enactinents, 161.
Military parade, 162.
Churches religionis ineetings, &c. 161, 281.
Anniversary of the Ladies' Benevolent Society of Monrovia, 162.
Despatches from, 169.
‘Mississippi in Africa,' 192.
Notices of the several colonial settlements in, 207, 285.
Testimony of recent visiters concerning, 209.
Do. of S. F. McGill, 228.
Do. of Ann Wilkins, 357.

of Gov. Matthias, 357.
Its influence, 275.
Education, agriculture, &c. 278.
Its influence on the slave trade, 280.
Harbor oí Monrovia, 281.
Destruction of the schooner Caroline, 281.
Manual Labor School, 282.
Petition concerning tobacco chewers, 322.

Sickness of emigrants by the Orient, 358.
Liberia Herald, 71. Extracts from the, 131-134. 159–165. 192, 193, 278

283, 319–323.
Lindley, Rev. Mr. [See • Wilson, Rev. Alexander E.']
Literary and Theological Review. Its article on the Prospects of western and

central Africa,' 265, 252.
Loring, T. Addresses a col. meeting at Raleigh, N. C. 174.
Lumpkin, Joseph H. Extract of a leiter from him, 302.
Macbriar, Rev. P. His communication concerning the acceptableness of the Ara.

bic Scriptures to the Mandingoes, 317.
McCulloch, J. R. A mistake in his Commercial Dictionary, concerning the

commerce of western Africa, 270.
Madison, James. Notice in the annual report of the managers, of his death. 1.

Resolution concerning his death, 33.
Mandingoes, 317.
Maryland State Col. Soc. [See · Lee, Zaccheus C.']

Proceedings at its 5th annual meeting, $17.


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