Materia Medica and Special Therapeutics of the New Remedies.

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Page 495 - In addition, she was covered from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet, with an eruption, the like of which I never beheld.
Page 65 - ... skin, feeble pulse, and a feeling as if some sharp instrument was thrust through from one temple to the other.
Page 23 - ... the face. Pale, ill-looking countenance. Mouth. Tongue feels as if it had been scalded, with a constricted sensation in the fauces. Bitter taste, with yellowish-white coated tongue. Throat. Dryness and a sense of excoriation and constriction. Pricking and stinging pain in the fauces. Heat, dryness, smarting, with desire to swallow. Stomach and Gastric Symptoms. Nausea; violent vomiting and retching, with burning in the stomach. Vomiting of thick, viscid mucus,- with eructations. Pain in the stomach...
Page 144 - Hallucinations and imaginations innumerable; that he is gradually swelling, his body becoming larger and larger ; that some one calls him ; that he hears numberless bells ringing most sweetly ; imagines he hears music; shuts his eyes, and is lost for some time in the most delicious thoughts and dreams.
Page 470 - Hough feeling of the face; can't hurt the skin by pinching it. 0 Deafness; when mixed with almond oil and applied on cotton. Mouth, Throat and Stomach. A cool, not unpleasant sensation in mouth and oesophagus. c Applied to the cavity of a carious tooth it alleviates pain. Excessive coughing and strangulation, followed by a profuse flow of saliva. Constant inclination to spit and hawk up large quantities of tough white mucus.
Page 485 - It is to be spread out upon a piece of glass, so as to form a very thin layer, which is to be dried at a temperature of 100 over hot water, or in vacuo over sulphuric acid.
Page 242 - Violent itching, redness and erysipelatous swelling of the face, hands, and other parts of the body, followed by yellow vesication and desquamation. of the cuticle. Painful burning on face and arms; face enormously swollen Rash resembling scarlet fever. 0 Erysipelas, herpes, zona, etc. Inflammation of the skin, followed by deep, hard-edged ulcers, discharging a thick, purulent, greenish-yellow matter, having a very foetid smell; the parts looking like raw meat; the skin covered by small shiny scales....
Page 456 - The man suffered intensely; his body became swollen, his mind wandered, and his life was despaired of; but at last, he got better, and though complaining of great pain about the heart, he was soon able to go about again.
Page 167 - Enlarged spleen in a child a few weeks old, congenital. 0 Enlarged spleen after ague, and abuse of quinine. [The dose was a few drops, or teaspoonful, of the tincture, and the application of the tincture over the spleen.] [In chronic cases, when the organ is no longer tender, under the use of the tincture, even without the friction, it soon becomes painful and tender^ then sinks very rapidly to its normal size, and so remains, the patient no longer conscious of its presence.
Page 123 - Abnormal irritability of the urinary passages. (/.) 0 Nocturnal involuntary emissions of urine. (Hewson.") Suppression of urine in cholera infantum. (Caro.) "Diabetes millitus. (Two cases.) Symptoms: emaciation; paleness; skin cold and dry; pulse rapid and feeble; tongue red and tender; gums spongy and bleeding; thirst excessive; appetite voracious; bowels constipated; urine pale, frequent, large quantity, of high density, and loaded with sugar; liver tumid and tender.

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