The Whole Law Relative to the Duty and Office of a Justice of the Peace, Comprising Also the Authority of Parish Officers, Volume 1

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Page 693 - directed, and also to all sheriffs officers, stewards, officers, constables, and other peace officers of the county or place, where such warrant shall be so indorsed, to execute the said warrant, in the county or place, where it is so indorsed, by apprehending the person;
Page 26 - where there is no actual violence ; as where a man arms himself with dangerous and unusual weapons, in such a manner as will naturally cause a terror to the people: which is said to have been always an offence at the common law, and is strictly prohibited by
Page 682 - of the justices of our said lord the king, assigned to keep the peace of our said lord the king in and for the county of M,
Page 620 - of any exercise of religion, in other manner than according to the liturgy and practice of the church of England, at •which there shall be five persons
Page 190 - And a warrant to apprehend all persons guilty of a crime therein specified is no legal warrant: for the point upon which its authority rests is a fact to be decided on a subsequent trial; namely, whether the person apprehended thereupon be really guilty or not; it
Page 693 - the sheriff, or steward depute or substitute, or any justice of the peace of the county or place, where such person shall escape, go into, reside, or be, may indorse his name on
Page 687 - the course of justice, prescribed by law : but the jury very seldom find the flight, forfeiture being looked upon, since the vast increase of personal property of late years, as too large a penalty for an offence, to which a man is prompted by the natural love of liberty.
Page 26 - that there may be an assault which will not amount to an affray, as where it happens in a private place, out of the hearing or seeing of any, except the. parties concerned ; in which case it cannot be said to be to the terror of the people. 1
Page 125 - said FM, to be done and performed, according to the true intent and meaning thereof, and pursuant to the provisions of an act, passed in the thirty second year of the reign of King George
Page 202 - proper in his circumstances; or if a man force a sword from one who offers to kill another ; or if a man gently lay his hands on another, and thereby stay him from inciting a dog against a third person; or if I beat one without wounding him,

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