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Thursday, 2 Jan.—This day the new East India company (pursuant to a late message by Mr. secretary Vernon from his majestie, to know upon what terms they were willing to join with the old) held a general court, and resolved 1. That the quick stock of both companies shal be paid for

discharge of their debts, and the surplus to the proprietors, who advance the same, without any intermixing with each

others stock. 2. That there shal be a time limitted for each company to

cease trading, in order to bring home their effects and

settle matters. 3. That the old company may purchase so much of the fund

of the new as to make their fund a third of the whole, and so intitle them annually to trade for so much as the

fund amounts to. 4. That the dead stock of the old company, and settlements

of the new, and their embassy, (not to incommode his majestie and the publick affairs at present,) shal be left

to indifferent arbitrators to value them. Which resolutions are to be delivered to Mr. secretary Vernon with all expedition by the directors of the new company.

On Tuesday last died the earl of Falconberg.

Yesterday came on the election for members of parliament 6 LUTTRELL, VOL. V.



at St. Albans, where col. Churchil and Mr. Lomax were chose; the latter having 3 more than Mr. Gape, but he demanding a scrutiny, 'twas granted.

This morning the lord Hallifax went for Maldon, to be present to morrow at the election of his brother col. Irby Montague.

Our merchants have letters which say the king of Sweden is gone to attack another army of the Czars, consisting of 30,000 men, and 'tis beleived will make an attempt upon Plescow, in which is laid up a great magazine.

Saturday, 4 Jan.-Coll. Churchill and Mr. Gape are chose members of parliament for St. Albans, the latter carrying it upon the scrutiny against Mr. Lomax. Oxford University, sir Christopher Musgrave and Mr. Finch ; Rygate, sir John Parsons and Mr. Stephen Harvey ; Gatton, Nicholas Turges and Maurice Thompson, esq.; Windsor, lord Fitzharding and Mr. Topham; Maldon, coll. Irby Montague and Mr. Fitch; Hartford, Mr. Filmore and Mr. Cæsar; Sandwich, sir Henry Furnese and Mr. Taylor.

This day came on the election for Southwark; the candidates were Mr. Cox and Mr. Cholmley, (the old members;) and Mr. Arthur Moor: a poll was demanded and granted, which begins on Monday.

The election also for Westminster begins on Monday: the candidates are sir Walter Charges, sir Henry Colt, Mr. secretary Vernon, Mr. serjeant Bonithon, and Mr. Crosse the brewer.

On Tuesday the lord Auverquerk made a visit to the French ambassador, and staid about half an hour ; after he was gone, came the earl of Portland, and also the lord chamberlain, which latter was near an hour with his excellency.

His majestie has been indisposed with a cold, but now pretty · well again.

Last night died the honourable Peregrine Bertie, esq., brother to the earl of Lindsey, and one of the commissioners of the Alienation office.

This day the princesse and prince of Denmark return'd hither from Windsor.

Our merchants have an account that the Norris, an East India ship from Surat, is arrivd in the Downs, and sayes that two of the old companies ships are near at hand. Bank stock is now 122l., old East India 1171., and new 1341.

Tuesday, 7 July.Elections since my last are, for Canterbury, Mr. Sayers and coll. Lee; Queenborough, col. Crawford and Tho. King, esq.; Rochester, sir Clowdesly Shovell and sir Joseph Williamson ; Reading, sir Owen Buckingham and Fra. Knowles, esq.; Devizes, sir Francis Child and Mr. Merryweather ; Southampton, Roger Mompesson and Metford Crew, esqrs.; Guildford, Denzil Onslow and Morgan Randal, esqrs. ; Bletchingly, sir Edward Gresham and John Ward, esq. ; Dover, Mr. secretary Hedges and admiral Aylmer ; Abington, Mr. Harcourt; Wallingford, William Jennings, — Rendow, esqrs.; Haslemere, sir Theophilus Oglethorp and Mr. Woodroff; Westbury, Robert Bertie, Richard Lewis, esqrs. ; Woodstock, sir Thomas Littleton and James Bertie, esq.; Marlborough, lord Ranelagh and Mr. Jeffryes; Cambridge University, Henry Boyl and Anthony Hammond, esqrs; Brackley, col. Mordaunt and Mr. Egerton; Colchester, sir Isaac Rebow and sir Thomas Cook; Maidston, sir Robert Masham and capt. Blisse ; Romney, sir Charles Sedley and Mr. Brewer.

The poll for Westminster and Southwark are not yet over.

Saturday, sir John Garrard of Hartfordshire, aged above 60, was cutt for the stone by the famous Cyprianus : had one taken from him weighing 4 ounces, and like to doe well.

Foreign letters say the king of Poland is resolved to make peace with the Swedes.

It's reported the emperors envoy here has desired the king to assist his master with his royal navy to make good his pretensions to the crown of Spain, as also with 300,000l. per ann. sterling ; offering for the same all the security as can be desired ; and will grant a perpetual mandate for the free exercise of the protestant religion in Hungary, Transylvania, the hereditary countries, and all Germany.

The Frederick and Scepter, belonging to the old East India company, are arrived in the Downs.

Thursday, 9 Jan.-Members chosen for the ensueing parliament since my last are, for Winchester, lord William Paulet and George Bridges, esq.; Berks, sir Humfrey Foster and Richard Nevil, esq.; Oxford, Thomas Rowney and Francis Norris, esqs. ; Peterborough, Gilbert Dolbin and Sidney

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