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Page 36 - Oxide and nitrate of silver should be given after the process of digestion is ended; if given during or close after meals the chemicals destroy or impair their action. Potassium permanganate, also, should not be given until the process of digestion is ended, inasmuch as organic matter decomposes it and renders it inert.
Page 32 - The fluid extract of this valuable berry, as a nutrient tonic, is far in advance of the compound hypophosphites, but has a special action on the glands of the reproductive organs, as the mammae, ovaries, prostate, testes, etc. Its action is that of a great vitalizer, tending to increase their activity, to promote their secreting faculty, and add greatly to their size. It is specially indicated in all cases of wasting of the testes, such as varicocele, or as induced by masturbation, or which is often...
Page 48 - Sanmetto operates in a most remarkable manner in overcoming the withered, blighted state of the gland; so in UTERINE ATROPHY, dependent upon ovarian blight, its action is unexcelled. In...
Page 32 - It is specially indicated in all cases of wasting of the testes, such a> follows varicocele, or is induced by masturbation, or which is often present in sexual impotency. In atrophy of the prostate, so very common in cases of sexual perversion, this drug operates in a most remarkable manner, in overcoming the withered, blighted state of the gland; so in uterine atrophy dependent upon ovarian blight its action is unexcelled. In gynecological practice it is much used to promote the growth of the mammae....
Page 6 - A carbuncle may be arrested in its development by the injection into different parts of the tumor of five drops of pure liquid carbolic acid at each point. A simple and, it is said, effective treatment for itching piles is the application once daily after defecation of a few drops of collodion on absorbent cotton. Dr.
Page 43 - Iodine and the iodides should be given on an empty stomach, when they rapidly diffuse into the blood. If given during digestion, the acids and starch alter and weaken their action. Acids as a rule, should be given between the digestive acts, because the mucous membrane of the stomach is in a favorable condition for the diffusion of the acid into the blood.
Page 27 - ELIXIR is kept in stock by Wholesale Druggists generally, to whom all orders for less than gross lots should be sent. Wholesale price $8.00 per doz.
Page 23 - If you believe that the operation has been a clean one, leave the wound alone, if not an infected one. The best surgeons usually apply but one dressing, the first. When this is removed the stitches are taken out, and the wound only needs a clean covering for a few days. Before giving ether to patients suffering from catarrh of the nasal passages, wash these out with an alkaline solution. This will, by cleaning out the secretions, allow much easier breathing, and hence increase the facility with which...
Page 5 - ... prostatic and bladder diseases. The ethical manner in which it is put before the profession allows the physician to prescribe it, without fear of its use by the laity, in all cases where it is indicated. Omaha, Nebr. RD MASON, MD Prof, of Rectal and Pelvic Surg. in Creighion Med.

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