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16. How much does seven hundred and eight pounds, exceed thirty-nine pounds, fifteen shillings and ten pence halfpenny.

Ans. £668 4s. 1 sd. 17. From one hundred pounds, take four pence halfpenny.

Ans. £99 19s. 7 1d. 18. Received of four men the following sums of money, viz. The first paid me 371. 11s. 4d. the second 25l. 16s. 7d. the third 191. 148. 6d. and the fourth as much as all the other three, lacking 199. 6d. I demand the whole sum received ?

Ans. £165 5s. 4d.

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9. LAND OR SQUARE MEASURE. roods. rods.

A. r. po. sq.ft. 1 10 29 2 17

399 131 11 25 17 1 36

: 19 132

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QUESTIONS, Shewing the use of Compound Addition and Subtraction.

NEW-YORK, MARCH 22, 1814. 1.

Bought of George Grocer, 12 C. 2ğrs. of Sugar, at 52s. per cwt. £.32 10 0 28 lbs. of Rice, at 3d. per lb. s loaves of Sugar, wt. 35lb. at 1s. 1d. per Ib. 1 17 11 S C. 2 grs. 14lb. of Raisins, at S6s. per cwt. 6 10 6

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2. What sum added 'to 171. 11s. 81d. will make 100L?

Ans. 82. 8s. 3d. Scri, 3. Borrowed 501. 10s. paid again at one time 171. 118. 6d, and at another time, 91. 4s. 8d. at another time 71. 9s. 6d. and at another time 19s. 6d. how much remainan

Ans. ,15 4s. 9 d.: 4. Borrowed 1001. and paid in part as follows, viz, at one time 211. 11s. 6d. at another time 191. 17s. 4d. at another time 10 dollars at 6s, each, and at another time two English guineas at 28s, each and two pistareens, at 143d. each; how much remains due, or unpaid ?

Ans. £.52 12s. 83d. ; 5. A, B, and C, drew their prize money as follows, viz. A had 751. 155. 4d. B had three times as much as A, lacking 15s. 6d. and C, had just as much as A and B both; pray how much liad C?.

Ans. f. 302 5s. 10d. 6. I lent Peter Trusty 1000 dols. and afterwards lent kim 26 dols. 45 cts. more. He has paid me at one time 361 dols. 40 cts, and at another time 116 dols, 09 cts. be. cirles a note which he gave me upon James Paywell, for Yas dois. 90 cts. ; how stands the balance between us ?

· Ans. The balance is $105 C6 cts. due to me. 7. Paid A B in full for E F's bill on me, for 105l. 105. viz. I gave bim Richard Drawer's note for 151. 14s. 9d. Peter Johnson's do. for S0l. Os. Od. an order on Robert Dealer for 391. 11s. the rest I make up in cash. I want to know what sum will make up ke deficiency?.

Ans. 8,20 Ss. 91.

2.8. A merchant has six debtors, who together, oweil him 29171, 10s. 61. A, B, C, D, and E, owed him 16751. 138, 911. of it; what was F's debt? Ans. f1241 16s. Oil.

9. A merchant bought 17C, 2qrs. 14lb. of sugar, of which he sells SC. 3qrs. 25lb. how much of it remains uusold ?

Ans. 70. 2qrs. 171b. 10. From a fashionable piece of cloth which contained 52yds. 2na, a taylor was ordered to take three suits, each byds. 2qrs. how much remains of the piece?

3 . Ans. 32yds. 2qrs. lit. 11. The war between England and America cominen. cel April 19, 1775, and a general peace took place Jan. uary 20th, 1783 ; how long did the war continue ?

Anse 7 yrs. Omo. ld.

COMPOUND MULTIPLICATION. COMPOUND Multiplication is when the Multiplicand consists of several denominations, &c. 1. To Multiply Federal Money:

RULE. Multiply as in whole numbers, and place the separatrix as many figures from the right hand in the product, as it is in the multiplicand, or given sum.

D EXAMPLES. $cts., 1. Multiply 35 09 by 25. 2. Multiply 49 0 0 5 by 97. . 25

.: 97


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345055 441045

Prod. 8877, 25

S. Multiply 1 dol. 4 cts, by 4. Multiply 41 cts. 5 inills by 5. Multiply 9 dollars by 6. Multiply 9 cents by 7. Multiply 9 mills by

$4753, 4 8.5

Scts. 305 Ans. $17, 20 150 Ans. 62, 25 50 Ans. 450, 00 50 Ans. 4, 50 50 Ans. 0, 45

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