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Multiply 37 by 23. ,

Multiply 48 by 27.

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8693 Answer.

132 Ans. 3. Multiply 211 by 50%.

ins. 106554 4. Multiply 2464 by die

Ans 20533 5. Multiply 345 by 19.

Ans. 659 ]
6. Multiply 6497 by 5.

Ans. $3413;
Questimaş to Excercise Multiplication and Division.
1. What will 94 tons of hay come to, at 14 dollars a

Ans. $1364.
2. If it takes 320 rods to make a mile, and every rod
contains 54 yards; how many yards are there in a mile ?

Ans. 1760.. 3. Sold a ship for 11516 dollars, and I owned of her; what was my part of the money ?

Ans. $8637. 4. In 276 barrels of raisins, each 3} cwt. how many hundred weight?

Ans. 966 cwt. 5. In 36. pieces of cloth, each piece containing 241 . yards; how many yards in the whole ? Ans. 873 yds. 6. What is the product of 161 multiplied by itself ?

Ans. 25921. 7. If a man spends 492 dollars a year, what is that per calendar month ?

Ans. 841 8. A privatter of 65 men took a prize, which being i equally divided among them, amounted to 1191. per manje what is the value of the prize"? .. Ans. £7735. 9 What number multiplied by 9, will make 225?

Ans. 25. 10. The quotient of a certain number is 457, and the divisor 8; what is the dividend ?

Ans. 3656. 11. what cost 9 yds. of cloth, at 3s. per yard ?

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13. What cost 144 lb. of Indigo, at 2 dols. 50 cts. or 250 cents per lb.

Ans. $360. 14. Write down four thousand six hundred and seventeen, multiply it by twelve, divide the product by nine, and add 365 to the quotient, then from that sum subtract five thousand five hundred and twenty-one, and the re. mainder will be just 1000. Try it and see.


Is the adding of several numbers together, having af. ferent denominations, but of the same generic kind, as pounds, shillings and pence, &c. Tons, hundreds, quartors, &c.

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1. Place the numbens so that those of the same denomination may stand directly under each other..

2. Add the first column or denomination together, as in whole numbers; then divide the sum by as many of the same denomination as make one of the next greater; setting down the remainder under the column added, and carry the quotient to the next superior denomination, continuing the same to the last, which add, as in simple addition.


Is the money of account in Great-Britain, and is recka oned in Pounds, Shillings, Pence and Farthings. See the Pence Tables.

* The reason of this rule is evident: For, addition of this money, as 1 in the pence is equal to 4 in the farthings; 1 in the shillings, to 12 in the pence; and 1 in the pounds, to 20 in the shillings; therefore carrying as directed, is the arranging the money, arising from each column, properly in the scale of denominations, and this reasoning will hold good in the addition of compound numbers of any denomination whatever.

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15. How much is the sum of
Thirty-seven shillings and six pence, ..
Thirty-nine shillings and.44d. ....
Fortv-four shillings and nine pence, - -
Twenty-nine shillings and three pence, -
Fifty-shillings, - - - - - - - - -

Ans. £s. 10 Os. 104d.

16. Bought a quantity of goods for 1251. 10s. paid for truckage forty-five shillings, for freight seventy-nine shillings and six pence, for duties thirty-five shillings and ten pence, and my expences were fifty-three shillings and wine pence ; what did the goods stand me in ?

Ans. £. 136 4s. 1d. 17. Six men took a prize, and having divided it equally amongst them, each man shared two hundred and forty pounds, thirteen shillings and seven pence; how much : 'money did the whole prize amount to ?

Ans. fo. 1444 1s. 6d.

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