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« Enter Queen Elizabeth and Burleigh. * Queen-Go to—we'll nip'em i'che bud. Why, “ how now, rebels?-for this treacherous queen,

convey her to the tower and there, good Bur

leigh-You take the hint-Away! - Burleigh "s carries off Mary and. (bere Mist is interrupted by loud rattling at Jiage door)-You hearapplause interrupts us.

Mrs. Dazzle. Who can it be?-dear! was there ever any thing so unlucky?

Mift. Not at all; for this relief much thanks (taking up his bat and cane).-Decided, in iny opinion-first night disapprobation--second, under expences-third, nobody but the author.-Yours, devotedly yours.

Mrs. Dazzle. Nay, I insist you don't ftir (noise at door again). - You hear !-do only be kind enough to step into the next room, and I'll get rid of this intrusive person in a moment: come now, indulge an anxious author; and consider though it don't read, it may act well.

Mift. That's true; nothing reads worse than pantomime; but in representation !-Oh gods! and goddesses !-give me the manuscript I'll indulge you (takes the play)-one-two-only four acts ! never mind-if play's bad, less of bad thing the better—if good, I and my copyist soon cobble up fifth act for you—but I'm gone-(Going, returns) Mum! ever fee Gulliver the Great?--that was our writing-to be sure audience damn'd it the first night, but what then? --Theatre's mine!-- so gave 'ein a dose of it; acted it fifty nights running-revenged myself there-he! he he! --and in like manner always will maintain dignity !---always, as long as I'm P. M., Peter Mift-and M. P. manager of a play house!

[Exit. Mrs.

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Mrs. Dazzle. Now then, for this tormentor(opens door, and enter JULIANA)-You Miss!—how

dare you

Juliana. Oh, madam !-I'm so terrified !--even now, Mr. Allorade, a total stranger, proposed marriage to me; and told me that, aided by his own merit and your interest, he didn't doubt of success, -Nay, on my refusing him, he absolutely threatened to use force.

Mrs. Dazzle. And on this account you fled from him ?

Juliana. I did, madam; and I entreat you to protect and save me.

Mrs. Dazzle. Base, worthless girl !-then know Mr. Alltrade fpoke truth; he is the man I have selected for your husband.

Juliana. Heavens! and can you mean

Mrs. Dazzle. I mean you should be his wife ! and till you consent, your chamber shall be your prison

Juliana (falling at her feet). Oh, for mercy ! -Look at me I am friendless, fatherless!

Mrs. Dazzle. And who have you to thank for it? -- Yes: 'tis as I said-Captain Lavish has taught you to despise marriage, and copy the example of her who made you fatherless.

Juliana. What! do you allude to

Mrs. Dazzle. I domand beware, Miss-dare not to imitate such false, abandoned conduct.

Juliana. Abandoned !

Mrs. Dazzle. Ay: would you justify it ?-have you the audacity to vindicate deeds the most licentious ! - a&tions

Juliana (rising). Were you the being that I most respect-- were you my father !--I'd tell you it is falle!-Licentious! -oh, had my illfared mother


possessed one atom that resembled you, I'd tear her image from my heart, or die!

Mrs. Dazzle. Take care, or--

Juliana. Oh, shame! shame!-is this the protection I might expect from one of my own sex ?-Men would betray us; let us not betray each other! and while she whom you censure might meet with pity and forgiveness, what can the female seducer expect ?--the scorn of one sex, the abhorrence of the other.

Mrs. Dazzle. Begona!-retire to your chamber-nay, no reply ;--I will be obeyed-(walks up the stage in a rage).

Enter WORRY. Juliana (running hastily up to him). Oh! have you feen my father ? - will he, will he take picy on me?

Worry. Alas, madam!—I can do nothing for you.

Juliana. What! he persists!

Worry. Most obstinately : he says your offer of advancing money is no more than your duty, and what a parent has a lawful claim to.

Juliana. Then may he fee! but he's deceived, and I forgive him.

Mrs. Dazzle (coming down sage). Not gone yet ! --Do as I command : to your chamber I in Gift -(takes Juliana by the arm and leads her to stage door-JULIANA exit.) - And you, Worry, as you've kindly undertaken to aliist Mr. Alltrade, go to him instantly ; tell him Miss Sutherland has so grossly insulted me, that I've no longer any conscientious scruples, and if he chooses to secure the marriage by carrying her off


Worry. Carrying her off!

Mrs. Dazzle. Ay: force will be the shortest mode : so bid hiin come in a post-chaise to the western gate, whilft I go and make sure of my prisoner.-Away-lose not a moment, and tell him I'll answer for the success of the enterprize. [Exit.

Worry. I go to Mr. Alltrade !-I aid-bless my foul !-No wonder she's a widow-If she married every morning, her husband would die before night: but I will aid in carrying her off—I'll go directly and get assistance-I'll entreat the first man I meet to join with me :-and let Sir Hervey condemn, or, what's more tremendous, let Mrs. Worry scold me, I know I'm doing my duty !-So in spite of wives, widows, and devils, l'll secure her escape, and still try to restore her to her father. (Going.).

Re-enter Mist (with the Play in bis hand).
Mift. Oh, it won't do--'will be damn'd.

Worry. Now pray take pity--pray give your aflistance, Sir:--there's the sweetest young lady just lock'd into that room, and if you would but help to release her

Mift. How! what! young lady lock'd up! and I help to release her ! -pooh-nonsense ! what's her case !--And me--why apply to me?

Worry. Because I'm sure you will befriend usand if you did but know how well she had conducted herself!-how charmingly she had acted her part

Mift. What! acted her part !

Ay! no woman ever acted better :such sense ! such feeling, Sir !--and now, when the is so ready to engage herself

Mift. Ready to engage !-oh, ho-comprehend now-lock'd up to keep her from the stage, and


apply to me 'cause I'm Manager-he! he!-Hark ye; how's her voice?

Worry. Delightful.
Mift. And her action?
Worry. Graceful.
Mift. And her figure?
Worry. Beautiful,

Mift. Damme she'll do my business till Harlequin comes ! Say no more-my house is open I'll give her an appearance.

Worry. What !-you'll get her out!

Mift. To be sure I will-in what part she likes beft tragedy, comedy, opera, farce, pantomime ! And you want a clown--you shall play clownalso if you're married ! don't reply-see it by your chin-give you and your wife freedom-perpetual free admission.—But now for it-now to plan plot

Hem!-Here is the author.

Enter (from folding doors) Mrs. Dazzle. Mrs. Dazzle (locking doors and putting the key in ber pocket). So now Juliana's fafe, and I get my husband's estate. -Oh, Worry, have you seen Mr. Alltrade?

Worry (confused). Hey! yes-- I've seen Mr. Allorade, and he'll be here with the chaise directly.

Mist (reading play). “ Burleigh carries off Mary.”

Mrs. Dazzle. What! no further, Mr. Mist? I suppose you're thinking of the effect, Mr. Mana


Worry. Mr. Manager !-Oh! I understand


Mift. Yes; but can't tell without rehearsal cannot judge unless I saw it on the boards-Let me seem-there's the prison gate-(pointing to folding

doors) :

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