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lia's company to mine, I'll call her to take care of you; for if I leave you till you're safe out of your guardian's clutches, may I lose the long odds, and be flogg'd round the race-course like a blacklegs.

Emme. Now, indeed, you are the brother of my Edward :--then call Cecilia : I dare say by this time she is arriv'd in the pagoda; and yonder is a carriage waiting to conduct us to London : there I shall remain till your brother arrives, and then make an appeal to the laws of my country.

Jack Ar. Never, never go to law ; leave the whole business to arbitration, for if you don't at first, the lawyers, after emptying your pockets, will only do it at last.-However, I'll unbar the gate, (goes to pagoda.) gad ! this is famous !-how Project and the Alderman will be bother'd ?-Zounds! what do I see ?-your guardian !--(runs to EMMELINE.) don't, don't agitate yourself: pull down your veil and I'll

EMMELINE pulls down her veil and Project enters.

Project. As I thought.--My wife suspects an assignation between me and Cecilia, and is 'now coming to detect me. Mr. Arable: a word if you please. (Jack leaves, EMMELINE, and comes to Project.) If you don't get her off, -and, I see how it is ?-you can't persuade her

Jack Ar. Can't I ? um? ecce signum, as we great scholars say. (goes to EMMELINE) Come, Miss, will you go with Master Jacky, and be made daughter-in-law to an Alderman ? (EMMELINE gives bim her hand and nods allent.) there! haven't I a rare granary? Why, I'll back my head at a scheme against your's, Little Project.

Projet. No, you mustn't do that ; for this lucky scheme was all my planning, you know.

Jack Ar.

Jack Ar. So it was; and you shall have the full credit of it, my boy!—The chaise will take us to the nearest inn, and I'll return for Cecilia. (afide to Emmeline.) Bid her good by; give her your sanction. (PROJECT bows and kisses his band.) There; now you do as he orders you. You fee, squire, you see,—this is both famous and fair, isn't it?

[Exit, handing of EMMELINE.

Projet. It is! it is ! '(looks out.) He hands her into the carriage! the postillion shuts the door! -mounts his horses !-away they go !-Huzza! Huzza !

Enter Alderman ARABLE, running against him. Ald. Ar. Huzza! huzza he has her! he has her !- Joy! I give you joy, my friend. Project . This is reaping the harveft

, farmer. Ald. Ar. Ay; we're in clover now !-But Project, I met that good and sweet woman your wife, in such a jealous rage

Proje£t. That's a better joke than t'other.---She thinks to detect me in affignation with Cecilia ; but the bird is flown, you see.

Enter Lady KATHARINE Project. Lady Pro. So, Mr. Project; where have you conceala Cecilia ?-Mr. Arable, he brings this young lady to my house ---entertains her in the moft expensive style,---gives her the most extravagant suppers, and having decoy'd her into an assignation, hè now comes here to carry her off.

Ald. Ar. That's impossible, your ladyship, because Jack has carried her off already.---She is by this time as safe at Aldgate farm, as Emmeline is in your house, and I dare say they and the parfon


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are fetting down to a haunch of my Novia Scotia mutton..--Do you know, my lady, I always kill my own mutton and milk my own cows?

Lady Pro. At Aldgate farm indeed !---more like? The's in that Pagoda.---Ar'n't I right, my life.

Poje£t. You are, my soul.---Hark’ye ---did Sir Frederic teach you this?

Lady Pro. There now ! I'm always to be choak'd at the moment of recrimination! I believe Cecilia's innocent, but to know my husband's falfhood, and never be able to prove it.--- I can't bear his triumph.-I (taking out her handkerchief) am the most unhappy, ill-treated wife.


CECILIA taps at the door with inside the Pagoda.

Ald. Ar. What the devil's that?
Proje£t. What, indeed !---hush!

Cecilia. (within) Why don't you open the door ?
Puis I! 'tis Cecilia!

Lady Pro. Oh! it is, is it ? ---then come out and -(Opens the door of the pagoda, and leads out Cecilia.) I say Mr. Alderman, they're setting down to a haunch of Novia Scotia mutton, are they?

Ald. Ar. Project, this is reaping the harvest indeed.

Project. Ay: we're in clover now with a vengeance. Cecilia, what does this mean?

Cecil. Why as all concealment will now be ufeless, I may venture to inform you that by some accident Emmeline has escap'd, I find; and I came here in search of her, and not to meet your husband ma'am, upon my honour.

ProjeEl. Emmeline escap'd !--that was her then that the well-educated blockhead handing off, saying,



fee! this is both famous and fair !" ?Sdeath! I've out-schem'd myself.-I'll pursue her instantly. Alderman, will you go with me?

Ald. Ar. Ay; that I will; my son, Captain Edward, is arriv'd, and if he and Einmeline should meet, -I tell you what,-as Jack has made two fools of us, I'll persuade the East Indian to let Edward marry his sister, Cecilia. Come along. Odsheart! I won't wait to order my carriage or have garden stuff-(Cecilia laughs.) now there again! I oniy wish I had you at the farm.-I'd...-

Project. Come'; I know what your going to say,

Ald. Ar. Do you? then you know more than 1 do myself; for plague on the girls, they'll drive me out of my senses !

Exit with PROJECT. Lady Pro. My dear Cecilia, I never doubted your innocence.--Come; let's go and prepare for London. I long to see your brother the young Nabod. I dare say, he'll bring over the most charming presents.

Cecil. Very likely : but my mind is all on Emmeline. Poor Girl! May she escape the persecution of her enemies, and be rewarded as her virtue and her sufferings deserve !


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An elegant Apartment at PROJECT's Houfe, in


Enter Project, and Sir FREDERICK.

Proje£t. Not find her! Emmeline not to be found! tell me, fir Frederick, have you been at young Arable's chambers ?

Sir Fred. I have—and he is out of town, at Epsom: positively, I can hear nothing of Emmeline---but what then? fretting won't find her ; and if it did, I dare say you'd find something else to fret you--- I'm her lover, and you see I'm not uneasy.

Proješt. No: you havn't the reason I have---she may fall into the hands of some enemy, who may say, I have entangled her fortune ; confin'd her after her health was restor'd; and at last convince her uncle, the alderman, that I have wrong'd her---then her friend, captain Arable, is in town, you say.

Sis Fred. Yes, he arriv'd last night from Gibraltar---receiving a letter that inform’d him of Emmeline's recovery; he quitted the regiment at the risk of offending his father---leave me to manage him: let me see.-- (looking at bis watch.) I am now going to meet him.

Proje£t. Are you? then tell him of her escape : the neceflity of restoring her to my power---hint at a relapfe, and persuade him to join in searching for her: I would with

you; but I'm waiting here to receive my cousin Tanjore.


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