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PDF Aye, we have shewn ourselves such a couple of old stats, that we can't expose ourselves any surther—Here, Warford, take Lady Henrietta, and depend on't, my settlement shall be equal to the justice's.

SirThomas. And you, sir, (to Pave.) since you are become a senator, take old Medium's daughter—One half of my estate goes to Henrietta—the other to you—that is, on condition you secure me the road—-the common-Hhe— [tpunting again.)

Pav}. Softly, sir, softly—Counting may be


i Lady Henrietta. And now, as most of us have tried difserent ways of growing rich, let us ac^ knowledge, that while Sir Charles's plan has been the worst, Warford's has prov'd the best—» for had the time the former wasted in dissipation and. deception been employed like the latter,

S honesty and industry, Sir Charles had now re Warford, been rich and happy. Smalhrade. Aye, application and ceconomy is the surest road to riches,

, Pavi. No—I'll shew you a better way—by gaining patronage and promotion here!

Here let our friends around support our

cause, . - r

And we'll grow rich indeed—by their ap» plause.


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Gingham Mr. Lewis.

Darnley Mr. Holman.

Sir George Gauntlet Mr. Middleton.

The Hon. Mr. Savage Mr. Fawcett.

Sir Paul Perpetual Mr.-Quick.

Plush Mr.Munden.

Ready Mr.Davenport.

Signor Cygnet Mr. Bernard.

Waiter Mr. Bees.

Servant to Sir George Mr. Abbott.

Servants to the Hon. Mr. s Mr. Ledger.

Savage <, Mr. Wilde.

Servant to Mr. Flush Mr. Cross.

Groom Mr. Simmonds.

Clara Sedley Mrs. Mountain,

Lady Sarah Savage Mrs. Mattocks.

Mrs. Darnley Mrs. Pope.

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