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Writun by Miles Peter Andrews, Esq.
And Spoken by Mr. Lewis, in the Character of'nomin AL.

Once more, my friends, here's Nominal the glorious,
Again attempting to be more notorious.

What's lise without it? Ask the Buck, the Wit;
The falhion'd Peer, and the no-fashion'd Cit.
Renown's the word—-Men, Women, Girls and Boys,
Write, sight, game, drink, and dress to make a noise.
| • '« D<am':ne, I'm up to that, cries Bobby Crop,

"No sellow in the town shall me out top;
"I'll have a dock as dole as young Lord Wizen,
"For dam'me, an't my he.i 1 as thick as his'n?"
Then, like a fighting cock, frimm'd short and bare,
He mounts his spurs, and crows away—louk there!
What crowds of desp'rate heroes fall sor fame,
And lose their characters to raise a name.

See the sine wife of some plain country 'Squire,
To ev'ry towiirbred folly swift aspire—
See her each night, with all the force she's able,
Fly to be talk'd os at the Faro table—
Fat Mrs. Duckleg whispers to her spouse,
Why, Hubby, love, I knows now what I knows.
Look what a thriving man is neighbour Wittle,
It's all because his wise shows offa little.
Had I fine clothes, I have a manner too,
And you might hold your head as others do.
But coopt up thus, like a meer hoddy-doddy,
Nobody knows that one is any body,


Thiw wide diffus'd thro' all this bustling town Reigns the strong principle of being known—. Above the restr—amongst the wits most witty, In dress and talk,'s your Jemmy from the city. His coat, by some unlucky taytar trusted, Hangs offhis back, as going to be dusted j While in the Upper Boxes, fully known, He sports a language which is quite his own. "Eh, Jack! On Change to day? How goes Lot.Tick? * Ha—seen Bob's Curricle—it goes curst quick. «c The Builder fays—'twixt us—it goes on tick— "Been dipping, hey, at Margate or at Brighton? "Touch'd ten last night, andev'ry one a light one. M Hey, Tom, how do?—Oh, is that you,Dick Docket! "You've stole my stick—No, damme, it's" There's proos enough, we trust you will agree, That lise's great aim, is Notoriery. Our Bard and I, acknowledge both this seature, And hope we shall be known by your good nature.

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Nominal, ----- Mr. Lewis.
Col. Hubbub (his Guardian) Mr. Quick.
Sir Andrew Acid, - - - Mr. Wilson.

Lord Jargon, - - -
Clairville (bis Brother)
Saunter, - - - -
James, - - - - -
O'Whack, - - -

Mr. Mcnden.
Mr. Farren.
Mr. Davies.
Mr. Farley.
Mr: Johnstons.

Lady Acid, - - - - Mrs. Webb.
Sophia Strangeways 1 Mrs. wells.

(Wardto Sir Andrew )}
Honoria (NiecetoCol.Hubbub)Wlrs. Esten.


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