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'ÖNDS) Hauer Ihamutu pewi 1143.

It is impossible that this attack upore the tablisheót Church care lemciurin'noticed ny longer. The firsh Edition was a pauphlet

y, a forme of publication whick veddome attack nech attention, and a Pamphlet is oftener thrown way than preserved - a bound lerne, however cing suited to the Library Shelf, comes in formosé

Hention; and, although it may not be noticed if the moment of its appearance, it has a better chance of being noticed at a future tine

hau if it were he the other forme, - the Author's Reasonings beanfounded the

sooner they are refuted the better. Hence, whether hey be true or runthee, a Searches of the Truth must feel obliged to the author for drawing the

Hention of the public to the matters which he cas discussed in this solume.

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28" 1936.

A your Religion is only Popery cut down; Flow Whose Eéclesiastical Excudcheow Gour ouby with a Bâton Sinister, might be appropriately takeu? ht: Shiel's Sheech in Ho. Ammoudilanek

It does not appear that any answer was given to the above imputation of an Illegiti. -mate Birth : - which seems to have been received with the solemn silence merited by such a grave Charge, unless the Beeth of it. was felt to be we founded in this last case, it may be presenced that some fervore would have attempted to answer the charge..

Souce Poetical Whirer of the Church of Saplan) has gone to far as to make its resemblance to that of Rome a groused for braise, stylingit, "The least deporneed, because reformed the leash?

The members of the Church of Englaced have been accustomed for so long a time to apply nearly everything in the Apocalippse relating to the Beasts & The False Prophet, either to the Romanists, or to the Mahometaud, tart, do muy headero, bidé Sau.

derson's exposition of the Thirteenth Chapter may appear to be quite a novel view of that portion of the apocalypse. How far it was an original reggestion to himself; os, how far it might have been sug-gested to hine by some onder expositions of the

Prophecy, I know not: buh Thave found direct allesions to the Church of replaced, as the second

Beast in two places in a very lase little volunce bearing the date of 1581- The place where

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printed is not given; omittee, probably rom motives of Prudence; as the High som mission would doubtless have punished the printer, could he have been discovered, This hare Solence is entitled," a pleasant" Dialogue betweene a Soldior f aruricko, X" "au Inglith Chaplaine. Wherein are largely" "handled & laide opere such reatous as are "Brought in for maintenaunce of Popishe Tea" "ditions in our Eng. Church, also is collected", "as in a shook table 120 particular corruptions

get remaining in our raide Church, with sun"drie this matters recessarie to be knowen of" "all persons. Together with a letter of the varie" "Author, placed before this booke in way of a ". "Preface! Then follows as a motto. 2 for l. 15."What cocord hath Christ with Beliab?". - Strupe sections this volunce as one of the

Severe uritanical attacks of the time against the Established Church: but he places it reader 1565; being 16 years earlier than the date in the Title page. (Annals of the Reformation I.p. 480 os of the qfD etition Ill. 11.3. 169.)That is the only notice of in which I can find in any of my Books. Neither does the Title occur in any of the numerous Catalogues of Libraries which I have at havd. Hence, it may be pressemed to be a very rare work. The book - selles of whom I purchased may copy said that it had been se hr Heber's collection, and was the only one which he had ever seen. The firsh

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