A Manual of pharmacodynamics

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Leath & Ross, 1899 - 962 pages

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Page 785 - These rheumatic symptoms come on with severity during repose and they increase so long as the patient remains quiet, until, at length, their severity compels him to move. Now, on first, attempting to move, he finds himself very stiff and the very first movement is exceedingly painful. But as he continues to move, however, the stiffness is relieved and the pains decidedly decrease, the patient feeling much better.
Page 223 - The greatest service that Argentum nitricum performs is in purulent ophthalmia. With large experience, in both hospital and private practice, we have not lost a single eye from this disease, and every one has been treated with internal remedies, most of them with Argentum nitricum of a high potency, 30th or 200th.
Page 476 - But to nobler sights Michael from Adam's eyes the film removed, Which that false fruit, that promised clearer sight, Had bred ; then purged with euphrasy and rue The visual nerve, for he had much to see, And from the well of life three drops instill'd.
Page 940 - Organon, published in 1833, that it " holds good, and will continue to hold good, as a homoeopathic therapeutic maxim, not to be refuted by any experience in the world, that the best dose of the properly selected remedy is always the very smallest one in one of the high dynamisations (x)," which last is his sign for the 3Oth.
Page 431 - And after this he pressed his thighs; and, thus going higher, he showed us that he was growing cold and stiff. Then Socrates touched himself, and said that when the poison reached his heart he should then depart 155.
Page 940 - The higher we carry the attenuation accompanied by dynamization (by two succussion strokes | , with so much the more rapid and penetrating action does the preparation seem to affect the vital force and to alter the health...
Page 73 - ... Aconite is homoeopathic to the chill, which marks the first invasion of the disease, and to the fever which marks the beginning of the organic reaction. We are seldom called to a patient during the primary invasion of the disease; the organic reaction is generally fully established when we first see the patient. Nevertheless we prescribe Aconite, knowing full well that the inflammatory stage must have been preceded by a chill.
Page 73 - The first stage of an inflammatory fever is not a full and bounding pulse, a hot and dry skin, flushed face, and so forth ; an opposite group of symptoms occur.
Page 356 - A very common feeling is that of the brain boiling over and lifting the cranial arch like the lid of a tea-kettle.
Page 446 - For the cramps it was unquestionably the best remedy, and I may say for vomiting also. In the stage of collapse I gradually found myself trusting to Cuprum, and the impression is very strong in my mind that in collapse it is the most reliable of our remedies.

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