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W'erner. I deal plainly,

Our general situation in its bearings.
To many men the blackest

The waters are abating; a few hours
Idenst. It may be

Will bring his summond myrmidons from I have a question or two for yourself

Frankfort, Hereafter; but we must continue now When you will be a prisoner, perhaps worse, Our search for t'other,

And I an outcast, bastardized by practice Werner. You had best begin

Of this same Baron to make way for him. Your inquisition now; I may not be Werner. And now your remedy! I thought So patient always.

to escape Idenst. I should like to know,

By means of this accursed gold, but now In good sooth, if you really are the man I dare not use it, show it, scarce look on it. That Stralenheim's in quest of?

Methinks it wears upon its face my guilt Werner. Insolent!

For motto, not the mintage of the state ; Said you not that he was not here? And, for the sovereign's head, my own begirt Idenst. Yes, one;

With hissing snakes, which curl around But there's another whom he tracks more

my temples, keenly,

And cry to all beholders-lo! a villain! And soon, it may be, with authority Ulric. You must not use it, at least, Both paramount to his and mine. But, come!

now; but take Bustle, my boys! we are at fault.

This ring

[He gives Werner a jewel. [Exeunt Idenstein and Attendants. Werner. A gem! It was my father's! W'erner. In what

Ulric. And
A maze hath my dim destiny involved me! As such is now your own.

With this you And one base sin hath done me less ill than

must The leaving undone one far greater. Down, Bribe the Intendant for his old calecho Thou busy devil, rising in my heart ! And horses to pursue your route at sunrise, Thou art too late! I'll nought to do with Together with my mother. blood.

t'erner. And leave you,

So lately found, in peril too?
Enter ULRIC.

Ulric. Fear nothing!
Ulric. I sought you, father.

The only fear were if we fled together,
Werner. Is't not dangerous ?

For that would make our ties beyond all Ulric. No; Stralenheim is ignorant of all

doubt. Or any of the ties between us : more The waters only lie in flood between Ho sends me here a spy upon your actions, This burgh and Frankfort: so far's in our Deeming me wholly his.

favour. Werner. I cannot think it:

The route on to Bohemia, though encumber'd, Tis but a snare he winds about us both, Is not impassable; and when you gain To swoop the sire and son at once.

A few hours' start, the difficulties will be Ulric. I cannot

The same to your pursuers. Once beyond Pausc in each petty fear, and stumble at The frontier, and you're safe. The doubts that rise like briars in our path, Werner. My noble boy ! But must break through them, as Ulric. Hush! hush! no transports : we'll unarm'd carle

indulge in them Would, though with naked limbs, were In Castle Siegendorf! Display no gold: the wolf rustling

Show Idenstein the gem (I know the man, In the same thicket where he hew'd for And have look'd through him)? it will bread :

answer thus Nets are for thrushes, eagles are not a double purpose. Stralenheim lost goldcaught so ;

No jewel: therefore, it could not be his; We'll overfly, or rend them.

And then, the man who was possessid of this Werner. Show me how ?

Can hardly be suspected of abstracting Ulric. Can you not guess ?

The Baron's coin,when he could thus convert W'erner. I cannot.

This ring to more than Stralenheim has lost Ulric. That is strange.

By his last night's slumber. Be not overCame the thought ne'er into your mind last timid night?

In your address, nor yet too arrogant,
W'erner. I understand you not.

And Idenstein will serve you.
Ulric. Then we shall never

Werner. I will follow
More understand each other. But to change in all things your direction.
The topic-

Ulric. I would have
Werner. You mean, to pursue it, as

Spared you the trouble; but had I appear'd
Tis of our safety.

To take an interest in you, and still more Ulric. Right; I stand corrected. By dabbling with a jewel in your favour, I soe the subject now more clearly, and All had been known at once.


Werner. My guardian-angel !

And ooze, too, from the bottom, as the lcad This overpays the past. But how wilt thou

doth Fare in our absence ?

With its greased understratum; but no less Ulric. Stralenheim knows nothing Will serve to warn our vessels through Of me as aught of kindred with yourself.

these shoals. I will but wait a day or two with him The freight is rich, so heave the line in time! To lull all doubts, and then rejoin my father. Farewell! I scarce have time, but yet your Werner. To part no more!

hand, Ulric. I know not that; but at

My father ! The least we'll meet again once more.

Werner. Let me embrace thec! Werner. My boy!

Ulric. We may be My friend my only child, and sole preserver! Observed: subdue your nature to the hour! Oh, do not hate me!

Keep off from me as from your foe! Ulric. Hate my father!

Werner. Accursed Werner. Ay,

Be he, who is the stifling cause, which My father hated me: why not my son ?

smothers Ulric. Your father knew you not as I do. The best and sweetest feeling of our hearts, Werner. Scorpions

At such an hour too! Are in thy words! Thou know me? in this Ulric. Yes, curse—it will ease you! guise

Here is the Intendant.
Thou canst not know me, I am not myself,

Yet (hate me not) I will be soon.
Ulric. I'll wait!

Master Idenstein, In the mean time be sure that all a son How fare you in your purpose ? Have you Can do for parents shall be done for mine. caught

Werner. I see it, and I feel it, yet I feel The rogue Further—that you despise me.

Idenst. No, faith! Ulric. Wherefore should I ?

Ulric. Well, there are plenty more: Werner. Must I repeat my humiliation? You may have better luck another chase. Ulric. No!

Where is the Baron ?
I havo fathom'd it and you. But let us talk Idenst. Gone back to his chamber:
Of this no more.

Or if it must be ever, And now I think on't, asking after you
Not now; your error has redoubled all With nobly-born impatience.
The present difficulties of our house, Ulric. Your great men
At secret war with that of Stralenheim ; Must be answer'd on the instant, as the
All we have now to think of, is to baffle

bound Him. I have shown one way.

Of the stung steed replies unto the spur: Werner. The only one,

'Tis well they have horses, too; for if they And I embrace it, as I did my son,

had not, Who show'd himself and father's safety in I fear that men must draw their chariots,

They say kings did Sesostris. Ulric. You shall be safe: let that suffice. Idenst. Who was he? Would Stralenheim's appearance in Bohemia Ulric. An old Bohemian--and imperial Disturb your right, or mine, if once we were gipsy. Admitted to our lands ?

Idenst. À gipsy or Bohemian, 'tis the Werner. Assuredly,

same, Situate as we are now, although the first For they pass by both names.

And was Possessor might, as usual, provethe strongest,

he one? Especially the next in blood.

Ulric. I've heard 80; but I inust take Ulric. Blood! 'tis

leave. Intendant, A word of many meanings; in the veins Your servant!_Werner (to Werner,slightly), And out of them it is a different thing

if that be your name, And so it should be, when the same in blood Yours.

[Erit Ulric. (As it is call’d) are aliens to each other, Idenst. A well-spoken,pretty-faced young Like Theban brethren: when a part is bad,

man! A few spilt ounces purify the rest. And prettily behaved ! He knows his station,

Werner. I do not apprehend you. You see, sir: how he gave to each his due Ulric. That may be

Precedence! And should, perhaps,- and yet, but get ye Werner. I perceived it, and applaud ready;

His just discernment and your own. You and my mother must away to-night. Idenst. That's wellHere comes the Intendant; sound him with That's very well. You also know your

place, too, "Twill sink into his venal soul like lead And yet I don't know that I know your Into the deep, and bring up slime, and mud, place.

One day.

the gem,

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how many

Werner (skouing the ring). Would this Werner. Call me Werner still,
assist your knowledge ?

You may yet know me by a loftier title.
Idenst. How !- What !-Èh!

Idenst. I do believe in thee! thou art A jewel!

the spirit Werner. Tis your own, on one condition. Of whom I long have dream'd, in a low Idenst. Mine!-Name it!

garb. W'erner. That hereafter you permit me But come, I'll serve thee; thou shalt be At thrice its value to redeem it; 'tis

as free A family-ring

As air, despite the waters : let us hence, Idenst. A family! yours! a gem! I'll show thee I am honest (oh, thou jewel!) I'm breathless!

Thou .shalt be furnished, Werner, with W'erner. You must also furnish me,

such means An hour ere daybreak, with all means to quit of flight, that if thou wert a snail, not This place.

birds Idenst. But is it real? let me look on it: Should overtake thee.- Let me gaze again! Diamond, by all that's glorious!

I have a foster-brother in the mart
Wernet. Come, I'll trust you;

Of Hamburgh, skill'd in precious stones -You have guess’d, no doubt, that I was born above

Carats may it weigh?—Come, Werner, I My present seeming.

will wing thee.

[Ereunt. Idenst. I can't say I did, Though this looks like it; this is the true SCENE II. STRALENHEIM's Chamber.

breeding Of gentle blood!

STRALENHEIM and Fritz. l'erner. I have important reasons Fritz. All's ready, my good Lord ! For wishing to continue privily

Stralenh. I am not sleepy, My journey hence.

And yet I must to bed; I fain would say Idenst. So then you are the man To rest, but something heavy on my spirit, Whom Stralenheim's in quest of ?

Too dull for wakefulness, too quick for Werner. I am not ;

slumber, But being taken for him might conduct Sits on me as a cloud along the sky, So much embarrassment to me just now, Which will not let the sunbeams through, And to the Baron's self hereafter-'tis

nor yet To spare both, that I would avoid all bustle. Descend in rain and end, but spreads itself Idenst. Be you the man or no, 'tis not 'Twixt earth and heaven, like


between my business; Besides, I never should obtain the half And man, an everlasting mist ;-I will From this proud, niggardly noble, who Unto my pillow. would raise

Fritz. May you rest there well! The country for some missing bits of coin, Stralenh. I feel, and fear, I shall. And never offer a precise reward

Fritz. And wherefore fear? But this! Another look!

Stralenh. I know not why, and therefore Werner. Gaze on it freely;

do fear more, At day-dawn it is yours.

Because an undescribable—but 'tis Idenst. Oh, thou sweet sparkler! All folly. Were the locks (as I desired) Thou more than stone of the philosopher! Changed to-day, of this chamber} for last Thou touchstone of Philosophy herself!

night's Thou bright eye of the Mine ! thou Joad- Adventure makes it needful. star of

Frits. Certainly, The soul! the true magnetic Pole to which According to your order, and beneath All hearts point duly north, like trembling The inspection of myself and the young needles!

Saxon Thou flaming Spirit of the Earth! which, Who saved your life. I think they call sitting

him “Ulric." High on the monarch's diadem, attractest Stralenh. You think! you supercilious More worship than the Majesty who sweats slave! what right Beneath the crown which makes his head Have you to tar your memory, which ache, like

should be Millions of hearts which bleed to lend it Quick, proud, and happy to retain the name lustre!

of him who saved your master, as a litany Shalt thou be mine? I am, methinks, already Whose daily repetition marks your dutyA little king, a lucky alchymist ! Get hence! "you think,” indeed! you, who A wise magician, who has bound the devil stood still Without the forfeit of his soul. But come, Howling and dripping on the bank, whilst I Werner, or what else?

Lay dying, and the stranger dash'd aside




The roaring torrent, and restored me to

SCENE IV.-A Garder. Thank him - and despise you. “You think!

Enter WERNER. and scarce Can recollect his name! I will not waste I could not sleep-and now the hour's at More words on you. Call me betimes.

hand; Fritz. Good night!

All's ready. Idenstein has kept his word: I trust to-morrow will restore your Lordship And, stationed in the outskirts of the town, To renovated strength and temper. Upon the forest's edge, the vehicle

(The Scene closes. Awaits us. Now the dwindling stars begin

To pale in Heaven; and for the last time I SCENE. III.The secret Passage. Look on these horrible walls. Oh! never, Gabor (solus). FourFiven six hours have I counted, like the Shall I forget them. Here I came most poor, guard

But not dishonour'd: and I leave them with of outposts, on the never-merry clock: A stain,- if not upon my name, yet in That hollow tongue of time, which, even My heart! A never-dying canker-worm, when

Which all the coming splendour of the lands, It sounds for joy, takes something from And rights, and sovereignty of Siegendorf, enjoyment

Can scarcely lull a moment: I must find With every clang. 'Tis a perpetual knell, Some means of restitution, which would ease Though for a marriage-feast it rings: each My soul in part; but how, without disco

stroke Peals for a hope the less; the funeral note It must be done, however; and I'll pause Of Love deep-buried without resurrection Upon the method the first hour of safety. In the grave of Possession; while the knoll The madness of my misery led to this Of long-lived parents finds a jovial echo Base infamy; Repentance must retrieve it: To triple Time in the sons' ear.— I'm cold- I will have nought of Stralenheim's upon I'm dark—I've blown my fingers—number'd My spirit, though he would grasp all of o'er

mine; And o'er my steps – and knock'd my head Lands, freedom, life,- and yet he sleeps ! against

as soundly, Some fifty buttresses—and roused the rats Perhaps, as infancy, with gorgeous curtains And bats in general insurrection, till Spread for his canopy, o'er silken pillows, Their cursed pattering feet and whirring Such as when-Hark! what noise is that: wings

Again! Leave me scarce hearing for another sound. The branches shake; and some loose stones A light! It is at distance (if I can

have fallen Measure in darkness distance): but it blinks From yonder terrace. As through a crevice or a key-hole, in

(Ulric leaps down from the terrace. The inhibited direction; I must on,

Ulric! ever welcome! Nevertheless, from curiosity.

Thrice welcome now! this filial-
A distant lamp-light is an incident

Ulric. Stop! before
In such a den as this. Pray Heaven it lead me We approach, tell me-
To nothing that may tempt me! Else Werner.. Why look you so }
Heaven aid me

Ulric. Do I
To obtain or to escape it! Shining still! Behold


father, orWere it the Star of Lucifer himself,

What ?
Or he himself girt with its beams, I could Ulric. An assassin!
Contain no longer. Softly! mighty well! Werner. Insane or insolent!
That corner's turn'd-So- Ah! no;- right! Ulric. Reply, sir, as
it draws

You prize your life, or mine!
Nearer. Here is a darksome angleso, Werner. To what must I
That's weather'd.—Let me pause.- Suppose Answer ?
it leads

Ulric. Are yon or are you not the assassin
Into some greater danger than that which of Stralenheim ?
I have escaped ?—no matter, 'tis a new one; Werner. I never was as yet
And novel perils, like fresh mistresses, The murderer of any man. What mean you?
Wear more magnetic aspects :-I will on, Ulric. Did you not this night (as the
And be it where it may, I have my dagger, night before)
Which may protect me at a pinch.—Burn Retrace the secret passage? Did you not

Again révisit Stralenheim's chamber } and Thou little light! Thou art my ignis fatuus!

(Ulric pauses. My stationary Will o' the wisp!-50! 80! Werner. Proceed. He hears my invocation, and fails not. Ulric. Died he not by your hand?

[The Scene closcs. Werner. Great God!



you. But


Ulric. You are innocent, then/ my fa Werner. Certain. ther 's innocent!

Ulric. That's well; but had been better if Embrace me! Yes,ấyour tono- your look - You ne'er had turn'd it to a den foryes, yes,

[He pauses. Yet say so!

Werner. Thieves! Werner. If I e'er, in heart or mind, Thou wouldst say: I must bear it, and Conceived deliberately such a thought,

deserve it; But rather strove to trample baok to hell But not Such thoughts, if e'er they glared a mo Ulric. No, father; do not speak of this; ment through

This is no hour to think of petty crimes, The irritation of my oppressed spirit But to prevent the consequence of great May Heaven be shut for ever from my hopes

Why would you shelter this man? As from mine eyes!

Werner. Could I shun it? Ulric. But Stralenheim is dead.

A man pursued by my chief foe; disgraced Werner. 'Tis horrible! 'tis hideous, as For my own crime; a victim to my safety, 'tis hateful!

Imploring a few hours' concealment from But what have I to do with this? The very wretch who was the cause he Ulric. No bolt

needed Is forced; no violence can be detected, Such refuge. Had he been a wolf, I could not Save on his body. Part of his own household llave, in such circumstances, thrust him Have been alarm’d; but, as the Intendant is

forth. Absent, I took upon myself the care Ulric. And like the wolf he hath repaid Of mustering the police. His chamber has, Past doubt, been enter'd secretly. Excuse me, It is too late to ponder this : you must If nature

Set out ere dawn. I will remain here to Werner. Oh, my boy! what unknown Trace out the murderer, if 'tis possible.

Werner. But this my sudden flight will Of dark fatality, like clouds, are gathering give the Moloch Above our house !

Suspicion two new victims, in the lieu
Ulric. My father, I acquit you ! of one, if I remain. The fled Hungarian,
But will the world do so? Will even the Who seems the culprit, and-

Ulric. Who seems? Who else
If— but you must away this instant. Can be so ?
Werner. No!

Werner. Not I, though just now you I'll face it. Who shall dare suspect me?

doubted Ulric. Yet

Yon, my son! - doubted-
You had no guests — no visitors- no life Ulric. And do you doubt of him
Breathing around you, save my mother's? The fugitive?
Werner. Ah !

Werner. Boy! since I fell into
The Hungarian !

The abyss of crime (though not of such Ulric. He is gone! he disappear'd

crime), I, Ere sunset.

Having seen the innocent oppress'd for me, Werner. No; I hid him in that very May doubt even of the guilty's guilt. Your Conceal'd and fatal gallery.

heart Ulric. There I'll find him.

Is free, and quick with virtuous wrath to (Ulric is going

W'erner. It is too late : he had left the Appearances; and views a criminal
palace ere

In innocence's shadow, it may be,
I quitted it. I found the secret pannel Because 'tis dusky.
Open, and the doors which lead from that Ulric. And if I do so,

What will mankind, who know you not, Which masks it: I 'but thought he had

or knew snatch'd the silent

But to oppress? You must not stand the And favourable moment to escape

hazard. The myrmidons of Idenstein, who were Away!—I'll make all easy. Idenstein Dogging him yester-even.

Will for his own sake and his jewel's hold Ulric. You re-closed

His peace-he also is a partner in The pannel?

Your flight-moreoverWerner. Yes; and not without reproach Werner. Fly! and leave my name (And inner trembling for the avoided peril) Link'd with the Hungarian's, or preferr'd, At his dull heedlessness, in leaving thus

as poorest, His shelterer's asylum to the risk

To bear the brand of bloodshed ? or a discovery.

Ulric. Pshaw! leave any thing Ulric. You are sure you closed it? Except our fathers' sovereignty and castles,

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