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secretaries relative to 286; Armory, resolutions of Penn-| lative to the treaty 194; president's communication posal to amend the constitution so as to prohibit, &c.
sylvania and New Jersey relative to 32; Army, ap. laid on the table, &c. 218; Mr. Bell's resolution to allay 31; petition to investigate 32; proceedings of a meeting
propriation bill 94; petition from certain officers rela- dissatisfaction of the 223; bill reported 231, 234, 236; in Virginia 43; resolution that no one engaged in, ought
tive to a repeal of the law allowing whiskey to soldiers Chesapeake and Ohio canal, memorial from the state to be appointed to office 44; petitions against 46; me-
on fatigue duty 172; the bill taken up 286, 287, 238; of Maryland that the United States contribute further morials on 47; Mr. Norvell's resolution laid on table 61;
taken up in the senate 300, 302; yeas and nays and aid to 107; Choctaw land frauds, bill to investigate 333; the bill discussed 76; petitions ib.; bill discussed 94,
passage 301, 307, 312, 313; supplementary bill 332; Choctaw treaty, bill to extend the time for the commis- 95; proceedings 96; yeas and nays, and the bill itself
Arts, an act 10 promote the usetul, reported 126; Ather- sion instituted for claims under 137; Cilley, the hon. 107, 108, 110; report made and the substance thereof
ton, Mr. 227; Attorneys and marshals, inquiry direct. Jonathan, message announcing the death of 11; Mr. 138, 139; the report resumed 157, 158, 159, 174, 317;
ed into the propriety of vesting the appointment of in Williams communication of it.; death announced by Duelling, Mr. Prentiss' bill 1, 14; Duncan, Dr. speech
the courts 222; relative to fees of, in Louisiana 285 Mr. Fairfield 13; funeral procession ib.; investigation as in reply to Mr. Bond 315, 333, 375; Duties on imports,

Baltimore, tonnage on vessels enteriog through the to causes of his death ib.; committee announced 16; or- bill relative to, passed 208; on foreign coal, see coal:
ice 44; Banks, call for information as to the conduct of der of procession 61; report of the committee as to his passed, &c. 219; to remit on goods destroyed by late
the Metropolis 43; reported 44; remainder of it 60; death 139; Circuit court of Louisiana district, inquiry fire in New York 333; Duty bonds, inquiry as to paying
see Union bank of Georgetown; bill respecting the ordered into the cause of the failure of the 251; bill to the merchants of Mobile the costs on renewing 28;
made the order of the day 137; communication rela: change the time of holding in Tennessee 310; in New committee discharged from the consideration of 155
tive to certain banks in Boston ib.; bill to incorporate York 319; Claims, see commissioners of; for spoliations Education, Mr. Johnson's resolutions to appropriate
certain in the District of Columbia, reported ib.; Mr. 80; Clay, Mr. of Alabama 156, 173, 205; Clay, Henry, lands for 12; Elections, resolutions relative to appointe
Clay's inquiry 156; to continue the existence of, in the his speech on sub-treasury bill 67, 108, 122, 136, 196, ment of committee of 30: leave to bring in a bill to
District of Columbia 185, 186, 204; resolutions to inquire 156, 202, 203, 205, 208, 216, 250, 281, 307, 308; Clayton, secure freedom of 32; Elections for representatives,
into the condition of 187, 201; the Union bank of Mr. 94; Clerks, resolution relative to equalizing the Mr. Prentiss' resolution relative to 252; Electro mag-
Georgetown, incorporated 204; see deposites with the bill compensation of 43; call for information relative to the netic telegraphs, bill to test the practicability of, report-
to continue the existence of the District banks reported number employed in the different departments 336; ed 109; Emigrating Indians, bill for security and pro
to the house 220; yeas and nays on its passage 221; re- Clerks, in the office of commissioner of Indian affairs, tection of 156; passed 157, 172; reported in the house
solutions calling for information relative to the condition bill to appoint four additional, reported 137; Closing the 218; Evans, Mr. announces Mr. Carter's death 48,
of the District 222; yens and nays on the passage of the session, resolution fixing the time of 123, 128; see ad 303; Everett, Mr. 29, 208, 217; Ewing, Mr. 76, 77, 110,
bill to extend the charters of the District banks 223; journment; Coal, fureign, petition 10 allow a drawback 243, 302, 303; Excuses of members for absence 334;
relative to the use of, as depositories, Webster's resolu- on, &c. 201; an exemption of duty on 216, 300; reported Executive power, resolution relative to 63; Expendi-
tions 281, 286; Bank of the United States, petition to pre- 330; Collection of the public revenue, bill for the 251, tures, public, resolutions relative to 30, 298: see public
vent reissuing old notes 11; notice of an intention to in- 282; see banks, depositories 282, 298; Columbia river, in- expenditures: Exploring expedition, inquiry as to de-
troduce a bill to prevent the abatement of suits against quiry as to establishing a port at 189; see Oregon; Co- lays in sailing 31; relative to convertir:g into a coast
12; the bill 16; passed ib.; memorial of the delegates of the lumbia steamer, call for information relative to attack squadron 96, 110, 111; call on the president for infor-
people of Pennsylvania against, presented 26; resolu- on 125; Commerce and navigation, the annual state- mation 111; communication from ihe president rela-
tion to inquire as to compelling to pay its liabilities, ment laid before the senate 203; Commissioners of rive to 127, 215, 254, 281; Extra pay to officers, proceed.
&c. 31; petitions of citizens of Essex County, for a 61; claims, bill to establish a board of 80; taken up, 109, ings relative to

318, 334, 335
inquiry as to selling the bonds of the 96; bill to prohibit 123, 137; passed, 137; consideration of 155; passed 156, Fairfield, Mr. announces death of Mr. Cilley 13; re-
the circulation of the notes of the late 103, 113. read and referred 157; Commissioner of the general lative to northeastern boundary 45, 318; Falmouth and
122; report from the president of 127, 128; see bonds of land office, bill to increase the salary of

, considered 173; Alexandria rail road company, passed 206; Fees, lo
the, petition presented by Mr. Clay for the establish-Commissioner of Indian affairs, bill to appoint four ad the clerks, attorneys, &c. in Louisiana, inquiry as to
ment of a, and his remarks 203, petitions for 250, ditional clerks in the office of the 137; Commissioner of allowing 285; Fillmore, Mr. 29, 46, 64; Florida, in-
330, 331; the bill to prohibit the reissuing of notes, patents to have the use of the library 126; Constitution quiry relative to giving another legislative branch 30;
&c. passed ib.; Banks, honorable Linn, appears and of the United States, amendment proposed to prohibit call for information relative to war in 31; relative to
qualifies 207; Bargy, Peter, bill passed for relief of 28; duelists from holding offices 31; Copy right law, petition any treaty with Indians, &c. 62; inquiry as to allowing
Bell, Mr. 14,77; and Mr. Turney 259, 233, 234, 266, for 2 61, 172, 264; unfavorable report 231; Corwin, Mr. troops, &c. who lost their horses, &c. additional pay
332; Benton, Mr. 108, 185, 186, 202, 204, 232; Beziers, of Ohio, speech of, on the Cumberland road bill 211; 63; appropriation for compilation of the laws of 111; re-
captain, relative to remunerating for saving the

cap- Counterfeit copper, gold, &c. bill respecting, reported solution relative to pay of troops employed in 125; sun-
tain and crew of an Amorican vessel 46; Blair, Fran- 30; Counterfeiting treasury notes, bill to prevent the, dry bills relative to 238, 250, 281; relative to compila-
cis P. communication from the postmaster relative to reported 185; taken up and passed 186, 187; Craig, Mr. tion of laws 301; bills passed 311; bill relative to fram-
157; petition from, for abatement in the amount for 29; Creeks and Choctaws, papers touching the claims ing a constitution, passed 319; Foreign affairs, bill for
which he is held reponsible 216; the subject considered of the, laid before the house 206; Crittenden, Mr. 43; the preservation of neutrality 1; Foreign paupers, report
and referred 270, 271; committee authorised to send for Crockett, Anthony, &c.communication from the post- on memorial from Boston relative to 109; debate, call
persons and papers 284; report 310, 335; Board of master general relative to 157; Crockett, John W. letter upon the president for all correspondence relative to
claims-see commissioners of claims; Bond, Mr. of from 242; Crooks, Wm. & James, bill for the relief of 153, 191, 208, 226; proceedings relative to 219; expla-
Ohio 109, 110, 124, 238, 291, 333; Bonds of the bank rejected 301; Cumberland road bill, taken up 75, 111, natory message from the president 220; bill relative to,
of the United States, bill to authorise the sale of 172, 112, 127, 128; passed 138, 211, 205, 206; the vote on the reported 313; Fort Gibson, relative to removal of troops
173; passed 175, 332, 333; see Bank United States; bill 215; taken up 219; bill reported 287; Cushing, Mr. from 74, 94; fortifications, &c. inquiry as to which
Books, bill to authorise the purchase_of, for mem- 218, 254, 268, 303; Cushman, Mr. 227; Currency, petition might be dispensed with, 108, 125; Mr. Davis' remarks
bers, reported, &c. 319; passed ib.; Boon, Mr: 76. !o restore the 12; report relative to 32; see sub-treasury; in the senate relative to 131; report relative to 172;
190; Bouldin, Mr. 16. 111, 188, 286, 301; Bounda: the committee on, discharged 107; resolution relative to inquiry and estimates as to for the northern frontier
ry, 'notheastern, message relative to the postponed the discrimination made in the reception of 125; Mr. 252; the bill making appropriations for, passed 311;
16; referred 32, 45, 47; message from the president Clay's resolution that no discrimination be made, &c. taken up 319; passed 319, 333; Frauds, resolution di-
relative to 61; bill relative to the, postponed 108; bill for 157; report of the committee on 187; Clay's resolution recting inquiry for the preventing, on the revenue in
surveying the 126; documents relative to the presented as to the making a discrimination in the 190, 191, 20s; the entry of goods at the custom house 284; French
157; resolutions of Maine relative to 173; Mr. Web. communication from the secretary of the treasury rela- indemnities, bill to authorise the correction of errors 75;
ster's remarks relative to 184, 186; letter from the pre- tive to 208; Mr. Clay's resolution further considered Fulton, Robert, the heirs of 45; motion to reconsider
sident relative to the 206, 218; previous question 224; 215, 216; passed 224; yeas and nays, &c. 232; Cuih 95; bill reported 231, 311; Fulton steam ship, report of
bill for exploration and survey of the 251; resolution beri, Mr.

205 the secretary relative to
that the president communicaie information, &c. 222;

Davis, Mr. 12, 27, 109, 131, 185, 194, 202, 206, 216, 309; Gannet, Deborah, application for a pension, an in-
the resolution for a joint commission for the survey and Dawson, Mr. 14, 217, 319; Death, resolution relative teresting notice of 291; Garland, Mr. 109, 137, 255;
exploration of the 255, 265; referred 10 the committee to abolishing the punishment of 62; Debenture bonds, Georgetown, memorials from, praying it might be re-
on foreign relations 266; resolutions adopted 301, 303; a resolution for the discharge of, in certain cases 300; stored to Maryland 108; Girard és'ate, petition from
bill relative to, passed 319; Boundary, northwestern- Debentures to fishing vessels, inquiry as to repealing 43; Glascock, Mr. 79, 217; government and the press,
see Oregon; Boundary, southeastern, Mr. Garland's the law relative to 63;" Delaware, bill to divide into two to separate 138; Grantland, Mr. of Georgia 29; Graves,
resolution relative to 222; Boundary, southwestern, Mr. collection districts, passed 282; reported against 330; William J. see duel and Cilley; report of the committee
Preston's resolutions relative to 137; Bounty lands, bill Deposite act, leave asked for a bill to modify the 299; on duelling 139, 188; Grinnell. Mr. 15, 29; Grundy,
reported to grant to those who defended the country passed 300; considered in the house 304, 307; yeas and Mr. remarks on the death of Mr. McKim 94, 96, 103,
during the late war with Great Britain 109, 126; bill to nays 303, 315, ib.; yeas and nays on the 317; Deposite

127, 157, 185, 205, 239, 250, 281
grant to settlers for the defence of the western frontier of public moneys–Mr. Webster's resolution of inquiry Hale, capt. Nathan, joint resolution for the erection
257; Branch mints, bill relative to passed 282; reported as to the, &c. 116; inquiry as to repealing the act 222; of a monument to, ordered 237; hall, the use of grant.
against 317; Briggs, Mr. 227, 266, 303; Brown, Mrs. Mr. Wright's report as to the depositories 238; and ed to the Temperance society 12; resolution to enforce
widow of major general, resolution relative to pension resumed 245; resolutions relative to 252; Depositions, in the rules as 10 16; granted 10 Mr. Buckingham 29; re.
30, 96, passed 222; Buchanan, Mr. request to disobey quiry directed to be made as to the mode of taking 234; solution to alter, for the house of representatives 45;
the instructions of the legislature as to the sub-treasury District of Columbia--resolutions relative to laws of, motion to grant for the use of Mr. Espy 126; granted
12, 26, 136, 173, 186, 281, 308; Buckingham, Mr. easi

. &c. 16; relative to the organization of the orphans' ib.; the house adjourns for the cleansing of the 159; the
ern traveller, motion to grant the use of the hall to 29; court 30; bill for suppressing gaming in 46; to incorpo- use of, for Drs. Sherwood and Dwight to explain mag-
Buildings—see public.

rate certain banks in 46; to establish a criminal court netic variation, rejected 269; relative to altering the 287;
Calhoun, Mr. of Mass. 227; Calhoun, John C. speech in 95; passed 96; inquiry as to retrocession 109, 110, Hall

, Mr. of Vermont, 77, 108; Halsted Mr. of New
on the sub treasury bill 53 and again 180, 115, 122, 127, 111, 125; mode of recording deeds 110; bill respecting Jersey 76; speech on the appropriation bill 167; Ha.
196, 216; Cambreleng. Mr. 77, 96, 175. 203, 235, 314, the banks in, made the order of the day 137; see mer, Mr. 109, ib, 124; harbor bill reported 309; amend.
317, 303, 332; Campbell, Mr. and Mr. Maury 353, 126; banks: as to sending a delegate to congress 75; bill re ed and rejected 310; reconsidered and ordered to a
Canada, relative to seizure of the Caroline 30; see Ca- lating to the affairs of the 174; act to incorporate the third reading 311, 314; report from 317; passed in the
roline; resolution relative to the burning of the 46; Ca- medical society of, passed 204; day set apart for the house 319, ib. 333; Harlan, Mr. 224, 284; Hassler, Mr.
nal, petition for, &c. around the talls of the Ohio 11; business of 233; nine bills relative to the business of statement srom relative to weights and measures 307,
communication from the president relative to across the, passed 253; relative to Alexandria orphans' court 309; Haynes, Mr. 224; Havti, petition of citizens of the
the isthmus of Darien 47; bill to grant the right of way 265; "bill providing for lunatics in 281; committee dis. District for an agent to 264; hemp, relative to draw.
to through the public lands 157; passed 172; Caroline, charged froin consideration of the retrocession 301; back on 333; Hoffman, Mr. 226, 208, 219; Hopkins,
the stean boat, call on the president for information, several acis passed 301, 310; 10 erect a court house at Mr. 125, 123; horses destroyed in the military service
&c. 30; parition relative to 46; proceedings 64; petitions Alexandria, passed 311; relative to medical society 330; of the United States, as to the payment for 217, 218,
75; Carr, Overton, late doorkeeper, death of 76; Carter, Falmouth and Alexandria rail road bill laid on table reported 234, 231, 301; hospital in the city of Washing
Mr. of Tenn. 251; Carter, T. J. death of 44; announc- 330, 333; bill to incorporate certain banks in the, re-lon, bill to authorise the erection of considered 173;
ed by Mr. Evans 48; interred 49; Cass, Lewis, inquiry ported 137; District court of New York, bill passed postponed 185; Howard, Mr. 29; remarks on death of
relative to his visit to the Mediterranean, &c. 252; Cai- 319; District court to be held at Jackson, Tennessee Mr. McKim 95, 340, 234, 256, 267, 302; Hubbard, Mr.
lin's Indian portrait gallery, inquiry directed rela'ive to 217; passed 234; engrossed 223; lo reorganize in Mis.
the purchase of 222; Censns, bill relative to the pro- sissippi, passed 23, 253; District judges, bill rela. Ice breakers, petition frorn Philadelphia relative to
per taking of the passed 252, 298; Cherokees, remon- live in salaries of 123; Documentary History of the keeping the harbor opon by 137; imprisonment for debt,
strance against the establishment of a territorial go. Revolution, resolution in relation to the contract for bill to abolish proposed 264, 365; passed 266; improve
vernment west of the Miss. 155; relative to late treaty 60; resolution for the distribution of the 236; Door- ments made on land sold a second time by the United
with the 172 memorials 175, 186, 187; communication kepper appointed 96; Dromgoole, Mr. 126, 128, 226, States, the question discussed as to whether they should
from the president relative to 201; appropriations 227; Dry, dock, resolution relative to a, at Philadelphia be paid for 231; independent treasury bill-- see sub-
proposed 203; president's communication consider- 157; Duel, notice of a bill to prohibit 12; substance of treasury; Indian annuity bill, taken up 319; passed
ed 215, 217; see Indians; debate in the senate re- Mr. Prentiss's bill 27; reported as amended 28; pro. / 319, 333; Indiana, resolution of the legislature asking



that notes of specie paying banks may be received in documents 332; Michigan, act of the legislature of, for | District of Columbia 137; passed 138; Pre-emption law,
payment of public lands 23; allowed to re-locate certain the charter of the university, for which a grant of land resolutions of the legislature of Louisiana relative to
lands 43; Indians, as to safe keeping of money appro- had been asked from congress, presented 216; bill for 27; call on the land office for information, fc. 80; to
priated for 28; the Choctaws relative to appointing the completion of certain roads in 231; passed 232; grant pre-emption rights to settlers on the public lands
commissioners, &c. 44; relative to the intermeddling of for the grant of land in aid of canal, passed 254; the 238, 254, 255, 256; the bill to grant, taken up 264; yeas
foreign nations with 62; memorial of the Cherokees 75; bill to create the office of surveyor general of the lands and nays, and proceedings on the 266, 267; passed
coinmittee discharged 88; protest of the Cherokees 110; of, laid on the table 264; rejected ib.; engrossed 301, 271, amended and returned to the house 265; relative
petitions 122; bill for the security of the emigrant 123; 310; bill reported against 335; Military academy, at to settlers deprived of its benefits 330; Prentiss, Mr. 27,
bill to regulate the intercourse with 124; message from West Point, see West Point; inquiry as to increasing 94, 137, 252; Prentiss. Mr. of Mississippi, appears and
the president relative to depredations of the, on an in the number of cadets 62; appropriation bill taken up ualifies 224, 232, 267, 331; President, communica-
dividual 136; petition for the amelioration of the condi- 319, 334; Military affairs, report from the committee on tion from the, relative to the state of the treasury 175;
tion of 137; bill for the establishment of a territorial go: 111; Military appropriation bill, see appropriation; re- see the various departments; call for information rela-
vernment 156; passed 157-see emigrating Indians; bill poried 94; Military posts on the frontier, communica- tive to the employment of engineers, &c. 183; relative
reported relative to moneys received for 313: see Che. tion from the secretary of war relative to 158; Militia, to the Cherokees 201; message from the, communicate
rokees, &c.; Indian hostilities, letters explanatory of the resolution to re-organizing 31; inquiry as to increasing ing correspondence relative to the northeastern boun.
debate on 243; the bill to suppress 203, 218, 232: passed the pay of certain 285; Mint at New Orleans, inquiry dary 218; explanatory message from the, relative to the
232, 234, 236; amendments and yeas and nays 237, as to increasing salary of the officers of 95; Missouri documents accompanying the message in relation to
233, 239; interest, the rule adopted by government as company, petitions to be allowed to enter 500,000 acres foreign paupers 220; message from the, containing esti-
to the payment of, on claims 76, 103; as to the allow of land 61; Missouri river, amount of money expended mates of the cost of removing the Cherokees 222; call
ance of, on the commutation pay of revolutionary of- for 47; Morris, Mr. 215, 216; Mulberry, bill to autho- for any correspondence with the governors, &c. relative
ficers 138; reconsidered 139; international copy right rise the president to lease gratituously certain pub to extending the time of removing the Cherokees 236;
law, petition for a 61, 172; investigation, resolution for lic lands for the cultivation of the 137; passed 318, call upon the, for information relative to Mr. Cass' visit
a, into legislative abuses 95; Iowa, bill to establish,

319 to the Mediterranean 252; for information relative to
&c. 61, 217; passed 231, 232, 238; ib.; iron, imported
for the construction of iron steamboats, to exempt from to establish 43; see banks and Bank United States; Na- to the treasury building 383; relative to a newspaper

National bank, petition presented by Mr. Buchanan the force employed in the Seminole war 252; relative
duty 236; the house refuses to suspend the rules to tional foundry, inquiry into the expediency of erect- communicated by a Texian minis:er 284; relative to

253, 304, 312 ing, &c. 304; committee authorised to adjourn till next undue attempts to keep down the price of land 284,
Jenifer, Mr. 16, 220; Johnson, Mr. of Louisiana 239, session, &c. '333; Naval affairs, inquiry as to creation 288; requested to communicate a report of the last
251; Johnson, William Cost, resolutions relative to ap of rank of admiral 31; report 80; Navy commission campaign in Florida 310, 311; as to attempts to keep
propriating lands for education 12, 13, 30, 47, 63, 64, 76, ers, inquiry as to repealing the law for the establishing down the prices of public lands 317, 336; Press, to see
solucion of the committee on duelling relative

10' 143; of timber for the 12; the committee on, directed to in- Preston, Mr. 96, 127, 136, 137, 243; speech of, on the
95, 243, 157, 189, 335; Jones, George W. see duels; re- of ihe board of 125; Navy, petition for the preservation parate the government from all connexion with 138;
Judiciary system, bill to amend the 23; amended, &c. quire as to fixing number of officers 62; resolution treasury note bill 261, 205; Printing, extra copies order-
34; bill to change the time of holding court in the ninth relative to appointment of midshipmen 125; see appro- ed as to tropical plants in Florida 61; as to the public
circuit 45, 47; bill relative to, in the western district of priation; Navy pension fund, the committee directed 109; Public buildings, bill relative to treasury

: 80; report
Virginia 45, 46, 74; passed 47; relative to the ninth cir- to inquire as to modifying the act in relation to 155; on the expenditures for the 110; report ordered io a
cuit reported in the senate 61; resumed ib.; laid on the Navy yard at Charlestown, Massachusetts, bill to pur second reading 122; procedings 126; an amendinent
table ib.; disagreement of the senate's amendment 78; chase a piece of land at 43; Naylor, Mr. 111, 233, 312, to the bill for taking down the treasury building report-
inguiry as to interchange of judges 125; the bill to mo. 313, 331; Neutrality, bill' for the preservation of 1; ed 138; communication from the commissioners rela-
dify so as to abolish the chancery system in Louisiana taken up 12; continued 13; a bill to preserve the, rep live to, communicated 157; report relative to regulating
passed 237; the substitute from the house relative to ported 16; with amendments 28, ib.; copy of the bill laborers on 189; bill reported making appropriations for
holding the court in the ninth district, rejected 261; bill 29; amendments

considered 32, 45; Newark, proceed- the 207: bill respecting the removal of the new treasury
to change the time of holding the circuit court in Ten- ing of a meeting at 12; New Castle, petition that it be building, &c. 207, 236, 233: yeas and nays on the remo-
nessee, passed 250; Jurors, paying of

61 made a port of entry 137, 232; New Echota treaty, val of the treasury building 251, 283: the committee on,
Keim, hon. George M. appears 49, 61; Kennedy, see Indians; New Hampshire, order that the claim of; directed to inquire as to the mode of ventilating the
John P. appears 153; bis resolution on deposite of pub- for the reimbursement of expenses for maintaining house, &c. 286, 335; Public expenditures, resolutions
lic money 252, 236; King, Mr. of Alabama, announces jurisdiction, &c. be referred to committee on fo- relative to 30: discussed 95, 126: Mr. Bond's speech up-
the of death Mr. Lawler 174, 185, 205; appointed presi- reign affairs 222; Niles' Register, resolution authoris. on 231: see Dr. Duncan: the report of the treasurer re-
dent pro tein. of the senate 300; thanks of the senate ing the clerk to subscribe for ten numbers for each lative to 320: Public lands, call for information as 10
312; Knight, Mr.

185, 187 member on certain conditions 12; same resolution in number of acres granted, fc. 11: memorial of Missis-
Land office in Michigan, see Michigan; in Missis- "he house 77; laid on the table 78; Norvell, Mr. 156, sippi relative to pre-emption claims, fc. 11: relative 10
sippi 330; in Louisiana 333; Lawler, Mr. of Alabama 230; Notes of the late United States bank,' see Bunk appropriations for purposes of education 12: bill repori-
77; his death noticed 161; announced in the senate United States; 103, 113, 122, 123, 136, 330, 331; Notes, ed 27: committe on the directed to inquire as to the
174; in the house ib.; funeral 175; Laws of the United treasury, see treasury notes.

surrender to the states of the inundated 27: bill taken up
States, resolution for the purchase of a complete copy Officers of the house, rules, &c. as to 95; Ohio, re. ib.: relative to the amount of public land granted to In-
for each of the standing coinmittee 64; Legare, Mr. 96; solution ceding all public lands to, in the state of 250;. diana 27: to inquire as to granting pre-emption rights to
Legislative abuses, resolution for an inquiry into 95; re- Oregon territory, bill for the occupation of, &c. 215, a company in Wisconsin 28: resolution of the state of
pore 109; Lewis, Samuel, resolution relative to allow- 218; adopted ib.; report made 232; Original papers, Indiana that the notes of specie paying banks may be
ance to 110; Liberian, inquiry directed as to the ap- relative to private claims, the disposition to be made of received in paymeni for it.: the committee on, to in-
pointment and duties of the 158; committee discharged 216, 251; yeas and nays, &c.

281 quire as to issuing parents to persons holding titles to In-
from the consideration of 219; Light houses radiators, Panama, that the chart be lithographed 110; Parker, diana reservations 62: as to making donations to per.
inquiry as to expediency of importing models of 74; Mr. of New York 14; Patents, inquiry directed as to sons setting west of the Rocky mountains ib.. as to
report relative to, ordered to be printed 185; approval altering the laws relative to 284; Patton, Mr. 30, 78, 79; making a grant to Illinois, &c. ib.: as to granting a
of the report relative to 310; bill making appropriations resignation 109; Pay and emolument of brevet officers, tract:o those who served in Indian wars ib.: as to best
for, reported 213; bill reported, &c. 330, 333, 334; Lin. bill io regulate, passed 309; Peace society, for the settle mode of disposing of, &c. 60; the bill discussed, &c. 76:
coln, Mr. 76, 77; Linn, Mr. 94; Loomis, Mr. 15; Loui- ment of international difficulties, report of the 254; me. Mr. Grundy's substitute for the bill to graduate the
siana, resolutions of the siate of, relative to pre-emp. morial from the 299; Pensions, inquiry as to amending price of 94: memorial from the legislature of Arkansas,
tion law 27; the bill to establish an additional land of law 34; call for intormation relative to names of agents relative to the 107: resolution relative to the, in the vici-
fice in, passed 261; Lunipkin, Mr. 194, 205; Lyon, Mr. for payment of, &c. 31; communicated 45; inquiry as nity of Vincennes 110: yeas and nays on ihe passage
of Alabama

80, 174, 233, 312, 314 to extending to wagoners, &c.62; reports, &c. from the of ihe bill to reduce and graduate the price of 111, 1:22:
Mavlison papers, resolution relative to 307, 308; Ma committee on 64; bill passed 76. 94; pension bill taken up yeas and nays ih.: reported 126: Mr. Hayne's resolution
disonian, remarks of Mr. Snyder relative to 267; Mag. 94, 96, 109, 110; passed 221, 223, 236, 252, 311, 333; Pen: relative to distribution of 222: the bill ceding the, in
netism, relative to discoveries in 301; Mail contracts sion agents, communication from the secretary

of the Ohio, passed 250: inquiry as to efforts to keep down the
with rail road companies, inquiry into the propriety of navy relative to the 191; Pension agency, a bill to es- prices of 317: passed 336: bill to grant the right of way
making permanent with 174; Mail route, inquiry into tablish at Montpelier, Vermont, passed 137, 207, 222; ibrough the, for canals and rail roads

the expediency of making a, from Huntsville, &c. in bill reported to establish a, at McMinnville, Tenn. 206;

Quorum, proceedings relative to
Mo 171; froin Kellysville, Tenn. &c. 217; Maine, rejected 207, 300; Pension fund, che navy, inquiry as 10

Rail road'iron, the committee discharged from the
speaker to certify of a vacancy 62; resolutions of the repealing the aci, fc. 153; Petrikin, Mr.'111, 265; Phi- consideration of the remission of duties on 156: see
legislature relative to the northeastery boundary 173; ladelphia, petition for a dry dock at 11; petition relative iron: Ramsay, captain William, the secretary of the
Mallony, Mr. 77; Map, of the harbor of Havre de to keeping the harbor open 137; resolutions relative to navy required to communicate the proceedings of the
Grace, ordered to have lithographed 12; Marine corps, a dry dock at 157, 189; Pickens, Mr. 78, 276, 158, 255; courts martial relative to 264; presented 265; Reed, Mr.

bill for, augmentir.g the 46; bill to re-organize the Piracy, inquiry whether further legislation is necessary 15, 77; Reports, on Mr. Ruggles' case 147; of the
.. 185; Marine hospital, petition as to site of 26; Mary for the suppression of 252; Pope, Mr. 235, 319, 332; minority of the committee of ways and means ib.;
land resolutions of the legislature of, on the finan- Postage, on newspapers, petition to repeal 11; petition on Mr. Webster's resolution 245; of the committee
ces 94; Mason, Mr. 32, 266; Mason, Mr. letter from, from Hampshire county, Va. relative to exacting specie as to our relations with Mexico 340; of the com-
correcting misrepresentation 242; Maury, Mr. and Mr. for 28; relative to reducing on newspapers 30; call for mittee on currency 187; Retrenchment and reform,
Campbell 353; McComb, maj. gen'l. Alex, bill for the information as to amount of by express mail' 31; as to see public erpenditures: resolutions relative to 126;
relief of 27; rejec:ed 264; McKay, Mr. 29; McKennan, lessening 62; petition to be relieved from the payment Revenue cutters, inquiry as to pay of officers, &c. di.
Mr. remaks on duelling 15; McKim, hon. Isaac, of in specie i '5; on newspapers, fc. 222, 250; Postmas. rected 62; Right of way, bill to grant the, through the
notice of the death of 81; Mr. Grundy's remarks 94; ters, inquiry as to increasing compensation of 76; Post- public lands for canals and rail roads 157; reported 172,
Mr. Howard's reinarks 95; order of procession ib. inaster reneral, call for information relative to the 189; the bill granting the, to Illinois postponed 232; -
Medical society of the District of Columbia, act to in weight of free parcels, fc.62; communication from the Rives, William

C. speech on sub-treasury bill 34, 308;
corporale the, passed 201; sce District of Columbia; relative to contracts 122; statement of mails 123; as to Roane, Mr. 174; Robertson, Mr. 30, 235, 316, 336;
Manifee, Mr. 30, 2:23; Mercer, Mr. 77, 112, 220, 234; collection of a claim against Crocket & Blair 125; com- Ruggles, Mr. committee on case of, authorised to em-
Messages, sce president and secretaries; from the pre-munication relative to postage 127; as to the irregulari- ploy cleri_12, 44; report 111, 121, resolution acquirting,
eident, relative to Indian depredations on the property ties and failures of the great western mail 143; and of passed 137; report 147; supplemental do. 156; Rules
of an individual 136, 143; relative to foreign paupers the express ib.; communication relative to claims of the house, amendment to 31, 46, 62, 73, 75, 312,
226; correspondence with Mexico 157; Metereological against Crocker & Blair 157; report relative to the re- 335; Russell

, Mr.
observations, inquiry as to encouraging 78; Metropolis ceipt of notes, &c. 216; for information as to mails 234; Sabine, Mr. Preston's resolutions relative to the
banka 44; see bunks; Mexican armed vessels, call for information communicated as to expenses 336; Poto boundary on the 137; Saint Peter's and Mississippi
information relative to attack upon the steamer Coluin. mac, resolution relative to the survey of, &c. 284; Post rivers, resolution for the purchase of an island at the
bia 125, Mexico, our relations with 108; message from office law, passed 318, 333; Post roads, the committee confluence of the ib.: Schlosser, see Caroline, Canada.
the president relative to the attack on the Columbia, and on, instructed to inquire into the expediency of em. Seminoles Indians, see Florida: see Indians: Ser-
the proceedings thereon 139; correspondence relative ploying additonal clerks 231; Post route, from Corydon geant, Mr. 79: Settlers on public lands, act for the
to appointing an arbitor 147; report of the committee to Harrison, in Indiana 61; across the isthmus of Pa- relief of ceriain 330: Sevier, Mr. 202, 280: Shinplasters,
as to our relations with 340; a petition that arbitration nama 62; from Hackettstown to Belvidere 136; Mr. one alleged to be of Stockton and S:okes presented
may be employed in settling difficulties with 156; cor- Allen asks leave to submit resolution for a 207; by Mr. Clay 75; Sir Robert Prel, inquiry relative to
respondence relative to, communicated 157, 159; report through Brownsville, Alabama, 266; the bill to estab- the destruction of the 253: Slavery, petitions against
to allow vesarl: bound 10, to enter and secure their car- lish, considered 271, 310, 311; Potter, Mr. of Pennsyl- 46, 61: that clerk make a list of, g c. 63, 136, &c.; Slave
goes in the United States 281; engrossed 282; enquiry vania, on duelling 15; Powder magazine, resolution to trade, inquiry as to the, with Texas 61: Small note
as to our relations with 302, 312; relative to printing the l authorise the president to purchase a site for, in the restriction, leave asked to offer a resolution to repeal














the, and the yeas and nays thereon, 207, 311, 313, Wabash, bill for improvement of 74: Washington 239; resolutions relative to French indemnity ib.; reso-
332: Smith, Mr. of Indiana 28: Smithsonian bequest, monument, the bill to allow the erection of the, on the lutions relative to sub-treasury 241; statistics of the in-
call upon the president for information as to 31: as to public mall, indefinately postponed 164, 265, 280: Ways sane and idiotic poor of

the investment of 288: reported 313: call for informa- and means, report of the minority of the committee on Constitutional chart, a notice of Mayo's 224
tion 336: Snyder, Mr. of Illinois, remarks relative to 147: Webster, Daniel, his speech in reply to Mr. Cal- Convention the banks 97—see bank convention; no
the Madisonian 267: South Carolina militia, inquiry houn 132: speeches on the sub-treasury bill 7, 88, 100: in tice as to time of meeting of the whig national 178; the
ordered as to paying those employed in the Florida reply to Mr. Calhoun 132, 173, 184, 187, 205, 206, 216, state whig at Ohio 240; resolution of the Virginia com.
war 222: Southport in Wisconsin, bill relative to es. 232, 238, 250, 281, 299, 300, 307, 309: Western frontier, mercial 257; resolution of the Ohio state whig
tablishing a harbor at, discussed 216: passed 217: plan for the defence of, by general Gaines 109: West Coal trade, resolutions of the Kentucky legislature
Spain, bill to give effect to the 8th article of treaty Point, the committee discharged from the considera- relative to
with, passed 76,94: Specie circular, motion to suspend tion of the resolution relative io studies at, fc. 206: in- Coinage at the U. States mint, whole amount of 258
the rules so as to introduce a resolution to repeal the, quiry as to abolishing acadamy at 223, 319: White, Colonization, six hundred negroes emancipated 65
and the yeas and nays thereon 207, 217: Specie-paying judye, his speech upon the sub-treasury bill 169, 260; Cominercial convention, resolution of the Virginia
banks, resolution that it is inexpedient to discontinue to White, Albert S. letter from 243: Whitman, George,
receive the notes of 30: Standard balance, resolution bill to authorise him to import an iron steamboat 136: Corwin, Mr. of Ohio, speech on the Cumberland road
to make a, for each state 309: State banks, call upon Whittlesy, Mr. 96: Williams, Mr. annunciation of bill

the secretary of the treasury for a condensed statement Cilley's death 11: Williams, Sherrod 217: Wisconsin, Cotton-notice of the Liverpool market for 384; trade
of the condition of 172: see banks: State of the union, inquiry relative to census and admission 30: relative of Natchez 403; the first bale of the year

Mr. Cambreling's motion to go into the committee of to the southern boundary of 32: bill relative to roads Court of inquiry, on case of major Crossman, as
the whole on the, at length prevails 208: on the bill for in 44, 64: discussed, &c. 76, 123: bill to authorise to sembled
suppressing Indian hostilities 218, 219, 224: Stationery, form a constitution, reported 189: in regard to a semi- Creek nation, letter from the contradicting reports as
inquiry as to cost of, for session 31: Steamboats, bill for nary of learning in 217: to a canal 238: bill to mark the to their discontent, &c.
the better security

of the lives of passengers 126: to souihern boundary of 238: to complete public building, Crime, the statistics of
authorise George Whitman to import an iron 136: an passed 255: relative to roads in, rejected, c. 281; joint Crockett, col. interesting anecdote of

act to provide for the better security of the lives of pas committee relative to 282, 302, 309: passed 319: Wise, Crockett, John W. letier from, to Dr. John B. Fon.
sengers 269: and to appoint persons to test, fc. ib.: re. Mr. 111, 127, 128, 143, 158, 159, 218, 234, 235, 236, 331, ville relative to the circulation of speeches, &c.
ported to the senate and amendments of the house re- 334: Word, Mr. appears and qualifies 224, 232; Wreck- Crops of Europe and the United States, a long and
jected 280, 282, 301: passed 304, 309: the bill to guard ed property at Key West, bill" relative to 309: Wright, general notice of the
against explosions, passed 318: amended and adopted Mr. report on Mr. Webster's resolution 173, 238, 245, Cross, major, letter from relative to his accounts 243
330; Steam engines, the secretary of the treasury or

Crossman, major, court of inquiry on case of
dered to report information relative to 302: for trial of Yell, Mr. of Arkansas

234 Cumberland coal, an article relative to the value of
309: passed 320: Stenographers, rules as to 16: Stock- Yeas and nays in the house on the neutrality bill 12;
ton and Stokes, petition relative to money awarded on the suspension of the rules, to consider resolution Curiosity, dollars fished up from the sea

them fc. 216: Strange, Mr. 205: Sub-treasury bill, ta- relative to Cilley's death 13; on postponing the same Currency, resolution of the Kentucky legislature re-
ken up 11: resumed 12: to be reported ib. resumed 16, 15; on agreeing to the resolution 16; on the vote to lative to 49-see Nicholas Biddle.
27, 28: vote on postponing 29: report relative to cur- postpone the sub-treasury bill 29; on the neutrality Custom house order, relative to bank notes 129
rency 32; bill resumed 43: resolutions of Kentucky 43: bill 30; on the sub-treasury bill 79; on laying on the

bill resumed 44: proceedings of a meeting in Philadel, table the motion for referring the annexation of Texas Dahlias, notice of

phia in favor of ib.: petitions against 46: bill resumed to a select committee 124; on amendments to, and the Daponte, Signor Lorenzo, author of celebrated operas,
61: petition from Pittsburg ib.: resumed ib.: yeas and passage of the Cumberland road bill 138; on ques: his death ai New York

nays on Mr. Rives substitute 61: motion to fix a day tions relative to the duel 188; on the treasury note bill Davidson, captain, his arrest under suspicion of being
to consider in the house 64: copy of the bill 66: resumed 192; on the bill to extend the charter of the District a spy

74; reported to the house 78: yeas and nays on 79: re- banks 221, 223; on the currency resolution 233; on the Democratic Review, notice of the
marks &c. on 82: petition of citizens of Cleveland appropriation bill to suppress Indian hostilities 238; on Deposite banks, list of and amount in them
against 136: judge White's speech 169: Mr. Wright's re. suspending the rules, to allow Mr. Hamers' resolution, Dickerson, Mahlon, resigned as secretary of navy
port 244: notice of its rejection in the house 273: petitions &c. 109; 1o allow a resolution relative to the currency

for the passage of the 255, 264: presentation of the 125; to take up a resolution relative to the war 123; rela- Didon, French frigate, a contradiction of the report
resolutions of the legislature of Connecticuagainst tive to the reissue of treasury notes 189; so as to intro as to a sham fight on board of

266: taken up 271, 272, 282, 285: yeas and nays and duce a resolution to repeal the small note restriction 207; Dinner--reply of Mr. Poinsett to an invitation to a
bill rejected 285: petition againsi 307: Sunday, the to allow Sherrod Williams' motion relative to specie at Charleston 323; to Mr. Webster at New York ib.;
house in session on 190: whether a legişlative day 309: circular 217; to introduce a resolution respecting foreign to Mr. Webster at Boston 337; tendered to col. R.
Survey, in the Illinois and Káskaskia rivers 28: of the paupers, &c. 219; on the removal of the treasury build- M. Johnson at Philadelphia 391; to Mr. Prentiss at
harbor of Providence, R. I. 94; of the harbor of Linn, to ing 251; on amendments to the pre-emption law 267; Portland ib.; to hon. Henry A. Wise at Petersburg ib.;
be lithographed 109: relative to survey of the lakes on the sub-treasury bill 285; on its reconsideration 286; the toasts and proceedings at the Preston barbacue 392;
234: Surveyor general of Illinois, to create a 29: to reo on the army bill 304; relative to the army bill 313, 314; to general William H. Harrison at Massilon 397; letler
move the office of the, of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, on the deposite act 317; on the bill to prohibit the reissue from John C. Calhoun relative to, at the Richland dis-
c. 204, 232: of public lands in Wisconsin, passed 238: of the notes of late bank of the United States 332. Yeas trict 406; to John Bell at Nashville
of Michigan, the bill to create a, laid on the table and nays in the senate-on an amendment to the sub- Dougherty, judge, at St. Louis, the murder of
264: System of defence , see fortifications.

treasury bill 32; on the resolution relative to the slave Dromgoole, M:. the speech of, on the bill to seperate
Tallmage, Mr. 23, 250, 264, 308; Telegraphs, inquiry trade with Texas 61; on Mr. Rives' substitute for the the government from the banks
as to establishing a system of 122; Telegraph steam. sub-treasury bill 61; on Mt. King's amendment to the Duel-between Cilley and Graves 1; which see-Mr.
boat, inquiry relative to the destruction of the 253; Ten- sub-treasury bill 74; on striking out the 23d section 75; Le Lange of New Orleans and Mr. R. C. Tates. of
nessee, act io authorise to issue grants and perfect titles on the proposition that the government receive the bills New York 321; adjustment of the, between Mr. Se-
304, 312; Territorial government, west of the Missis- of specie paying banks ib.; on various other amend gar and Mr. Savage 323; correspondence
sippi, remonstrance of the Cherokees and Choctaws ments to the same, and on its passage 74; on varicus Duelling, Mr. Prentiss introduces a bill to prohibit
against 155; Texas, petition against admission of 11; amendments to the duelling bill 107; on the bill itself
resolutions of Alabama relative to its admission 32; pe 10.; on the bill relative to the northeastern boundary Duncan, Dr. of Ohio, letter from relative to franking
titions relative to 45, 61; petition from the Arkansas ib.; on the bill to graduate the price of public lands 338; speech in reply to Mr. Bond 375; James Garland's
relative to boundary lire 76; resolution of Tennessee 111; on fixing the time of closing the session 123; on letter relative to

in favor of annexing 122, 124; Mr. Preston's resolution the resolution to fix a day of adjournment 129; on the Durham, lord, his arrival at Quebec 224-see Canada;
concerning the annexation of, made the order of the bill to prevent the circulation of the notes of the late proclamation of

day 136; Mr. Preston's resolution relative to boundary bank of the United States 136; on Mr. Calhoun's mo-

Durham cattle, great sa le of at Cincinnati
line on the Sabine 137; petition against the annexation tion lo establish a sy.tem of joint rules to decide claims Duries on silk, circular from treasury department re-
of 172; resolution that the president communicate any 137; on the bill to establish a board of commissioners lative to

correspondence in relation to, &c. 222; communicated of claims 156; on the bill increasing the salary of the

236; report of the committee relative io 251; yeas and commissioner of the land office 173; on laying on the

Ear, remedy for an insect in the

nays in the senate on the resolution to annex 255; pro- table the resolution of inquiry into the District banks

Easiburn, the reverend doctor, declines accepting as
ceedings of the report of the committee relative to 267; 202; on Mr. Buchanan's amendment requiring the bishop of Maryland

resolutions of Rhode Island 269, 271; resolutions cal banks to have one-fourth specie, &c. 202, 203; on va-

East India snakes, the way in which they are
ling for information, &c. 284, 312; Thomas, Francis rious amendmenis, &c. to the treasury note bill 203; managed
220, 286, 287, 331; Thompson, Mr. 235, 318; Tilling- relative to Distriet banks 204; on various amendments,

Elections--copy of the bill to secure the freedom of
hast, Mr. 269, 270, 316; Tipton, Mr. 185, 261; Tobac- to Cumberland road..bill and its passage 206; on the 51; the annual in Connecticut 81; Edward Robinson
co, call for information relative to the duties on 31; Tri- Cumberland road bil! 215; on striking out the appro- elected to congress

from Maine 98; of mayor of New
pical plants, a bill to encourage the cultivation of, pass. priation for the exploring expedition ib.; on the striking York 97, 113, in Connecticut 115; election in Balti-
ed 251;
Treasury circular, resolutions of Indiana rela- out of sound specie paying banks, in the currency re-

more 129; of a majority of whigs in the legislature 145
tive to 32; report of the committee of ways and means solution ib.; on Mr. Morris currency resolution, and the Albany charter ib., the Virginia congressirnal 161;
83; Treasury notes, bill to authorise the issue of 77; re.
port relative to 80; bill relative to 123; the new bill 139; port a harbor 217; on the bill granting a township to Rhode Island ib.; a general statement of the votes for
the bill to authorise the issue of, passed 177; the judici- the university of St. Louis 232; on postponing the bill and against the administration in all the states ib.; the
ary committee instrncted to inquire as to prevent the to create the territory of Iowa. ib.; on the bill to en: Virginian 177; in Mississippi 193; in Maine 209; in
counterfeiting 173; reported 185; bill to reissue 189; courage the cultivation of tropical plants 251; yeas and Mississippi 239; the result of the, in Louisiana 321; in
referred to the finance committee 202; passed 203; ap- nays on the bill to grant western bounty lands to set. North Carolina 337; official statement of the Missis-
proved 217; bill to issue, &c. considered 189; proceed. ters for defence, &c. io; relative to the annexation

of sippi 338; the time of the various state elections 350; in
ings on the 190, 191; yeas and nays 192; Mr. Wil. Texas 255; relative to the land office in Michigan 264; North Carolina 369, 401; in Kentucky, Alabama, In-
lium's resolutions relative to government paper curren- veas and nays relative to pre-emption Law 265; on the diana, Illinois, Missouri, &c.
cy 223; Treaty of Gent, bill to carry into effect the 8th bill to abolish imprisonment for debt 266; as to the dis-

Emancipation and colonization
article of 95; Truth Teller, Mr. Hotlinan's remarks re- position of original papers 281; relative to the collec-
lative to the pres dent's communication of the, an article tion of the revenue 299; repeal the deposite act 300;

Emancipation, the proclamation of in Jamaica 397

Exchange rates of 2, 65, 145; a table showing the
from the 208, 219, 221; the articles from the 230; Turney, on the bill for the discharge of debenture bonds in rates between different places

Mr. letter relative to recontre with Mr. Bell 259, 231 certain cases ib.; on the bill creating the office of sur-

Exemplary verdict against the editor of the New
Underwood, Mr. 29, 111, 175, 243, 255, 266, 332; U. veyor general of Michigan 301; on modifying the de: York Sun, for libel
States bank, see banks; Union bank of Georgetown, bill posite act 303; relative to the harbor bill

Expenditures, the public, treasurer's report of the
to extend its charter 123; University of Pennsylvania.

amount of, for each year 320; estimate of the, for 1838.
memorial for a piece of the public domain 181; Univer: Congressional elections, a notice of those yet to take Exploring expedition to leave the United States, &c.
versity of St. Louis, bill granting lands to, postpuned 232 place

290 321; ready for sea 385; sailed from Hampton Roads
Vapor bath, the bill to purchase the right to use Dr. Connecticut-number of banks in 2; nominations and notice of 403: see congress.
B. Reilley's rejected 282; reconsidered 300; Vice pre for governor and lieutenant governor 17; annual elec- Express mail, robbed on the Louisville road
sident, relinquishes the chair 300; Virginia, report from tion 81; election of governor 97; the legislature con- Expunging resolution, senator Tallmadge always
the commissioner of the land office as to the quantity vened and the votes for governor 176; Dennis Kim. opposed to

of land scrip required for satisfying outstanding mili

: berly elected a senator 193; refuses to expunge the word Ewing, Mr. of Indiana, letter from relative to the
lary bounty lands
255 / "white" in constitution as to voters 193; copper mine i misrepresentations of the (lobe













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Maulsby, general, at Havre de Grace, his requisition
Falkland Islands, notice from the governor of, to a Minois-letter of A. M. Jenkins declining being a for arms to quell the riots

whaling vessel to go off
403 candidate for governor 210; elections in

401 McKenan, Francis M. T. declines being a candidate
Fire, at West Point 7; at Nachitoches 112; at Imports and exports of the United States and tonnage for congress

Charleston 160, 239; at Nantucket 239; further at.

352 McKim, the hon. Isaac, death of
tempts at Charleston 258; in London 368; in the pines Imprisonment for debt in Ohio, abolished 80; in Medical staff-see army; see surgeons.
in New Jersey 400; at Hudson, New York 400 Maryland ib., resolution in Vermont against

Mexico-arrival of French fleet 43; French brige of
Fisheries, the number of vessels employed in the Indiana-a notice of rich iron ore in 352; elections in war at 128; the ultimatum of the French 129; corres-
cod and mackerel

401 pondence relative to appointing an arbiter in the case
Florida-Indians at Charleston on their way west 1; Indians-see Florida; number of 3; see different of difference with the United States 147; ports declar-
army returned from the everglades ib.; letter from an tribes; report as to concert of action among 401 ed under blockade 161; official account of the blockade
officer south of Fort Jupiter 4; letter from Fort Pierce Indian relics, mound opened in Ohio

176 of the ports of 163; manifesto of the president of, to the
33; number of Seminoles come in 49; items ib.; com- Indian treaties, with Chippewa, Sioux and Winneba nation 164; vessels ordered off, &c. 177; terms of set-
munications of general Jesup, colonel Gadsden and goes

241 tlement 194; extraordinary power given to the president
the secretary of war relative to 51; Indians taken, Insanity-singular case of persons in the water, 226; French squadron 239; the Mexican attairs ge-
troops discharged, &c. 97; capture of Indians near brought on by firing cannon over them 324 nerally and blockade 336; the report of the committee
camp Jupiter 113; surrender of Alligator 145; mail Insurance company, the New York, sale of its pro- of foreign affairs in the house of representatives as to
carrier murdered ib.; movement of troops 193; late perty

402 our relation with 340; items of newe relative to the
from, relative to Indians coming in ib; lieutenant Interest, a decision that, computed by Rowlett's tables blockade, &c. 355; extract of a speech from the pre-
colonel Twigg's command 239; Indians at St. John's was usurious

389 sident of 385; minister awaiting for power to settle with
Ferry 258; battle near Newnansville 200; burning and lowaa new territory erected 225; population ac- the United States 387; speech of president Bustamente
destroying 320; measures for defence of the Okefeno- count of 339; the lands called Black Hawk's purchase
kee swamp 354; a murder near colonel Gadsden's and to be offered for sale

Midshipmen, examination of 129; list of the passed,
other outrages 336; comments on the statement of the Iron, imports of 2; resolutions of the Keriucky legis-

war's being nearly ended 387; colonel Harney gone lature

50 Military academy at West Point, board of visiters of
on an expedition to the Wathlacoochie


193-see West Point.
Flour in Baltimere 2; prices of, at the latest dates ib.; L. Jackson, Andrew, his image on a rock 114; visit to Milicia law, notice of the, reported to the house of re-
supply of

2 Nashville 129; the sacrament administered 389 presentatives
Force, Peter, elected mayor of Washington


Jamaica-duty on flour at 112; the apprentice system Mint of the United States, whole amount of the coin-
Foreign pauperssee congress-debate on the mes 290; proclamation for emancipation in

397 ) age at
sage of the president relative to the introduction of 226 Jenkins, A. M. his letter declining to be a candidate Mississippi-new election ordered 49; the elections

Fort Towson-account of the troops at 144 for governor of Illinois and making known his senti- for congress 161; elections in 193, 239; official statement
F France duties, journals, &c. 49; forgeries in the ments

210 of the 338; the hunting in

statements relative to the commercial distress 145; Jesup, general, his arrival at Washington

Missouri-elections in
coronation, proceedings of the slavery commiltee; de Johnson, col. Richard M. invitation to a dinner in the Money matters, grow worse 129; see banks, also ex-
feat of the Russians by the Circassians 177; 'arrival of county of Philadelphia and his reply

391 changes; at New York

193, 209
governor Tacon at Bordeaux; rail road; reception of


Alontevideo, defeat of the national army.
Haytien commissioners: arrival of the emperor of Kentucky-resolutions of the legislature relative to Mooers, Benjamin, a revolutionary patriot, death of 48
Russia at Berlin 305; its treaty with Texas 321; items the currency 49; concerning the iron and coal trade Morris, and Hull, commodores, article relative to 404
from 329; misunderstanding with Switzerland; marshal 50; lands disposed of 193; the early settlement of 340; Moselle steamboat, the destruction of the 145, 160,
Soult's expedition to England; destruction of the thea memoir and death of captain Charles Gatliff 356; the

tre Vaudeville at Paris 371: see British affairs. elections in

Muhlenburg, hon. Henry A. minister to Austria, sail-
Franking public documents, abuse of
Kneeland, Abner, tried for blasphemy 112; petition ed

Franklin Bank of Boston, indictment against offi. for the release of

Munificent bequests, of Kohne, formerly of Charles

Franklin, Benjamin, proposition of the Mobile Typo- Lakes, aut article on the rise of waters in the

Murder in Arkansas-an account of the, by the
graphical society to build a monument to

Lake Erie--rise of water at 239; steamboat on, char- speaker, &c. 193, 258; by Stewart at Baltimore 275;
Freedom of elections, bill to secure
51 tered for United States service

289 of Geo. Collins on Magothy 321; of judge Dougherty 337
French indemnity, resolutions of Connecticut rela- Law cases mandamus, Kendall postmaster general Muskingum river, article relative to the improvement
tive to 239; New Hampshire resolutions 321 vs. Stockton & Stokes 33; point raised that the bank of the navigation of
Frost, Richard K. a Thompsonian, trial for man had forfeited its charter 240; against a steamboat to re-


144 cover the value of a trunk, left on board one night, and Natchez-cotton trade of 403; the vessel "Natchez"

lost 339; case of insurance for average loss, &c. 340; built at Baltimore arrives at Natchez
Gales & Seaton, letter relative to the charges of the case of contempt, Josiah Baily, jr. 357; relative to the

Nantuckel-early reminiscence of 23; fire at 239
Globe as to not executing the printing according to appointment of a clerk to the circuit court

of Louisiana Naval-arrival of the Shark 80; destination of the Co.
law, &c.

399 239, 373; decision in the United States circuit court at lumbia 80, 81; arrival of the Falmouth at Valparaiso
Gambling on the western waters, carried to an Natchez that interest calculated by Rowlett's tables,cis 144; list of officers of the

Concord ib.; correspondence
alarming extent
389 | usurious 339; the Presbyterian

relative to the blockade of the Mexican ports 163; the
Garland, James, letter relative to Dr. Duncan's Lawler, Mr. of Alabama, death of

ship Columbia goes to sea, arrival of the Fulton 176;
398 Legget, Wm. letter respecting J. W. Webb

letter from the commander of the Natchez that he would
Garnett, James, speech on digging gold

Liberia as to the heahh of

convey letters to Tampico 177; the Concord at Pensa-
Gatliff, Charles, an early adventurer in Kentucky, Light house, examination of coast, &c. assigned 388 cola ib., general orders 242; the United States sloop of
memoir and death of

356 Lightning, the damage done by, on July 20th war Levant at Matanzas 321; letter from commodore
Georgia-see Cherokees-correspondence relative to Limestone, found in Genesee, New York 384 Nicholson on board the United States ship Indepen-
the Cherokee treaty 244; whig congressional ticket 321; Lobby services, the amount paid for 368 dence 325; promotions in the ib., navy orders 349;
a reward offered by the governor of, for letter written Louisiana-veto of the bank bill 48; bill to autho- death of commodore Rodgers 353, 372; arrival of the
to Slade relative to abolition

416 rise lotteries passed 80; relative

to the appointment of a Constitution, and list of officers 354; departure of the
Gilmer, governor, correspondence relative to Chero- clerk to the circuit court of 239, 373; the result of the Porpoise 384; old Ironsides ib. examination of coast
kee treaty
244 | late election

321 for light houses and officers assigned for 388; commo-
Gipsies, Americanaccount of

Lown, Wm. letter relative to the destruction of the dore Barron becomes the head of the navy and com-
Giraffes, the arrival of two at New York 256 George Washington

356 modore Stewart second 400; commodore Biddle ap-
Globe, newspaper, Mr. Ewing's letter

Lynch, lieutenant, his description of the Great Wes: pointed governor of the asylum at Philadelphia ib.; see
Gold, speech of James Garnett on digging

346 erploring expedition; an article relative to com. Morris
Graves, Mr. duel with Mr. Cilley 1; statement of the


and Hull 464; list of midshipman passed 274; general

Mackerel fishery, number vessels engaged in the orders
Grayson, Peter W. of Texas, the death and memoir

Naval surgeons, the list of approved candidates 258


Maelzel, Mr. notice of the death of
Great Western-arrival at New York 129—see steam

Navy, J. K. Paulding appointed secretary of the 257;
ships—dinner on board of and departure of 162; arrival sorted to

Madstone, for the cure of a bite of the mad dog, re- see naval.

Navy Island, re-occupied
at New York 258; departure of 275; lieutenant Lynch's

Mails, not received 1; robbery of the from Columbus
description of the 346; arrival of the 370; notice of its to Toledo 3; a new arrangement between


Neapolitan indemnity, paid in Paris in gold

Neuirality bill, approved, &c. 33; copy of the bill 50

408 and Philadelphia 178; from Toledo to Buffalo destroy. Newspapers, liabilities of those who take
Greely, Edward, liberated

ed by fire

357 New Granada, internal affairs of, &c.
Grouard, George M. letter from, relative to the print-

Maine- see boundary; state prison of 4; Edward Ro- New Hampshire-Mr. Hill re-elected governor 49;
ing, &c.

binson elected a member of congress from 97; election number of votes 65; Levi Woodbury nominated as
Grundy, honorable Felix-his letter 20; appointed for congress 209; John S. Fairfield nominated for go- chief justice of 193; meeting and organization of the
attorney general

vernor 290; reply of governor Fairfield to his nomina- legislature 256; number of votes, &c. 258; the whig

tion, relative to 305; nomination of Smith for governor convention 273; judge Page nominated for senator
Hail Columbia-judge Hopkinson, the author of and

337 289; notice of the proceedings of thelegislature of 321;
the circumstances under which written
339 Mandamus case, Amos Kendall, postmaster general disease among catile

Hall, Mr. of Vermont, remarks relative to vote on us. Stockton & Stokes 33; motion for attachment 65; New Jersey-act of the state, relative to punishment

82 proceedings 81; appropriation for, lo restore a clerk in of death
Halstead, Mr. of New Jersey, speech on the bill the circuit court of Louisiana

New Orleans, the health of
making appropriations for the expenses of the govern- Manifesto of the administration party

New York-governor Marcy's special message 130;

Manufactures of Virginia, an account of the 323 state loan taken for the Erie canal 177; the bank law in
Harrison, general Wiliam Henry, dinner to him at Marcy, gov. his special message

130 full 179; auction duties
Massilon, and Mr. Kirkum's speech and his reply 397 Marine disasters, the number of in 1838 144 New York city-the recorder of 4; mayoralty of 48;
Havanna--the departure of 'Tacon, and succession Marriage, moral effects of

336, 368 Isaac L. Varian nominated for mayor 80; the election
of Espelita-subsidy, &c. 355; celebration of the 4th Marriot, general William H. nominated for congress 97; vole for mayor 113; organization of the new board
July by the American residents ib.; conspiracy at 385; from Baltimore

112 of common council

an account of revolt at
401 Martineau, Miss, a retort upon

Niles National Register, editorial notice relative to
Hayne, gen. his examinations of rail roads, &c. 369 Marryatt, capt. his toast at Toronto

176 publishing the journal of congress, &c.
Hayti, debt to France 80; new tariff
Marshall, chief justice--see Wm. Smith and

North Carolina-as to, the draining of the swamp
Head, sir Franeis, the language of the Liverpool Maryland-amendments to constitution and guberna lands of 144; hon. John Branch run for governor of 321;
Chronicle in reference to

210 torial districts 33; bank law 114; remonstrance against awakening on the subject of internal improvement ib.;
Health, of different cities

384 the governor's appointment of col. Abert as engineer election in 337; governor Branch's letter accepting 344;
Heath, James P. his card on behalf of the sufferers 321; statement of the banks of

322 election in

369, 401
of the Pulaski

348 Mastodon, discovery of a skeleton of, at Bucyrus, Northeastern frontier-see boundary.
Holland and Belgium-see British and French af. Ohio

405 Northern frontier-see Canada; see boundary; puta
Mason, James M. letter from, relative to misrepresen- rage on the sir Robert Peel

Hops, quantity of raised in Massachusetts 48 / tation

2421 Notes-see treasury notes; see banks,

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