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NO. I.

Abt. I.—The Signs of the Times: a Series of Discourses delivered in

the Second Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. By Corne-

lius C. Cuyler, D. D. - - - - 1

Art. II.—Letters on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By Samuel

Bayard, Esq., a Ruling Elder in the Presbyterian Congre-

gation at Princeton, New Jersey, 14

Abt. ITJ.—A Discourse on the Latest Form of Infidelity, delivered at

the request, of the Association of the Alumni of the Cam-

bridge Theological School, on the 19th of July, 1839, with

notes. By Andrews Norton,

A Letter to Mr. Andrews Norton, occasioned by his Discourse

before the Association of the Alumni of the Cambridge

Theological School, on the 19th of July, 1839. By an

Alumnus of that School, - - - - 31

Art. IV.—The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and its Consequen-

ces to the Protestant Churches of France and Italy; con-

taining Memoirs of some of the Sufferers in the Persecution

attending that Event, .... 71

Abt. V.—Report of the Presbyterian Church Case: the Commonwealth

of Pennsylvania, at the suggestion of James Todd and others,

vs. Ashbel Green and others. By Samuel Miller, Jun. a

Member of the Philadelphia Bar, 92

Notice of a Review of Malcom's Travels in South Eastern Asia, in the

number of the Repertory for October 1839, - 157

Quarterly List of New Books and Pamphlets, - - - 166


Abt. I.—Davies's State of Religion among the Dissenters in Virginia, 169

Abt. II.—A concise History of the Commencement, Progress, and Pro-

sent Condition of the American Colonies in Liberia. By

Samuel Wilkinson, .... 205

Abt. HI.—Allgcmeine Geschichte der christlichen Religion und Kirche.

Von Dr. August Neander. Viertcr Band. Aehter Theil des

ganzen Werks, Hamburg, bei Friedrich Perthes. 1836.

8vo. pp. 506. ----- 225

Abt. IV.—Report on Education in Europe, to the Trustees of the Gi-

rard College for Orphans. By Alexander Dallas Bache,

LL.D, President of the College, 244

Abt. V.—A Treatise on Justification. By George Junkin, D. D. 268

Abt. VI.—Theologins Dogmatica; Tractatus Tres de Revelatione, de

Ecclesia, et do Verbo Dei quos concinnavit Revmus Dnus

Franciscus Patricius Kenrick, Epus. Arath, in Part. Infid.

et Coadj. Ep. Philadelphiensis.

Theologia; Dogmatics?, quam concinnavit Franciscus Patricius

Kenrick, etc Volumen II. ... 283

Quarterly List of New Books and Pamphlets, ... 294

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