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My Cloaths? When all deny'd, Peter and they that were with Him said, Master, the Multitude throngs and presses Theez and sayest Thou, who touch'd me? And JESUS said, some body has toucht Me; for, I know there is virtue gone out of Me.And He look'd round about to see her that had done the thing. And when the Woman saw she was not hid, fearing and trembling, knowing what was done in her, she came ; and falling down at His Feet, declar'd to Himn before all the People, and told Him the truth, for what cause she had toucht Him; and how the was heal'd immediately. And he said to her, Daughter, be of good comfort, thy Faith has made thee whole: go in peace, Relp. Aud, can we still distrust Thy Popper, Öglorious JESU! on doubt thy Good ness towards Thy faithful Servants ! *'Tbvs Thou wilt sierely beer Thy Self tous, if thus we bear gur lelties to Ibee. Let us humbly adore - Ihy Majesty, O Lord! and with a lively confidence pray to Thy Mercy; let us thank fülly acknom ledge all comes from Iby Bounty, and ftrengthen our hope with these happy expen riments, * Thus



Lesson 64. While He was yet speaking, ther came one to the Ruler of the Synagogu who said, Thy daughter is dead; wb troublest Thou the Master any further But, as soon as JESUS heard the word that was spoken, He says to the Rulers the Synagogue, Fear not, on!y believ and she shall bé fafe. And, He suffer none to follow Him, save Peter and Jame and John the Brother of James. An when JESUS came into the Rulers houf and saw the Minstrels and the People ma king a noise, and them that wept and wail'd exceedingly; He says to them Why make

you this ado, and weep? give place; for the Maid is not dead bu sleeps. And, they laught Him to scorn knowing she was dead. But, when H had put them all out, He permitted no any to go in with Him, but Peter an James and John, and the Father and Mo ttcr of the "Damsel; and entring where the Damsel lay, He took her bi the hand and call'd aloud, saying, Dair fel arise. And her Spirit came again and straightway the arose and walk'd and He commanded something should be

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given her to eat. And her parents were altonisht with great wonder: And He charg'd them straightly, that no man fhould know it. And the fame hereof Went abroad into all that Land. Refp. Homo quickly are we weary of praying to our God! how apt to give over ORP expectance from bim!. who yet, as Soon as He sees our necesities, begins our relief; and leaves not off till He has perfectly finisht it. * Let us not fear, but believe and obey, and our Souls Mall be safe. Why are we thus impatient wben any trouble befals us, and why disparage the extraordinary proceedings of God? though me be dead in sin and forruw He can revive us, and give us Strength to walk the ways of Life. Let us not

Lélon 65. And, when JESus departed thence, tapo blind. Men follow'd Him, crying Out and sayivy, Thru Son of David, have mercy on us., And, when He was come into the House, the blind men came to "Him : and JESUS says to them, Believe you I am able to do this for you? They laid, yes Lord! Then toucht He their


eyes, saying, Be it to you according to your Faith : And their eyes were opend and Jesus straitly charged them, saying see that no man know it: But they, de parting, spread abroad His fame in al that Country. And, when they were gone forth, behold, they brought to Hin a dumb man possess'd with a Devil: and when the Devil was cast out, the dum spake ; and the multitudes marvaild faying. Never was the like leen in Israel But, the Pharisees said, He casts out Da vils through the Prince of Devils. Refp. None are so blind as they that will

not see: the Pharisees pride discerat no Miracle, while the humble multitude believe and admire. The Pharisees envy cavils at every thing, while tb plain people confess the truth. *Wox derful are Thy Judgments, O Lord mbo with-boldest Ihy Graces from th worldly wise, and bestowest them on th meek and innocent. The abusers of Th favours are defervedly forsaken; and the wilfull contradi&ters of evident reason Thou justly abandonoft to a reprobate Seufe *Wonderful are


Lesson 66. After this, there was a Festival day of the Teres; and JESUS went up to Jerkfalem. Now, there is at Jerufalem,, by the Sheep-gate, a pool, called in the Hebruko tongue Bethesda, having five Porches. In those lay a great multitude 1, of impotent persons, of blind, lame,

wither'd; waiting for the moving of the water. For, an Angel of our Lord descended, at a certain season, into the Pool and troubled the water : he, then, that first stept in after the stirring of the Water was heard of whatever disease he had. And, a certain man was there, who had an infirmity thirty and eight years. When JESUS saw him lying, andknew he had bin a long time in that me, He says to him, wilt thou be made whole? The fick man answered him, Sir, I have no iman, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool : but, while I am coming, another steps down before me. JESUS says to him, Rife,

up thy bed and walk. And, ima mediately, the man was made whole, and took up his bed and walked : and on the same day was the Sabbath. The


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