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thy bed, and go to thy house. And immediately he arose, and took up the bed whereon he lay, and went forth before them all; and departed to his own house, glorifying God. But, when the multi tude saw it they marvail'd, and were all amaz'd; and magnified God who had given such power to men : and were filled with fcar, saying, we have seen strange things to day, we never saw it on this fashion. Resp. Behold, dear Lord, to Ihee we come,

and open before Thee all our infirmities: our minds are sick of the Palfie, and out faculties benum'd with a dead sluggine nefsi we are apt to censure the good works of others, but slow to do any our selves. * Heal us, o Thon Heavenly Physician! whose mercy both cures the Sick, and pardons the penitent. O make us quickly rise from the fins wherein me have lyen too long, and strengthen us to conquer our corrupted nature; that we may walk towards Thee our Eternal home, and praise Thy name for ever. * Heal us, O.


Lesson 61. After these things, Jesus weat forth again by the Sea fide, and all the inultitude resorted to Him: and He taught them. And, as He passed by, He fawa Publican, samed Levi, fitting at the receipt of Custom; who was called also Mattbexo : and He said to him, Follow Mc. And he left all, rose, up, and followed Him. And Levi made Him a great Feast in his own house; and it came to pals that, as JESUS sat at meat, many Publicans and Singers came and lat down together with JESUS and His Disciples; for, there were many, who also follow'd Him. And, when the Scribes and Pbavises saw Him eat with Publicans and Sinners, they murmuring faid to His Dif çiples, why does your Master, and why do you eat and drink with Publicans and lineers? when JESUS heard that, H& answering said to them, They who are well need not the Plıysician, but they who are fick. But, go and learn what this means, I will have Mercy and not Sacrifice: for, I am not come to call the Jut, but Singers to Repentance. E 4


Resp. So sweetly efficacious is Thy Grac

O Lord, that immediately it draws » to Theei so kindly condefrending is Il clemency, that Thon presently embra us when we come: I will have Meri and not Sacrifice ; for, I canze not toca! the Just, but Sinners to Repentane Lord, we confess our sins, we confe) our need of Thy mercies: but, our hopes great Thou wilt pardon us; while bear Thee so gracionfly remember Th ancient promises, and so powerfully ang them in favour of us finners. * I mi have

Leffon 62. Then came to Him the Disciples o John, saying, why do we and the Phari Fees faft often, and make Prayers : bul Thy Disciples faft not, but eat and drink And JESUS said to them, Can you make the Children of the Bridegroom falt while the Bridegroom is with them? But, the days will come when the Bride groom shall be taken away from them; then shall they fast in those days. And He spake a similitude to them, No man puts a piece of a new Garment into an old; elle he both breaks the new, and


the peice that was taken out of it agrees not with the old. And, no man puts new Wine into old Bottles; else the new Wine will break the Bottles, and it self be spilt, and the Bottles loft : but new Wine must be put into new Bottles, and both are preservd. . No man also having drunk old Wine, straightway desires new, for, he says, the old is better.? Resp. When Thou art fresent with us, o ** Tbou Heavenly Spouse' of our · Souls!

wben Thou art pleas'd to stay and dwell in our hearts, how strangely dost Thou fill them with joy and sweetness! *Whatever happens, we cannot be sad while Thou art with us, nor merry if Thou Jesviftus. Infuse Phy holy love into our bearts, O Lord, and make us faithfully bold it fast for ever; that we loose not not our felves by neglecting Thy Grace, but preferve then both to Eternal Life. to Whatever happens

Lesson 63., While JESUS spake to them these things, ( being near the Sea) behold, - there came a man named Jairus, one of the Chief Rulers of the Synagogue;

and leeing Him, fell down at His feet, and


besought Him that He would come in His house ; For, he had one only Daug ter, about twelve years of age, and I lay a dying. And He besought Hime nestly, saying; My Daughter lyes at point of death: but, come Thou a lay Thy Hands on her that she may heal'd, and the shall live. And JESI went with Him, and His Disciples a much people follow'd Him: But.. went, the multitude throngd Hit and behold, a certain woman who w diseas'd with an Iffúe of Blood twe years, and had sufferd many things many Physicians, and spent all that had upon them; and was not any better; but rather grew

worfc: she heard of JESUS, she came in press behind, and toucht the hem of Garment; for, the said within her fe If I may but touch His Garment If be whole. And straightway the fou tain of her Blood was dryd up, and I felt in her Body that she was heard that Malady. And JESUS, immed ately knowing in himself the virtue tha phoceeded from Him, turn'd Him abou in the throng, and said, who touch

thir wh


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