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Lefon 54.

the interests of our Souls? when don seek in earnest to be cur’d of our fins *O lift us up, dear Lord! and imm diately we shall rife, and run with cheet fulness the ways of thy commands. On wounded nature lyes fick and hopeles till thy Grace vouchsafe to visit us: our selves, alas, we cannot move on Atep, till thy mercy take us by the haul * O lift us

And, rising in the morning very early he went out, and departed into a solita ry place, and there pray’d. And Sim and they that were with him followil af ter him. And, when they had foun him, they said to him, All men seek fo thee. And he said to them, let us go in to the next Towns and Cities, that may Preach there allo: for, to that pur pole am I come. And the People fough him, and came to him, and stay'd him that he should not depart from the To whom he said, I must Preach thu Kingdom of God to other cities allo for therefore apa I sent. And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their Syna gogues, and preaching the Gospel of th



ingdom ; and healing every malady. nd every infirmity among the people, nd casting out Devils. And his fame went through all Syris : and they brought to him all sick persons that were laken with divers diseases and torments, andsneh as were posseft with Devils and Lunaticks, and those that had the Pal. lies and he heal'd them. Resp. Stillebou goest on, Ogracious Jefu!

in tby compassions towards us ; often renewing the example of thy Virtues, and often repeating the evidence of tby Miracles: * That we may still have something to imitate, and something to adMire ; and be mov'd by Both to love and believe thee. Of thee, O Lord! will I karn to rise early and retire to pray, and byno importunity be diverted from my

dirty; for, this was the end of thy holy Com praftice: On thee will I hope in all my il dikrelles, and not fear the malice of my

deelyeft enemies; for this was the end hewing thy Power. * That we may

Lellon 55. And, Jesus seeing great multitudes about him, commanded to go beyond * water. And, as they walkt in the


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way, a certain Scribe said to him, Master I will follow thee whitherfoever thou go eft. Jesus says to him, The Foxes hav Holes, and the Fowls of the Air hav Nests; but, the Son of Man has no where to lay his head. Then said het another, who was of his Disciples, Fol low me: but he said, Lord, permit m first to go and bury my Father. July says to him ; Follow me, and let th dead bury their dead; but go tho preach the Kingdom of God. Anothe said, I will follow thee, Lord, but ful fer me first to take leave of them that ar at home. Jesus said to him; No Mars that puts his hand to the Plough an looks back, is fit for the Kingdom God. Resp. 'Tis not for flesh and blood to follo,

thee, O thon great Exemplar of sublim perfection ! 'tis not for flesh and bloodt perform the excellencies of an Evangeli cal Life. * But, to the Almightygrac of God, nothing is impossible. Every excuse is welcom to us, every little dij ficulty is enough to divert us; we are afraid of the hardship of Poverty, we an in love poith our kindred and acquain


taxce; and never can Nature alone overcome these difficulties. * But, to

Lefon 56. And it came to pass one day, when Evening was come, He said to his Discibles, Let us go over to the other fide of he Lake. And, dismisling the Multilude, they take him, so as he was, into the Boat; and sanch'd forth: and there were other Boats with them. And, as they were Sailing on, He fell asleep: and there arose a great Tempest of Wind, and the Waves beat into the Boat, so that it was filled and covered with the Waves; and they were in danger. But, Ac was in the hinder part of the Vessel,

on a Pillow. And his Disciples came to him, and rais d him, saying, Mafter, carest not thou that we perish? Lord, save us; we perish. Jesus said to them, why are you fearful, O you of littleFaith? Then, rising up, He rebukid the wind, and the raging of the water, and laid to the Sea, Peace, be still: and the wind ceas’d, and there followed a great calm. And he said to them, why are you fearful? have you not yet Faith? And the men wonder'd, and were ex



treamly afraid; and said to one another
who think you is this? for, he com
mands the Winds and the Sea, and the
obey him.
Resp. Let us not fear to be seeallon'd

pur Enemies, though the storm rise neve
so high; let us not loose the Anchor
our bope, though the Waves (well ove
our heads. *For, our Lord will assure
lyrise and deliver us.

When we are d. ftress'd with any danger or temptatio and our Jesus seems to be asleep and nu regard us; let us go to him with Fait and awake him with Prayer, and expert his mercy with an humble confidence

* For, our Lord failed And they said to the Country of th

Gerasens, which is over against Galilee And, when Jesus came alhore, the met him a man who had been a long tin possess'd with the Devil; and he wo no Cloaths, nor tarry'd in any hous but dwelt in the Sepulchers: neithe could any now bind him ; for, being of ten bound with Fetters and Chains, broke them in pieces, and none coul tame him. And he was always nizh

Lesson 57.


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