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L E S S O N I.

OR as much as many have

endeavoured to compile a F

Narration of those Thirgs which are moft surely believed among us; accor

ding as they delivered them to us, 'who from the Beginning were themselves Eye-witneffes and Minifters of the Word : It seemed good to me also, having diligently attained to all Things from the Beginning, to write to thee in order, most excellent Theophilus; that thou mightest know the Verity of



those Words, wherein thou haft been instructed.

Resp. Blesed for ever be thy Name, O Lord

Who pitying our Ignorance, haft reveale to us these heavenly Mysteries, and fore seeing our Weakness, haft built our Fait on so firm a Certainty. * Juftly, on God! Dost thou require our absolute Aflere 10 tby Word, since thou graciously provide such Grounds to assure us. Thyself win thy own bless'd Mouth haft taught it, tha Apostles with their deareft Blood have com firmed it, thony Church in all Ages ha faitfully delivered it. * Juftly, o

Lejon 2. in the Beginning was the Word, ac the Word was with God, and the Wo was God: This was in the Beginni with God. All Things were made by his and without him was made Nothing the was made. In him was Life, and the L was the Light of Men: And the Lig shines in Darkness, and the Darkn comprehended it not. Refp. This, O my Soul! Is he, who tho

he" were pleased to became Man for was yet, in his glorious Self, the only beg

tex Son of God, confubftantial and coomnipotent with his Eternal Father. * O great and admirable Mystery! Thus bumby I adore tbee : Be shou the chief Foundation of my Faith for ever. This is he, wbo, though he vouchsafed even to die for us Sinners, was no less then the only beloved Son of the living God, of equal Glory, and co-eternal Majesty with his Fatber, *0 great &

Leffon 3. There was a Man fent from God, whose Name was John, he came for a Witness to give Testimony of the Light, that all Men through him might believe. He was not the Light, but 10 bear Witness of the Light : It was the true Light which inlightens every Man that comes into the World. He was in the World, and the World was made by him, and the World knew

He came to his own, and his own received him not : But as mas ny as received him, to them he gave Power to become the Sons of God, to them hat believe on his Name. Who are born not of Blood, nor of the Will of the Flesh, mor of the. Will of Man, but of God." And the Word was made Fles, and dwelt


him not.


among us, (and we beheld his G Glory as it were of the Only-begotte the Father) full of Grace and Truth

Refp. This, O my Soul! Is be, who, tl

in his glorious Self the Only-begotten of God, consubstantial and co-omnip with bis Eternal Father, yet was p to become Man for us. * O /weet admirable Charity! Thus thankfully dore thee: Be thou the chief Founa of my Hope for ever. This is he, who t. no less than the only beloved Son of t ving God, of equal Glory, and co-ei Majesty with his Father, yet vouchfaj die for us Sinners. *o (weet 85

Leffon 4.

There was in the Days of Herod ] of Judea a certain Priest named Zac of the Course of Abia: And his Wife of the Dayghters of Aron, and her N Elizabeth; and they were both just fore God, walking in all the Comm ments and Juftifications of our without blame, and they had no CI Because Elizabeth was barren; and both were well striken in Years. A came to pass,while he executed theP, ly Function before God, in the ord

his Course, according to the Custom of the Priefts Office, he went forth by Lot to offer Incense, entering into the Temple of our Lord. And all the Multitude of the People praying without, at the Hour of Incense.

Resp. 'Tis not, O Lord! The least of thy

Mercies 10 make us happy in our Parents and Kindred,, wbose. Quality may enable them to improve our Education, and their Credit ingage us to follow their Example. * O make us bless thy wife and gracious Providence, which fitly disposes 10 every one his proper fart. Teach us to be fatisfied in whatever Condition, and faithfully attend to our particular Duties; whether we be honoured to approach thy A'tars, or humbled to stand below at a Ditance : * O make

Leffon And there appeared to him an Angel of our Lord, ftanding on the right Side of the Altar of Incenfe. And Zachary feeing him was troubled, and Fear fell upon him. But the Angel said to him, fear not Zachary, for thy Prayer is heard, and thy Wife Élizabeth shall bear thee a Son; and thou shalt call his Name John; And thou



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