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Mary the Mother of James, and other Woinen that were with them, who told these things to the Apostles. And these words feem'd to thern as a dotage, and they believ'd them not. Resp. O the incomparable sweetness of the

Spirit of JESUS! the devout Magdalen stood weeping at the Sepulchre, and He came to ber; the Holy Woment tell the Disciples; and He met them in tbe way. * In every state, if we do our Duty, our Lord will not fail to reward is. If we delight in retirement and contem. plation, his Visits will comfort H5; if we faithfully labour in an active life, in the midst of our business bis: Ble fings will

meet us.

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Leffón 304.

Now, when they were departed, bebold certain of the Watch came into the City, and told the Chief Priefts all the things that had been done. And they, being assembled with the Elders, and having taken Councell, gave a great sum of money to the Soldiers, faying, fay you, His Disciples came by night and stole bir away while we were a fleeps And, if this comes to the Governours cars, we will


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Perswade him, and secure you.

So they took the inony, and did as they were taught: and this saying is commonly reported among the Jews to this day. Resp. Deliver ius, O Lord, from envying

the prosperity of any, or plotting maliciously to fupprifsthetruth: deliver us from persisting in any known Sin, or tempting others ro conspire with us in our wi kedo nefs. *Whatever we do will certainly come to Thy Ears, O Thou great Govers nour of the World! and nothing but Thy Mercy èan perfwade Thee or fecure us. Deliver us, O Lord, from being tempted by others, and engaging our consent to

their finfulienticements : deliver us from : atting wickedly, when we bave confenda

ted weakly; especially, thasé infeciious fins, whichfpread far, and corrupt poftea rity. *Whatever we

Leson 305. After these things He appeard in anos her form to two of them, as they walied that fame day to a Village called Ems laus? which was from Jerusalem about hreescore Furlongs. And they talk'd ogether of all these things which had appened. And it came to pass, that

while they discoursed and reasoned with themselves, JESUS Himself drew near and went with them. But, their eyes were held that they fhould not know Him. And He said to them, What manner of Communications are these that you confer one with another as you walk, and are fad > And one of thein, whose name was Cleophus, faid to Him, Art Thou only a Stranger in Jerufaleu, and haft not known the things that have been done in it in these days ? To whom He said, what things ? And they said, concerning JESUS of Nazareth, who was a Prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the People, And bow our Chief Priests and Princes deliver'd Him to be condemn'd to death; and Crucified Him. But, we hoped it had been He that should Redeem Hrael. And now,befides all this, today is the third day since these things were done. But certain Women also of ours made us afraid, who were at the Sepulcher before Light; and, not finding his Body, came faying, That they had also seen a Vision of Angels, who say, He is alive. And certain Men of ours went to the Sepulcher, and found

so as the Women faid: but, Him they und not. , esp. So ready, is our Nature do object against truth, fo apt to take hold of any þight excuse! What though they samo Him not, were there not other arguments, which, fairly understood, would satisfie pour doubts? was not the testimony of well known persons credible enough? were not the words of Angels worthy to be believed? * Faith is the gift of God; And, til Grace open tbem, our eyes are jhut. They were carried


with the error of the times, they had flattered themselves with worldly expectations ; ond, though Ehrift were present with them they could not know Him. * Faith

Lelon 306. Then, said He to them, O Fools, and bw of heart to believe all that the Proa lets have spoken! Ought not Christ to ive suffered these things, and so to enter. to His Glory? And, beginning from bses and all the Prophets, He interpre. d to them in all the Scriptures, the ings concernitig Himself. And they cw nigh the Village whither they went;

done in the way, and how they knew Him in the breaking of Bread. Neither

enabled to argue for patience ; * Is it go 452 Che Four Gospels in Dne. and he made as though he would go fur" ther. But they constrain d Him, saying tarry with us, for it grows towards Evening, and the day is now far spent : And He went in with thein. And it came to pass, while He fat at Table with them, He took Bread, and . Bleffed, and brake, and reacht to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew Him; and He vanisht out of their fight. And theyfaid one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, white He discours'd with us by the way, and opened to us the Scrip tures ? And, rifing up the same hour, they return'd to Ferrefalem, and found the Eleven gathered together, and those that were with them: fying, our Lord isti. fen indeed, and has appeared to Sinton, And they told them what things were then did they believe. Resp. Infusé, O Lord, into our hearts, that

holy Fire which Thou càmelt to kindle of the earth; that by its Light we may sin derftard Thy word, and by its beat be in flani'd with Thy Lovė, and by


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