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of David, blessed be He that coines in the Name of our Lord, the King of Israel; blessed be the Kingdom of our Father David that now is coming. How fanna in the Highest: And the people that were with Him when He called Lisa Zarus out of the Grave, and raised Him from the dead, bare witnefs: For which cause, a Multitude, who heard He had done this Miracle, came forth also to meet Hin. The Pharifces said among themselves, Do you fee, we prevail nothing? behold, the whole world is gone after Him.: Anp, fome of the Pharisees from among the multitude laid to Him, Mafter, rebuke thy Disciples. To whom He aufwered, I tell you that, if these fhould hold their peace, the stones would cry out. Resp. Come, let us joyn our Voices with

this pious Multitude and fing Hosanna to the Son of David: Come, let us raise our Mufick to a loftier Key, and sing Hosanna to the Son of God.' * Bleled in He that comes in tbe Name of oxr Lord; Hosanna in the Highest : Blefjed is He that comes, for He is our Hosanna in the Highest.

Lord'; Let the Envious


murmur at our holy mirth, and the Proud forbid our Hymns of Joy: He hus saved us frum death, and we will praise bis mercy; He has delivered us from Hell, and we will fing alond. * Blessed

Lesson 2 11. And, as He drew near, He beheld. the City and wept over it, saying, if thou hadft known, even thou, at least in his thy day, the things that belong to hy peace! but now they are hid from thine Eyes. For, the days shall come upon thee, that thine Enemies shall catt a trench about thee,and compass thee round, and ftreighten thee on every side; and bcat thee flat to the ground, and thy Children, within thee; and they thall not leave in thee one stone upon

another a because thou kuewest not the time of thy


Resp. Can there be Bowels more tender then

these: and that towards a City which for Spightfully bad rejected Him ? Can there be words more expressive of Compassion: and that for a people which in five days will crucify Him.

* Jerusalem, Jerusalem! 'weep for thy self, and for thy Children.. How often would thy Lorde

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have gathered thee together, as a Hal gathers her Chickens under ber Wing's and thou wouldịt not! but, now thyday is past, and the darkness of the night fallen upon thee, and the ways of peace bidden from thine Eyes. *O Jerufalem

Lesson 212. And, when He was come into Jerusalem, all the City was moved, leying, who is this? And the Multicade faid, This is JESUS the Prophet from Nizaretb of Galilee. And JESUS went into the Temple of God, and begin to cast out them that sold therein, and them that bought, and overthrew the Tables of the Bankers, and the seats of them that sold Doves; and he suffered not that

any man fhould carry any through the Temple. And He taught theo, saying, is it not written, My house shall be called a house of Prayer to all Nations ? but, you have made it a den of Thieves. which when the Chief Priests and Scribes had heard, they fought how they might destroy Him: for, they fear'd Him; because the whole people were in admiration of His Doctrine: the blind and the lame came to Him in



and Sucklings

the Temple, and He healed them. And, when the Chief Priests and Scribes faw the wonderful things that He did, and the Children crying in the Temple.and. saying, Hosanna to the Son of David, they had indignation, and said to Himg Hearest Thou what these say? And JESus says to them. Yes *;- have you nevert read, Out of the mouths of Babes

Thou; haft perfected praise. Resp. Lord, when we come to thy Holy

Temple let us leave behind us our bara
gains and our business, and carry nothing
tbither but adorations for Thy: Majestys
prayers for our' necessities.

* Thomas who didit open the maruths of little Chile dren to praise Thee, enable the weakness of us Iby Servants to obey. Thee. We aré our selves Thy Temples, too, and should be Consecrated intirely to Thy Service: Enter, O Gracious JESU! into our hearts, and thorowly, parge us from all our impieties. * Tbos: whe

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Lesson 213

And there were certain Gentiles among them that came up to Worship on the Feast day. They came, therefore, to Philip, who was of Bethsaida of Galilee; and, delired him, saying, Sir, we would see JESus: Philip comes and tells Andrew ; and again, Andrew and Philip told JESus. And JEsus anfwered them, fay. ing, The hour is come that the Son of Man should be glorifyed. Verily, verily I say to you, Except a Corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, icabides alone, but, if it die, it brings forth much. fruit. He that loves his life shall lose it; and he that hates his life in this world thall keep it to Eternal Life. If any man serve. Me, let him follow Me, and where I am there shall alfo My. fervant be: if any man ferve Me, him will My Father honour. Refp. when, O my dear Redeemer ! Mall

1 only esteem Thee, and value nothing but my hope to see Ibee? when shall I grow impatient of this world, out of an eager desire to be with Thee in the Other?

Then, and not till then, will my Soul befatisfyed, when I shall see my JESUS



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