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risecs heard the people mutter'd these things concerning Him; and the Chief Priests and Pharisees sont Officers to apprehend Him. JESUS therefore said to them, Yet a little while I am with you, and then I go to Him that fent Me. You shall seek Me and shall not find Mc; and where I am thither you cannot come. Then said the Jews among themfelves, whither will he go, that we shall not find Him? Will He go to the dispers'd among the Gentiles, and teach the Gentiles? What manner of saying is this, You shall seek Me and shall not find Me, and, where I am thither you cannot come. Resp. o juft, but dreadful Truth! they who bave long and obstinately rejected

Ibee, Mall at last pretend to seek Thee, and shall not find Thee. * And where thou art theyfhall never come. Unhappy those mobo know Thee, and will not confesó Thee > Vnbappy, who confess Thee and will not obey Thee: Wbere Thox thewest shen sbe way they refuse to followi * And where

Lesson 148. And, in the latt, the great day of the Feast, JESUS stood and cry'd aloud, saying, If any man thirst, let him come to Me and drink. He that believes in Me, as the Scripture says, out of his Belly shall flow Rivers of Living Water. (But, this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe in Him should receive : for the H. Ghost was not yet given, because JESUS was not yet glorif'd ) Ma. ny of the people therefore, when they heard these words of His, said, This is indeed the Prophet: others said, This

But some faid, Shall Christ come out of Galilee? Does not the Scripture say that Cbrift comes of the Seed of David, and out of the Town of Berblehem, where David was? So, there grew a diffenfion among the people, bccause of Him. And forne of them would have apprehended Him, but no Man laid hands on Him. Then came the Officers to the Chief Priests and Pharifees : and They said to them, Why have you not brought Hin The Oficers answered, Never Man {pake liket his Man. Then answered the


is the Clirist.

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Pharisees, Are you

also deceiv'd ? Have any of the Rulers or of the Pharisees believ'd in Him? But, this people, who know not the Law, are cursed. Nicodemus said to them, (he that came to JESUS by night, who was one of them) Does our Law judge any Man, before it hear him and know what he docs? They answered and said to him, Art thou allo a Galilean? Search the Scripture, and and see that Out of Galilee arises no Prophet. And, every one return'd to his own house. Resp. Deliver us ( Lord, from all rude

contempt of Others, and all arrogant conceit of our felves: Deliver us frows that blind injustice,

of abufing Reafon to gratifie Pasion, and from that boldprophaness of wresting the Scriptures to do fend our Errors. * Thou art indeedtke Prophet, and never Man Spake like Theci Thou art the Christ, and never Mandid like Ibee. Send down thy H. Spirit, Gli rified. JESU! that our Souls may thirft after Thee, and drink so long of Tby Heavenly sweetness, till the streams we gather here be ready to break forth and flow into Rivers of Living Water. *Thox art indeed

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Lesson 149. And JESUS went to the MountOlivet: and early in the Morning came again into the Temple'; and all the people resorted to Him, and He sat down and taught them. And the Scribes and Pharisees brought to Him a Woman taken in Adultery,and set her in the midft; and faid to Him, Mafter this Woman was even now taken in Adultery, and Moles in the Law commanded us to stone such: What therefore fay'st Thou ! This they said, tempting Him ; that they might accuse Him. But, JESUS, bowing Himself, with His Finger wrote on the Earth. When they therefore, continu'd asking Him, He lifted up Himself & said to them, He that is without fin among you let him first throw a stone at her. And again, lowing Himself, He wrote on the Earth. And they, hearing it, went out one by one, beginning at theSeniors:und JESUS remain'd alone, and the Woman standing in the midst. Then JESUS' lifting up Himself said to her, Woman, where are they that accused thee?has none condemn’d thee?Who said, None,Lord!And JESUS said, Neither will I condemn thee; go, and now fin no more.


L 3

Resp. Blind and uncharitable self-love!

oby fo- maliciously seek the jhame of 0. rbers, while our selves should blufh at outr own follies? why so tenaciously press fer sevcrity agaiøst Ibem, while nur own Souls are in the same condemnation? * JESUS alone is the fudge of mercy; who, if we repent, will graciously fora give Us, and, if we fin no more, wil gloriously five Us. When Heturns away His Eyes, 'tis to forbear our punishment, and expect our amendment; when He looks vil us again, 'tis to comfort od fears, and absolve our fin:. * JESUS alone.

Lesson 150.

Then spake JESUS again to them; faying, I am the Light of the world he that follows Me walks not in darknefs, but shall have the Light of Life. The Pharisees therefore said to Him, Thou giv's Testimony of Thy felf, thy. Teftimony is not true. JESUS anfwer'd and said to Him, Though I give Testimony of my self, yet my Testimony is true; for, I know whence I came, and whither I go; but you cannot tell whence I come, or whither I go. You


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