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Childrens Bread, and cast it to the Dogs. And theranswered, yes Lord;. for the Whelps also under the Table eat of the Childrens crums which fall from the Table of their Masters. Then said JESUS, O Woman, great is thy Faith, be it done to thee as thou desirest: For this saying, Go thy way; the Devil is departed out of thy Daughter. And her Daughter was made whole from that very hour. And, when thepwas gone to her house, shafound the young Maid lying on a Bed, and the Devil gone out of her.. Reip. If Thou dělsyeft to hear me, O Lord,

let me yet continue to call on Thee; if Thou reject me for my own unpoorthines, let me strain all my popers to move Iby Mercy. * Have Mercy on me, O Lord, Thou Son of David; and from this very hour, beal my Soul.

Soul. Let me not curi. ously search into the secrets of Thy Pro. vidence, why so many Nations were so long neglected, and so many still remain unconverted: but ratber. delight in Thy boundless Goodnefs; while of every. Nation be that truts in Thee shall be faved

* Have mercy


Lesson 125. And JESUS, departing from the Coalts of Iyre, came by Sidon to the Sea of Galilee, through the midft of the Coasts of Decapolis : and they bring to Him one that was Deaf, and had an impediment in his Specch; and beseech Him to lay His hand upon him. And He took him aside from the multitude, and put His Fingers into his Ears, and Spitting toucht his Tongui. And, looking up to Heaven He lighd, and said to him, Ephphata, that is be opened. And straightway his Ears were opened, and the ttring of his Tongue was loosed, and he spake plain. And He charged them that they ihould tell no man: but, the more He charged them, so much the more a great deal they publisht it; and so much the more admired, saying, He has done all things well, the Deaf He has made to hear, and the Dumb to speak. And alcending into a Mountain He sat there, And great multitudes came to Him, having with them those that were dumb, blind, lame, maini'd, and many others; and cast them down at JESUS's Feet, and He healed them: infomuch chat the


Hand and healus,

Teing very great, and having nothing to been with Me three days, and have nohonie fafting, least they faint in the way;

Multitude wondred when they saw the
Dumb speak, the Lame walk, the Blind
fee. And they Glorified the God of
Resp. Lord, how ungrateful are we, com-

pared to Thy ancient followers! Thou chargest us to remember Thy benefits, and De forget them ; Thou commandest us to publish Thy Mercies, and we conceal them. * Bebold, O Bleßed JESV, we fall down at Ihy Feet ; reach forth Thy

that woe may Glorific Ibee the God of the Christians. Too often have our Ears been Deaf to Thy Voice, and our Tongues dumb to Tby Praise; too often have our Eyes been blind to Thy directions, and all our senses impediments to Iby Service. bold, O~

Leson 126. In those days, again, the Multitude cat; JESUS called His Disciples together and says to them, I have compassion on the Multitude, because they have now thing to eat: and I will not send them

* Bro


for some of them came from far. Ang
His Disciples answered, whence should
we have so much Bread in the wilder
ness to fill fo great a Multitude? As
JESUS askt them, How many Loave
have you? And they said, Seven. And
He commanded the Multitude to fi
down on the ground : and He took th
seven Loaves, and giving thanks, brake
them, and gave to His Disciples to ke
before then , and the Disciples fet them
before the people. And they had a few
Small Filhes: and He bleffed them, and
commanded to set them allo before them,
And they all did eat, ahd were filled:
and they took up of the broken meat
that was left leven Baskets full. And
they that had eaten were about Four
Thousand Men, beside Women and Chil
dren, And He sent them away.
immediately, entring into a ship with
His Disciples, He came into the parts of
Resp. Hark; O my Soul, bomo Gracionly

Thy dear Redeemer considers His Ser.
vants: He keeps account how long they
have been with Him, and bow far
ere off from their opon Houses;





eafting all together, refolves to supply them, and with His Speedy mercy prevents their wishes. * I have compassion on the Multitude; and will not send them bome fasting, leaft theyfaint by the way. ; O infinite Goodness! how safely may one

prayers expedt Thy pity; while our wants hi alone are enougb to move Thee, and draw

from Thy tender bowel's fuck soft and kind expreffions : * I have

Lellon 127. peil And the Pharisees and Sadduces came to Him, and began to question with Him; and desired He would thew them a fign from Heaven; tempting Him. But He, answering, said to them, when it is Evening, you say, It will be fair Weather; for the Element is Red: and in the Morning, Today will be a Tempeft; for the lowring Sky is Red. When you fee a Cloud rising from the Welt, immediately you say, A Shower is coming ; and so it happens : and when you see a South-wind blow, you say, There will be Heat, and so it comes to pass. Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the Heaven and of the Earth ; but the figns of the times you cannot discern. And


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