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shall have Gladness and Exultation; an many Shall rejoyce at his Birth: for h shall be great in the Sight of our Lord and shall drink neither Wine nor ftron Drink, and shall be filled with the Hol Ghoft,even from his Mother's Womb; an shall convert many of the Children of Tael to the Lord their God. And I shall go before him in the Spirit and Pow er of Elias, to turn the Hearts of the Fa ther to the Children, and the Incredulo to the Wisdom of the Juft; to prepare f the Lord a perfect People. Resp: Thus does our gracious Lord send for

his Angels, as Ministring Spirits for i Good of his Elect : Their Charity conve

our Prayers up to him, and brings i Bleffings down to us. * In all our W they bear us in their Hands, left at a Time we dale our Foot against a Ston When we labour they Asist us, when repose then Prote&t us, when we are tem sed they Encouruge us, when we cong they Crown us.

* In all

Lejon 6. And Zachary said to the Angel, whe by Shall I know this ? For I am Old a my Wife well stricken in Years. And t


Angel answering said to him, I am Gabries that affift before God, and am fent to speak to thee, and shew thee these glad Tidings : And behold thou shalt be Dumb, and not able to speak, till the Day that these Things be performed: Because thou hast not believed my Words which shall be fulfilled in their Season. And the People were expecting Zacbary, and marvelled that he tar. ried so long in the Temple : And when he came out, he could not speak to them : And they perceived he had seen a Vifion in the Temple ; for he made Signs to them and remained Speechless. And it came to pass as soon as the Day of his Office were accomplished, he departed to his ownHoufe: And after thofe Days, his Wife Elizabeth conceived, and hid herself five Months, saying, thus has the Lord dealt with me in the Days wherein he looked on me, to take away my Reproach among Men. Resp. Lord, I believe, O help my unbelief!

Lit not any Difficulties make me doubt thy Truth; nor too long a doubting procoke thy Wrath : * Every Word of thine fall be fulfilled in their season. Sometimes ibou visitest thy Children with the Chastife

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ment of a Rod; sometimes thou favou them with the Smiles of Prosperity : But at laft poall cooperate to their Good.

Every Word

Lefon 7. And in the fixth Month, the An Gabriel was sent from God to a City Galilee named Nazareth, to a Virgin poured to a Man whose Name was Jeph, of the House of David, and the gin's Name was Mary : And the An coming in unto her said, Hail, full of Go our Lord is with thee; Blefjed art thou am Women.

Refp. Receive o blessed Virgin ? Rec

this happy Embaffe, which the glor
Arch-Angel brings thee from the King
Heaven : See with bow deep a Respea
enters thy Presence, and with how
nourable a Salutation begins his mir
lous Treaty: * Hail, full of Grace,
Lord is with thee; Blessed art t
among Women. O may we lears
thee bright Spirit of Heaven
Okrselves to this Queen of Angels ;
with Joy, and Reverence, and devout
tention, often repeat those celestial W
* Hail, full-


Lefon 8. And when she heard him she was trou. bled at his Saying, and thought within herself what Manner of Saluration this should be: And the Angel said to her, Fear not Mary, for thou haft foundGrace with God: Behold thou shalt conceive in thy Womb, and bring forth a Son, and fhalt call his Name JESUS : He shall be great, and called the Son of the most High: And our Lord God shall give him the Throne of his father David ; and he that reigns in the House of Facob for ever, and of his Kingdom there shall be no End.

Resp. No matter for the Favour of Men 3 baphy are they who find Grace with God: They foall conceive in their Hearts the blessed JESUS, and bring him forth in their holy Lives, and reign with him in his Kingdom : * And of his Kingdom there fall be no End. Here they perhaps may weep for a Time, and be poor and affitted in this World of Injuftice : But hereafter their Lord fall plant iłem about the Throne of his Father, and make them sit down with him in his own Kingdom.

* And of

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Lisjon 9.
Then said Mary to the Angel, how shall


this be done, because I know not Ma and the Angel answered and said her, the Holy Ghoft shall come up thee, and the Power of the most H Thall overshadow thee : Therefore i that holy Thing which shall be bor thee shall be called the Son of God behold thy Cousen Elizabeth she h also conceived a Son in her old Age; this is the fixth Month with her was called Barren : For with God Word shall be impossible. And Mary 1 behold the Handmaid of our Lord it done to me according to thy Wc And the Angel departed from her.


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Resp. Rejoyce O my Soul, and be transpo

with Wonder, at the admirable Myfte thy Saviour's Incarnation : Rejoyce an thy greatest Trials humbly say, * Behol Servant of my Lord; be it done to mi cording to thy Word. If thou commande to believe above Reason, I know with th Word is impoffible: If thou permittest Suffer without Realon, I know with the ry Aflis Juftice. * Behold the

Lefon 1o. And Mary arose in those Days, went into the Hill-Country with

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