The History of the Peloponnesian War, Volume 2

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Edward Earle, 1818 - Greece

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Page 62 - Anguish and doubt and fear and sorrow and pain From mortal or immortal minds. Thus they Breathing united force with fixed thought...
Page 62 - Of warriors old with order'd spear and shield ! Awaiting what command their mighty chief Had to impose : he through the armed files Darts his experienced eye, and soon traverse The whole battalion views, their order due, Their visages and stature as of gods ; Their number last he sums. And now his heart Distends with pride, and hardening in his strength Glories...
Page 62 - With dread of death to flight or foul retreat ; Nor wanting power to mitigate and swage, With solemn touches, troubled thoughts, and chase Anguish, and doubt, and fear, and sorrow, and pain, 1 From mortal or immortal minds.
Page 106 - According to the best information I have been able to procure, we are now going to invade a number of powerful cities ; cities independent of one another, nor standing in need of public revolutions, which people who cringe under the yoke of slavery might readily embrace, in order to render their condition more supportable.
Page 89 - Zancle was originally founded by a band of pirates, who arrived there from Cyme, a Chalcidic city in Opicia; though afterwards a numerous reinforcement from Chalcis and the rest of Euboea joined them, and possessed that district in community. The founders were Perieres and Crataemenes ; one of them from Cyme, the other from Chalcis. But the name of Zancle was first of all given it by the Sicilians, because in shape it bears resemblance to a scythe ; and the Siciliana call a scythe zanclum.
Page 262 - Thucydides has dexterously applied one to his countrymen that perished in Sicily. "The Syracusans," says he, " came down upon them and made a slaughter chiefly of those who were in the river. The water was immediately discolored with blood. But the stream polluted with mud and gore deterred them not from drinking it greedily, nor many of them from fighting desperately for a draught of it.
Page 90 - Camarina also was first founded by the Syracusans, very nearly one hundred and thirty-five years after the building of Syracuse : its founders were Dascon and Menecolus. But the Camarineans being afterwards driven out by the arms of the Syracusans, because of a revolt, in process...
Page 111 - ... any person knew of the commission of any other impiety of the same nature, he should boldly inform the public of it, whether he were a citizen, a foreigner, or a slave.

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