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Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy,
Abbott, E. A., Shakespearian

121, 125, 134, 152, 199.
Grammar, 117, 118, 123, 124,

Burton, Henry, 128.

Buts, 124
140, 141, 149, 152, 169, 171,

178, 187, 190.

Can, 120.
Accidental cause, 180.
Action and narrative, the relation Caract, 118.
of, 114.

Castelain, M., criticism of Mag.
Æsculapius, 201.

netic Lady, xxx.
Aldermanity, 202.

Chaucer, Geoffrey, xx, 120, 121,
All-to-be, 136.

122, 130, 145, 165. 170.

Choke-bail, 204.
Almond for Parratt, 201.

Christian valor, 179.
Ambergris, 163.

Chuck, 147
Apperill, 204.

Cicero, De Finibus Bonorum et
Archimedes, 131.

Malorum, 131 ;

De Natura
Aristophanes, Clouds, 116.
Aristotle, 110, 118.

Deorum, 179; his definition of
Arminians, 126.

comedy, 138.
Aronstein, Philipp, criticism of Citizens of London, their oppo-
Magnetic Lady, xxix.

sition to Charles, 178.
Astrology, 138.

Classical borrowings, xxiii.

Claudian, Magnes, 109.
Auxiliary do, omission of, 140,

Conundrums, 185.
Averroes, 164.

Covey, 154.
Avicenna, 164.

Cracked within the ring, 179.
Creditor, legal power over debtor,


Bacon, Francis, Of Usury, 111. Dark by darker, 146.
Balls of soap, 159.

Days, good and bad, 183.
Barlow, William, 124.

Decorum, 115.
Bastards, English law relating to, Dekker, Thomas, Gul's Horn-

book, 113.
Bear-baiting, 160.

Dictamen, 117.
Bells, the ringing of, 191.

Doctrine and use, 161.
Bencher, 184.

Don, 185.
Buttered news, 179.

Dress, extravagance of, 186.
Black, custom of wearing at Dueling, vogue of, 171.

funerals, 119.
Boy, o' the sword, 168.

Break, 204.

Earle, John, Microcosmography,
Bulke, 121, 184.

116, 170.

Editions of the text, vii.

Executions as popular enter- King Charles as Jonson's patron,
tainments, 177.

Extravagance of people of fashion, Knitting cup, 184.

Fether, 123.

Machaon, 201.
Flattery of nobles by men of Machiavelli, 132.
letters, 138.

Magna Charta of reprehension,
Fly, 154.

Fly to the mark, 117.

Magnetic Lady, date of, vii; re-

ception of, viii; allegory in, x;

specific objects of satire in,
Galen, 164.

xii; satire of types in, xiii;
Genius, 178.

prototypes of the characters in
Gentleman-usher, 148.

xviii; sources of, xx-xxiv;
Gill, Alexander, Uppon Ben John-

relation of, to satire and satiric
son's Magnetick Ladye, 175. drama, xxiv; scope of satire
Good uses, to, 126.

of, xxv; criticisms of, xxvii-
Green sickness, 125.

xxxii; critical estimate of,
Guard, 131.


Marlowe, Christopher, Jew of

Malta, 151.
Haggard, 166.

Martial, Satires, 156.
Hand-gout, 170.

Masoreth, 128.
Head, o the first, 147.

Medicine, its relation to various
Hippocrates, 164.

superstitions, 199.
History of Guy Earl of Warwick, Market, to make, 190.

Metrical investigation ; see Ab-
Hokos-pokos, 137.

Horace, De Arte Poetica, 115, Monologues which characterize
158; Eppodes, 123; Satires,

the persons addressed, 167.

Months mind, 162.

Mushroom, 173.
Iniquity, 155.

Muss, 185.


News, a, 188.
Jack, 138.

Jonson, Ben, his contempt for

the common people, 112; his Open sale market, 150.
corpulence, 121; his plays
contrasted to romantic drama,

136; his theory of the function Perdu, 175.
of comedy, 155, 158 ; his satire Persons, 127.
upon young statesmen, 134; Phlebotomy, 171.
his satire of the predictions in Podalirius, 201.
almanacs, 182; his satire of Plautus, Menechimi, Miles Glo-
popular superstitions, 197; his

riosus, 143
satire of injudicious spectators, Poesy, 189.
118; his satire of lawyers, 154 Practice of Piety, 187.

bis satire of duelling, 167. Preston, John, 129.
Juvenal, Satires, 131, 154.

Price of seats in theatres, 159.

Prick, 141.

Stone-doctor, 144.
Projects general. 188.

Stubbes, Philip, Anatomy of
Prynne, William, 128.

Abuses, 110, 121, 122, 132, 186.
Puppet shows, 160.

Surreverently, 119.
Puritans, xvii, 127, 129.


Tell-troth, 193
Rasis, 164.

Terence, Andria, 113.
Rate of interest, 151.

Theft, a capital offence, 176.
Relative pronoun, omission of, Thorndike, A. H., criticism of

Magnetic Lady, xxxii.
Remora, 142.

Tiffany, 146.
Ridley, Mark, 124.

Titius, or Seius, 156.
Rosa solis, 165.

Tobacco, smoking in Jonson's
Rudhudibras, 163.

time, 180.
Saints, their supposed power of Top-gallant, 182.
healing diseases, 144.

To take the wall of, 153.
Tother, 171.

Town-top, 174.

Tye, 111.
Search to the nail, 181.

Secretary, 190.

Unity of time, 135.
Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice,

Urine, diagnosis of disease by
Sheaf, 178.

inspection of, 195.

Usurer, 110.
Sidney, Defense of Poesy, 15.

Silken, 169.
Silk stockings, 165.

Viper, superstition about186.
Silver bells, wearing as a sign of Vi-politique, u.
success, 195.

Vitruvius, 114; De Architectura
Singular, use of for plural, 147.

Slip, 180.

Vocative, not preceded by comma
Somnambulists, supposed powers

of, 200.

Spiced, 189.

Ward, A. W., criticism of Magne-
Spital preachers, 126.

tic Lady, xxvii.
Squire, 113.

Whirl-pool, 195.
Star Chamber Court, 166. Witness, 191.
State decipherers, 153.

Women compared to ships, 142.



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CHARLES GROSVENOR OSGOOD, Ph.D. $1.00. IX. A Guide to the Middle English Metrical Romances dealing

with English and Germanic Legends, and with the Cycles of Charlemagne and of Arthur. ANNA HUNT

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XV. Essays on the Study and Use of Poetry by Plutarch

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XX. The Controversy between the Puritans and the Stage.

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