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Int. Where was she hid? Pal. In an old Botle-house, 50 Where they scrap'd trenchers; there her mother had

thrust her. Rut. You shall have time, Sir, to triumph on him, When this fine feate is done, and his Rud-Ironside.

[blocks in formation]

Compasse. Pleasance. Lady. Ironside. Practise.

Polish. Chaire. Keepe. &c. Com. Was ever any Gentlewoman us'd So barbarously by a malitious Gossip, Pretending to be Mother to her too? Pol. Pretending! Sir, I am her Mother, and chal

lenge s A right, and power for what I have done. Com. Out,

Thou that hast put all nature off, and woman:
For sordid gaine, betray'd the trust committed
Vnto thee by the dead, as from the living :

Chang'd the poore innocent Infants in their Cradles :
10 Defrauded them o' their parents, chang'd their names,
Calling Placentia, Pleasance; Pleasance, Placentia.
Pol. How knowes he this? Com. Abus'd the neigh-

bour-hood; But most this Lady. Did'st enforce an oath,

To this poore woman, on a pious booke, 15 To keepe close thy impiety. Pol. Ha' you told this?

Kee. I told it ? no, he knowes it, and much more, As he's a cunning man. Pol. A cunning foole,

Act .::

52 [Exeunt. G

&c.] Scene VI. Another Room in the Same. Enter Compass, lady Loadstone, Practice, Polish, Chair, and Keep. G 12 this ? [Aside. G 15 [Aside to the Nurse. G

If that be all. Com. But now to your true daughter,
That had the Child, and is the proper Pleasance,
Wee must have an account of that too, Gossip;

Pol. This's like all the rest of Mr. Compalle.


[blocks in formation]


Enter to them running, Rut.
Rut. Helpe, helpe for Charity ; Sir Moath Interest
Is falne into the Well. Lad. Where? where ? Rut.

I' the Garden.
A rope to save his life. Com. How came he there?

Rut. He thought to take possession of a fortune,
There newly drop't him, and the old Chaine broke,
And downe fell hee i' the Bucket. Com. Is it deepe?
Rut. We cannot tell. A rope : helpe with a rope. Enter Silke-

worme. IronSil. He is got out againe. The Knight is sav'd.

fide. Item. Iro. A little lows'd i' the water: Needle sav'd him. Needle, and Ite. The water sav'd him, 'twas a faire escape.

Interest-Rut. Nee. Ha' you no hurt ? Int. A little wet. Nee.

That's nothing.
Rut. I wish'd you stay Sir till to morrow : And told

It was no lucky houre: since fixe a Clock
All starres were retrograde. Lad. I'the name

Of fate, or folly how came you i' the Bucket ?

Int. That is a Quere of another time, sister,
The Doctor will resolve you—who hath done
The admirable'st cure upon your Needle !
Gi' me thy hand good Needle : thou cam’st timely.


Act . . . Rut.] Enter Rut running. G 7 Enter sir Diaphanous Silkworm, Ironside, Item, and Needle, leading in sir Moth Interest. G




20 Take off my hood and coat. And let me shake

My selfe a little. I have a world of busines. Placentia. Where is my Nephew Bias ? and his wife ?

Who bids God gi'hem joy? Here they both stand

As sure affianced, as the Parson, or words
25 Can tie 'hem. Rut. Wee all wish 'hem joy, and happi-

Silk. I saw the Contract, and can witnesse it.

Int. He shall receive ten thousand pounds to morrow.
You look'd for't, Compasle, or a greater summe,

But 'tis dispo'sd of, this, another way. 30 I have but one Neice, verely Compasse. Com. Ile find another. Varlet, doe


office. Var. I doe arrest your body, Sir Moath Interest, In the Kings name: At suite of Mr. Compalle,

And Dame Placentia his wife. The Action's entred,
35 Five hundred thousand pound. Int.

Int. Heare you this,
sister ?
And hath your house the eares, to heare it too ?
And to resound the affront? Lad. I cannot stop
The Lawes, or hinder Justice. I can be
Your Baile, if't may be taken. Com. With the Cap-

40 I aske no better. Rut. Here are better men,

Will give their Baile. Com. But yours will not be taken,
Worshipfull Doctor; you are good security
For a suit of clothes, to th' Taylor, that dares trust you:

But not for such a summe, as is this Action.
45 Varlet, You know my mind. Var. You must to prison,

Vnlesse you can find Baile the Creditor likes.

Int. I would faine find it, if you'd shew me where.

22 Enter and Placentia. G

30 verely Compalle. verily [master] Compass. G 30 Enter a Serjeant. G



Silk. It is a terrible Action; more indeed,
Then many a man is worth. And is call'd Fright-Baile.

Iro. Faith I will baile him, at mine owne apperill.
Varlet, be gone : Ile once ha’ the reputation,
To be security for such a summe.
Beare up Sir Moath.

Sir Moath. Rut. He is not worth the Buckles
About his Belt, and yet this Ironside clashes :
Int. Peace, lest he heare you Doctor : wee'll make 55

use of him.
What doth your brother Compalle, Captaine Ironside,
Demand of us, by way of challenge, thus ?

Iro. Your Neices portion; in the right of his wife.

Int. I have assur'd one portion, to one Neice,
And have no more t account for, that I know of:
What I may doe in charity, if my sister,
Will bid an Offring for her maid, and him,
As a Benevolence to 'hem, after Supper,
Ile spit into the Balon, and intreat
My friends to doe the like. Com. Spit out thy gall, 65
And heart, thou Viper : I will now no mercy,
No pitty of thee, thy false Neice, and Needle ;
Bring forth your Child, or I appeale you of murder,
You, and this Gossip here, and Mother Chaire.
Cha. The Gentleman's falne mad! Ple. No, Mrs. 70

Pleafance I saw the Child, and you did give it me,

steps out. And put it i' my armes, by this ill token, You wishi'd me such another; and it cry'd.

Pra. The Law is plaine ; if it were heard to cry,
And you produce it not, hee may indict
All that conceale't, of Felony, and Murder.

Com. And I will take the boldnesse, Sir, to doe it :
Beginning with Sir Moath here, and his Doctor.


67 Enter Pleasance. G

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Silk. Good faith this same is like to turne a busines.
Pal. And a shrewd busines, marry: they all start at't.

Com. I ha' the right thred now, and I will keepe it.
You good'y Keepe, confesse the truth to my Lady,
The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

Pol. I scorne to be prevented of my glories. 85 I plotted the deceit, and I will owne it.

Love to my Child, and lucre of the portion
Provok'd me; wherein though th' event hath fail'd
In part, I will make use of the best fide.

This is my Daughter, and she hath had a Child 9o This day, (unto her shame, I now professe it.)

By this meere false-stick Squire Needle, but
Since this wise Knight, hath thought it good to change,
The foolish Father of it, by assuring

Her to his deare friend, Mr. Bias; and him 95 Againe to her, by clapping of him on

With his free promise of ten thousand pound,
Afore so many witnesses. Silk. Whereof I
Am one.

Pal. And I another. Pol. I should be

unnarurall To my owne flesh, and blood, would I not thanke him. 100 I thanke you Sir: and I have reason for it.

For here your true Neice stands, fine Mrs. Compalle. (Ile tell you truth, you have deserv'd it from me.) To whom you are by bond engag'd to pay,

The sixteene thousand pound, which is her portion, 105 Due to her husband, on her marriage-day. I speake the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Iro. You'll pay it now, Sir Moath, with interest ? You see the truth breaks out on every side of you.

Int. Into what nets of cous'nage am I cast

89 Daughter, [Points to Placentia.] G natural 1692, f

98 unnarurall] un

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