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i Collier (3. 202, n.) says
this was played about 1632,
but gives no authority for
the statement.

? The references in the
prologue to the deaths of
Jonson and Dekker point
to 1637 as the date. This
is confirmed by the ap-
pended note to the Cour-
tious Reader,' which sug
gests that the play was
written for Beeston's Boys,
a company formed in
February, 1637. Moreover,
the reference to the long
closing of the theatres on
account of the plague (2.2,
p. 260), puts the date as
late as October 2, 1637,
when the theatres reopened.

By their Majesties'
Company Fleay must
mean the King and Queen's
Young Company, the of.
ficial title of Beeston's
Boys, who occupied the
Cockpit, according to Mur-
ray (1. 368), from 1637 to


Date on Stationers'
Company Theatre ,

Title-Page Register
(A Fault in Friendship). Prince's (Red Bull]
New Academy ...... King's]
City Wit ......

(Lovesick Maid) ..... K
King's at Court

1653 Lovesick Court ......


Globe and
Northern Lass ...... King's


Queen's Exchange .... King's

Covent Garden Weeded. (King's

Novella ........... King's Blackfriars 1632
Lancashire Witches ... King's Globe

(Apprentice's Prize) ...

Life and Death of Sir

Martin Skink) .....
Queen and Concubine .. [Revels]


Sparagus Garden ..... Revels


1635 1640

Mad Couple well Matched -

Antipodes ......... Queen's


1638 1640
English Moor ....... Queen's


Damoiselle .........


$°73 Cockpit 1632 Court Begger ....... Majesties']

(Their Jovial Crew

1641 1651 ........ Majesties'] (Wit in a Madness) ...

1640 (Christianetta) ....... (Jewish Gentleman) ...


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'''. Majesties')






This bibliography is based on the publications of Lowndes, Corser, Hazlitt, Greg, the Grolier Club, etc., and the catalogues of the British Museum and the Bodleian, as well as the Yale, Harvard, and other important libraries of America. All the facts except the dates of unimportant editions I have verified by examining the various books listed.

MANUSCRIPT The only manuscript of a play of Brome known to be extant is one of the English Moor in the library of Lichfield Cathedral. The Bishop of Stafford, librarian of the Cathedral, has been good enough to inform me that there seems to be nothing of particular importance about the manuscript in the way of marginal notes, etc. I have not had the opportunity to compare it with the printed edition of 1659.


THE NORTHERN LASS The Northern Lasse, a Comedie. As it hath been often Acted with good Applause, at the Globe and BlackFryers. By his Majesties Servants. Written by Richard Brome. Hic totus volo rideat Libellus. Mart. London : Printed by Aug. Mathevves, and are to be sold by Nicholas Vavasovr, dwelling at the little South dore of St. Paul's Church. 1632.


Dedicated to Richard Holford. Prefatory verses by Ben Jonson, F. T. Mag. Art. Oxon., St. Br., John Ford, Tho. Dekker, and F. T. Other editions :

Lowndes gives 1635 as the date of the second edition, and Hazlitt and Fleay have followed him, but I have found no trace of such an edition in any other bibliographical work, or in any library or bookseller's catalogue. Second edition, with sub-title, A Nest of Fools, 1663. Other editions, 1684, 1700 ? Sixth edition, with music to the songs by Daniel

Purcell, 1706. Eighth edition, 1717. Another edition, Dublin : S. Powell for E. Risk, 1726.

THE LATE LANCASHIRE WITCHES The Late Lancashire Witches. A Well received Comedy lately acted at the Globe on the Bankeside, by the kings Majesties Actors. Written by Thomas Heywood and Richard Brome. Aut prodesse solent aut delectam. London. Printed by Thomas Harper for Benjamin Fisher, and are to be sold at his shop at the Sign of the Talbot, without Aldersgate. 1634.

Other editions :

The Poetry of Witchcraft. A reprint of the Late Lancashire Witches with Shadwell's Lancashire Witches and Tegue oDivelly, the Irish Priest, by S. O. Halliwell, Esq., 1853. (Eighty copies.)

Reprinted also in Heywood's Works, Pearson's edition. London, 1874, Vol. 4.

Selections :

Act 4, scene I, and Act I, Scene 1, are reprinted in Lamb's Specimens of the English Dramatic Poets. 1808. (Ed. Lucas, 4. 101–104).


Die Hexen in Lancashire, von Thomas Heywood. Shakespeare's Vorschule III. Herausgegeben von Ludwig Tieck. Leipzig, 1823.

THE SPARAGUS GARDEN The Sparagus Garden : A Comedie. Acted in the yeare 1635, by the then company of Revels, at Salisbury Court. The Author · Richard Brome. Hic totus volo rideat Libellus. Mart. London: Printed by J. Okes, for Francis Constable, and are to be sold at his shops in Kings-street at the signe of the Goat and in Westminster-hall. 1640.


Dedicated to William, Earl of Newcastle. Prefatory verses by C. G. and R. W.

Selections from Act 1, scene 3 ; Act 2, scene 3; and Act 2, scene 5, with various short omissions, are given in Lambs Specimens, 1827. (Ed. Lucas, 4. 468—470).

THE ANTIPODES The Antipodes: A Comedie. Acted in the yeare 1638, by the Queenes Majesties Servants, at Salisbury Court in Fleet-street. The Author Richard Brome. Hic totus volo rideat Libellus. Mart. London: Printed by J. Okes, for Francis Constable, and are to be sold at his shops in Kings-street at the sign of the Goat, and in Westminsterhall. 1640.


Dedicated to William, Earl of Hertford. Prefatory verses by C. G. and Rob. Chamberlain.

Selections from Act 2, scenes 1 and 2 ; Act I, scene 6; and Act 2, scenes 8 and 9, with various short omissions, are given in Lamb's Specimens (Ed. Lucas, 4. 464 -468).

Act 2, scene 9, reprinted in English VerseDramatic Scenes and Characters. Edited by W. J. Linton and R. H. Stoddard. London, 1884. p. 193.

A JOVIALL CREW A Joviall Crew: or the Merry Beggars. Presented in a Comedy at the Cock-pit in Drury Lane in the yeer 1641. Written by Richard Brome. Mart. Hic totus volo rideat Libellus. London: Printed by J. Y. for E. D. and N. E.; and are to be sold at the Gun in Ivy-Lane. 1652.

Dedicated to Thomas Stanley. Prefatory verses by
John Hall, J. B., Ja. Shirley, Jo. Tatham, and Alex.

Other editions :
Second, 1661. Third, 1684.

Another, with songs and a key to the beggar's cant, 1708.

The Beggars' Chorus, or the Jovial Crew. 1670 ?, 1690 ?, 1700 ? (all folio).

The Jovial Crew, a Comic Opera, as it is acted at the Theatre Royal, by His Majesty's Servants. With the Musick prefixed to each Song. London: 1731. Price is. 6d.

Other editions of the opera : 1732, 1760, 1761, 1764, 1767, 1774, 1780, 1781.

A New Book of Songs to the Jovial Crew, 1731.

Airs, Songs and Duettos in the Jovial Crew, selected from the Prompt Book by James Wild. London, 1792.

The Jovial Crew, reprinted in Dodsley, 1744, 1780, 1825, but not in 1876. Also in Sir Walter Scott's Ancient British Drama, 1810, Vol. 3.

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