College and Clinical Record, Volume 9

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Page 284 - The woman about to become a mother, or with her new-born infant upon her bosom, should be the object of trembling care and sympathy wherever she bears her tender burden, or stretches her aching limbs.
Page 249 - Medicine, and each question is so worded that the only answer required of the patient is merely YES or No. The questions are all numbered, and a complete Index renders them always available for quick reference.
Page 67 - In dislocation of the head of the femur upon the dorsum of the ilium, when the foot is inverted, the inside rests upon the bed.
Page 4 - Cocaine may be toxic, sometimes deadly, in large doses. It may give rise to dangerous, or even fatal symptoms, in doses usually deemed safe. The danger, near and remote, is greatest when given under the skin. It may produce a diseased condition — in which the will is prostrate and the patient powerless — a true toxic neurosis, more marked and less hopeful than that from alcohol or opium.
Page 48 - I have not failed once for many years, by a single vesication over the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebrae, to put an end at "once to the sickness of pregnancy for the whole remaining period of gestation, no matter at what stage I was consulted. The neuralgic toothache and pruritus pudendi of the puerperal condition yielded as readily, and to one application.
Page 77 - the Trustees, under this deed for the time being, can, in their discretion publish the successful essay, or any paper written upon any subject for which they may offer a reward, provided the income in their hands may, in their judgment, be sufficient for that purpose, and the essay or paper be considered by them worthy of publication. If published, the distribution of said essay shall be entirely under the control of said Trustees. In case they do not publish the said essay or paper, it shall be...
Page 181 - Studies of Tornadoes. — The American Meteorological Journal, desiring to direct the attention of students to tornadoes, in hopes that valuable results may be obtained, offers the following prizes : For the best original essay on tornadoes, or description of a tornado, $200 will be given.
Page 10 - A glass of water washes out the mucus, partly distends the stomach, wakes up peristalsis, and prepares the alimentary canal for the morning meal. Observation has shown that non-irritating liquids pass directly through the "tubular" stomach, and even if food be present they only mix with it to a slight extent.
Page 101 - Before operating, the susceptibility of the patient to the electric current should be ascertained. 11. The problem is to absorb the stricture, not to cauterize, burn, or destroy tissues. 12. Weak currents at long intervals. 13. In most cases a current...
Page 284 - The remorseless vengeance of the law, brought down upon its victim by a machinery as sure as destiny, is arrested in its fall at a word which reveals her transient claim for mercy. The solemn prayer of the liturgy singles out her sorrows from the multiplied trials of life, to plead for her in the hour of peril. God forbid that any member of the profession to which she trusts her life, doubly precious at that eventful period, should hazard it negligently, unadvisedly, or selfishly...

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