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BE1‘.-LHW.—TEIE RACES or AFGHANISTAN. Being a Brief Account of the Principal Nations Inhabiting that Country. By Surgeon-Major H. W. Bellew, C.S.I., late on Special Political Duty at Kabul. 8vo, pp. 124, cloth. 1880. 7s. 6d.

BELLOWS.—EMLISH OUTLINE VocAEcLAEv for the use of Students of the Chinese,
Japanese, and other Languages. Arranged by John Bellows. With Notes on the
Writing of Chinese with Roman Letters, by Professor Summers, King's College,
London. Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 368, cloth. 1867. 6s.

BELLOWS.—0uru2m DmrIOsAEr roE THE Use or MmsIOEAErES, ExnomcaS, AND STUDENTS or LANGUAGE. By Max Miiller, M.A., Taylorian Professor in the University of'Oxford. With an Introduction on the proper use of the ordinary English Alphabet in transcribing Foreign Languages. The Vocabulary compiled by John Bellows. Crown 8vo, pp. xxxi. and 368, limp morocco. 1867. 7s. 6d.

BI-2LLOWS.—'l‘oUs Lus VsREss. Conjugations of all the Verbs in the French and
English Languages. By John Bellows. Revised by Professor Beljame, B.A.,
LL.B., of the University of Paris, and Official Interpreter to the Imperial Court,
and George B. Strickland, late Assistant French Master, Royal Naval School,
London. Also a New Table of Equivalent Values of French and English Money,
Weights, and Measures. 32rno, 76 Tables, sewed. 1867. 1s.

BELLOWS.—FxENCE AND EsenrsH DICTIONLRY roR THE PoCKuT. By John Bellows ' Containing the French-English and English-French divisions on the same page ; conjugating all the verbs ; distinguishing the genders by different types ; giving numerous aids to pronunciation ; indicating the liaison or non-liaison of terminal consonants; and translating units of weight, measure, and value, by a series of tables differing entirely from any hitherto published. The new edition, which is but six ounces in weight, has been remodelled, and contains many thousands of additional words and renderings. Miniature maps of France, the British Isles. Paris, and London, are added to the Geographical Section. Second Edition. 32mo, pp. 608. roan tuck, or persian without tuck. 1877. 10s. 6d. ; morocco tuck, 12s. 6d.

BENEDIX.—DER VErrun. Comedy in Three Acts. By Roderich Benedix. With
Grammatical and Explanatory Notes by F. Weinmann, German Master at the

Royal Institution School, Liverpool, and G. Zimmermann, Teacher of Modern
Languages. 12mo, pp. 128, cloth. 1863. 2s. 6d.

BENFI-2Y.—A PsacrrCAL GRAMMAR or rHE SANsKEIT LANGUAGE, for the use of Early
Students. By Theodor Benfey, Professor of Sanskrit in the University of G6ttin-

gen. Second, revised, and enlarged Edition. Royal 8vo, pp. viii. and 296, cloth.
1868. 10s. 6d.

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Beveridge, B.C.S., Magistrate and Collector of Bakarganj. 8vo, pp. xx. and
460, cloth. 1876. 21s.

BHANDARKA.R.—EARLY HrSTORY or THE DEKKAN DOWN TO THE ltAHOMsnau CONQUEST. By Ramkrishna Gopal Bhandarkar, M.A.. Hon. M.R.A.S.. Professor of Oriental Languages, Dekkan College. Written for the Bombay Gazette. Royal 8vo, pp. 128, wrapper. 1884. 5s.

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Application. By John S. Billings, M.D., LL.D. (Edinb.), Surgeon U.S. Army.
Demy 8vo, pp. x. and 216, cloth. 1884. 15s.

BIRCH.—FAsTI MoNAsTICI AEvI SAXONICI ; or, An Alphabetical List of the Heads of
Religious Houses in England previous to the Norman Conquest, to which is pre-
fixed a Chronological Catalogue of Contemporary Foundations. By Walter do
Gray Birch. 8vo, pp. vii. and 114, cloth. 1873; 5s.

BIRD.—PH!sIOLoGICAL EssAYs. Drink Craving, Differenoes in Men, Idiosyncrasy, and the Origin of Disease. By Robert Bird, M.D. Demy 8vo. pp. 246, cloth. 1870. 78. 6d.

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BLACK.—YOUNG JAPAN, YOKOHAMA AND YEDO. A Narrative of the Settlement and the City, from the Signing of the Treaties in 1858 to the Close of the Year 1879; with a Glance at the Progress of Japan during a Period of Twenty-one Years. By John R. Black, formerly Editor of the “Japan Herald” and the ‘Japan Gazette.” Editor of the “Far East.” 2 vols. demy 8vo, pp. xviii. and 418 ; xiv. and 522, cloth. 1881. £2, 2s.

BLACKE'1‘.—BESEARCHES INTO THE LoST HISTOBIES or AMERICA; or, The Zodiac shown to be an Old Terrestrial Map, in which the Atlantic Isle is delineated ; so that Light can be thrown upon the Obscure Histories of the Earthworks and Ruined Cities of America. By W. S. Blacket. Illustrated by numerous Engravings. 8vo, pp. 336, cloth. 1883. 10s. 6d.

BLADES.—SHAKsI>ERE AND TYPOGBAPHY. Being an Attempt to show Shakspere’s
Personal Connection with, and Technical Knowledge of, the Art of Printing ; also
Remarks upon some common Typographical Errors, with especial reference to the
Text of Shakspere. By William Blades. 8vo, pp. viii. and 78, with an Illustra-
tion, cloth. 1872. 3s.

BLADES.—THE BIOGRAPHY AND TYPOGRAPHY or WILLIAM CAXTON, England's First Printer. By William Blades. Founded to a great extent upon the Author’s “Life and Typography of William Caxton.” Brought up to the Present Date, and including all Discoveries since made. Elegantly and appropriately printed in demy 8vo, on hand-made paper, imitation old bevelled binding. 1877. £1, 1s. Cheap Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth. 1881. 5s.

BLADES.—THE ENEMIES or BOOKs. By William Blades, Typograph. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 112, parchment wrapper. 1880.

BLAKEY.—MEMoIRS or DR. RORERT BLAKEY, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Queen’s College, Belfast. Edited by the Rev. Henry Miller. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 252, cloth. 1879. 5s.

BLEEK.—REIINARI> THE Fox IN SoUTH ArRICA; or, Hottentot Fables and Tales, chiefly Translated from Original Manuscripts in the Library of His Excellency Sir George Grey, K.C.B. By W. H. I. Bleek, Ph.D. Post 8vo, pp. xxvi. and 94, cloth. 1864. 3s. 6d.

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BOJESEN.—A GUIDE To THE DANISH LANGUAGE. Designed for English Students.
By Mrs. Maria Bojesen. 12mo, pp. 250, cloth. 1863. 5s.

BOLIA.—THE GERMAN CALIGRAPHIST: Copies for German Handwriting. By C.
Bolia. Oblong 4to, sewed. 1s.

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BOYD.—NAGANANDA ; or, the Joy of the Snake World. A Buddhist Drama in Five Acts. Translated into English-Prose, with Explanatory Notes, from the Sanskrit of Sa-Harsha-Deva. By Palmer Boyd, B.A., Cambridge. With an Introduction by Professor Cowell. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 1872. 4s. 6d.

BRADSHAW.—B. BRADsHAw’s DICTIONARY or BATHING PLAcES AND CLIMAT-IC HEALTH RESORTS. Much Revised and Considerably Enlarged. With a Map In .E8l8eZen Colours. Third Edition. Small Crown 8vo, pp. lxxviii. and 364, cloth.

. 2s. 6d.

BREN'1'ANO.—ON THE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT or GILDS, AND THE ORIGIN or TRADE-UNIONS. By Lujo Brentano, of Aschaffenburg, Bavaria, Doctor Juris Utriusque et Philosophies. 1. The Origin of Gilds. 2. Religious (or Social) Gilds. 3. Town-Gilds or Gild-Merchants. 4. Craft-Gilds. 5. Trade-Unions. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 136, cloth. 1870. 3s. 6d.

BRETSCHNI'LIDER.—EARLY EUROI>EAN RESEARcHES INTO THE FLORA or CHINA. By E. Bret-schneider, M.D., Physician of the Russian Legation at Peking. Demy 8vo, pp. iv. and 194, sewed. 1881. 7s. 6d.

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BRE'1"1'E.—FRENCH EXAMINATION PArERs sEr AT THE UNIVERSITY or LoNDON m0M 1839 TO 1871. Arranged and edited by the Rev. P. H. Ernest Brette, B.D. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 278, cloth. 3s. 6d.; interleaved, 4s. 6d.


BROW‘N.—THE DERVISHES ; OR, ORIENTAL SPIBITUALISM. By John P. Brown, Secretary and Dragoman of the Legation of the United States of America at Constantinople. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 416, cloth, with 24 Illustrations. 1868. 14s.

BROWN.—SANSKRIT PROSonY AND NUMERIOAI- SrMBots EXPLAINED. By Charles Philip Brown, M. R.A.S., Author of a Telugu Dictionary, Grammar, &c., Professor of Telugu in the University of London. 8vo, pp. and 56, cloth. 1869. 3s. 6d.

BROWN]-2.—HOw TO USE THE OPHTHALMOSCOPE; being Elementary Instruction in Ophthalmoscopy. Arranged for the use of Students. By Edgar A. Browne, Surgeon to the Liverpool Eye and Ear Infirmary, &o. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xi. and 108, with 35 Figures, cloth. 1883. 3s. 6d.

BROWNE.—A BANGALI PRIMER, in Roman Character. By J. F. Browne, nos. Crown 8vo, pp. 32, cloth. 1881. 2s.

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BROWNING SOCIETY’S PAPERS.—Demy 8vo, wrappers. 1881-84. Part I., pp. 116. 10s. Bibliography of Robert Browning from 1833—81. Part II., pp. 142. 10s. Part III., pp. 168. 10s. Part IV., pp. 148. 10s. Part V. 10s.

BROWNING‘S POEMS, ILLUSTRATIONS TO. 4to,boards. Parts I. and II. 10s. each.

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BUDGE.—ARCHAIC CLAssICS. Assyrian Texts; being Extracts from the Annals of Shalmancser II., Sennacherib, and Assur-Bani-Pal. With Philological Notes. By Ernest A. Budge, B.A., M.R.A.S., Assyrian Exhibitioner, Christ’s College, Cambridge. Small 4to, pp. viii. and 44, cloth. 1880. 7s. 6d.

BUDGE.-—HISTORY or ESARHADDON. See Triibner’s Oriental Series.

BUNYAN.—ScENES rROM THE PILGBIIWS PROGREss. By. R. B. Rutter. 4to, pp. 142, boards, leather back. 1882. 5s.


DISTRICTS. January to May 1874. By James Burgess, F.R.G. S. With 56
Photographs and Lithographic Plates. Royal 4to, pp. viii. and 45; half
hound. 1875. £2, 2s.

REPOET ON THE ANTIQUIT1ES or KATHIAWAIJ AND KACHH, being the result of the Second Season's Operations of the Archaeological Survey of Western India, 1874—75. By James Burgess, F.R.G.S. Royal 4to, pp. x. and 242, with 74 Plates; half bound. 1876. £3, 3s.

REPORT ON THE ANTIQUIT1ES IN THE BIDAR AND AURANGABAD DISTRICTs, in the Territories of His Highness the Nizam of Haiderabad, being the result of the Third Season's Operations of the Archaeological Survey of Western India, 1875—76. By James Burgess, F.R.G.S., M.R.A.S., Archaeological Surveyor and Reporter to Government, Western India. Royal 4to, pp. viii. and 138, with 63 Photographic Plates ; half hound. 1878. £2, 2s.

INSCBIPTIONS; containing Views, Plans, Sections, and
Elevation of Facades of Cave Temples; Drawings of
Architectural and Mythological Sculptures ; Facsimiles
of Inscrigtions, &c. ; with Descriptive and&]zilxpl;.natoBry
Text, an Translations of Inscriptions, c., c. y
James Burgess, LL. D., F.R.G.S., &c. Royal 4to, pp. 2V°1B' 1883' £663'
x. and 140, with 86 Plates and Woodcuts ; half-bound.

Burgess, LL.D., F.R.G.S., 81c. Royal 4to, pp. viii.
and 90, with 66 Plates and Woodcuts ; half-bound.

BURMA.—THE BRITISH BURMA G-AZETTEER. Compiled by Major H. R. Spearman, under the direction of the Government of India. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. 764 and 878, with 11 Photographs, cloth. 1880. £2, 10s.

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BURNE.—SHEoPsHIEE FOLK-LORE. A Sheaf of Gleanings. Edited by Charlotte S. Burne. from the Collections of Georgina F. Jackson. Demy 8vo. Part I., pp. xvi.—176, wrapper. 1883. 7s. 6d. Part II., pp. 192, wrapper. 1885. 7s. 6d.

BURNELL.—ELEMENTS or SOUTH INDIAN PAL/EOGRAPHY. from the Fourth to the Seventeenth Century A.D., being an Introduction to the Study of South Indian lnscriptions and MSS. By A. C. Burnell. Second enlarged and improved Edition. 4to, pp. xiv. and 148, Map and 35 Plates, cloth. 1878. £2, 12s. 6d.

BURNELL.—A CLAssIrIED INDEX TO THE SANSKRIT MSS. IN THE PALACE AT TANJOEE. Prepared for the Madras Government. By A. C. Burnell, Ph.D., &c., &c. 4to, stif f wrapper. Part I., pp. iv.—80, Vedic and Technical Literature. Part II., pp. iv.—80, Philosophy and Law. Part III., Drama, Epics, Purimas, and Zantras; Indices. 1879. 10s. each.


C. Burncy, R.N., F.R.G.S. Sixth Edition. Revised and corrected. Approved by the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Crown 8vo. pp. xxxviii. and 592, cloth. With 200 Illustrations and 16 Sheets of Signals. 1878. 7s. 6d.


BURTON.—HmnaOOK ron OvERusn ExrsmrloNs; being an English Edition of the “Prairie Traveller,” a Handbook for Overland Expeditions. With Illustrations and Itineraries of the Principal Routes between the Mississi pi and the Pacific, and a Map. By Captain R. B. Marcy (now General and Chie of the Staff, Army of the Potomac). Edited, with Notes, by Captain Richard F. Burton. Crown

8vo, pp. 270, numerous Woodcuts, Itineraries, and Map, cloth. 1863. 6s. 6d.

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BU'1'LER.—THE FAIR HAVEN. A Work in Defence of the Miraculous Element in Our Lord‘s Ministry upon Earth, both as against Rationalistic Impugners and certain Orthodox Defenders. By the late John Pickard Owen. With a Memoir of the Author by William Bickersteth Owen. By Samuel Butler. Second Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. x. and 248, cloth. 1873. 7s. 6d. '

BUTLER.—LIrE AND HnEIT. By Samuel Butler. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. x. and 308, cloth. 1878. 7s. 6d.

BUTLER. —GaVOTTES, MINUETS, FUGUES, AND oTHER sHORT IuECEs FOR THE PIANO. By Samuel Butler, Author of “Erewhon,” “Life and Habit,” &c. (Op. I. mus.), and Henry Festing Jones (Op. I.)

BUTLI'2R.—EvOLnTION, OLD AND NEW ; or, The Theories of Bnffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and Lamarck, as compared with that of Mr. Charles Darwin. By Samuel Butler. Second Edition, with an Appendix and Index. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 430, cloth. 1882. 10s. 6d.

BUTLER.—UNcONSC1oUS MEMORY: A Comparison between the Theory of Dr. Ewald Her-ing, Professor of Physiology at the University of Prague, and the “ Philosophy of the Unconscious ” of Dr. Edward von Hartmann. With Translations from these Authors, and Preliminary Chapters bearing on “Life and Habit,” “Evolution, New and Old,” and Mr. Charles Darwin’s edition of Dr. Krause’s “ Erasmus Darwin.” By Samuel Butler. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 288, cloth. 1880. 7s. 6d.

BUTLER.—ALI>s AND SANCTUARIES or PnznMom AND THE CANTON TICINo. Profusely Illustrated by Charles Gogin, H. F. Jones, and the Author. By Samuel Butler. F oolscap 4to, pp. viii. and 376, cloth. 1882. 21s.

BUTLER.—SELECTIONS rROM HIs PEEvIOUS WORKS, with Remarks on Mr. G. J. Romanes’ recent work, “Mental Evolution in Animals," and “A Psalm of Montreal.” By Samuel Butler. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 326, cloth. 1884. 7s. 6d.

BUTLI-2R.—'l‘ns SrAmsH TEACEER AND COLLOQUIAL PHEasE-BOOK. An Easy and Agreeable Method of acquiring a Speaking Knowledge of the Spanish Language. By Francis Butler. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xviii. and 240, half-roan. 2s. 6d.

BUTLI'ZR.—HUNGARIAN POEMs AND FaBLES rOR ENGLIsH RRenERS. Selected and Translated by E. D. Butler, of the British Museum ; with Illustrations by A. G. Butler. Foolscap, pp. vi. and 88, limp cloth. 1877. 2s.

BUTLER.—THE LEGEND or THE WONDBoUS HUNT. By John Arany. With a few Miscellaneous Pieces and Folk-Songs. Translated from the Magyar by E. D. Butler. F.R.G.S. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 70. Limp cloth. 2s. 6d.

CAI'l'HNI'2SS.—LEcTUBES ON POrULan AND SCIENTIrIC SUmEcTS. By the Earl of Caithness, F.R.S. Delivered at various times and places. Second enlarged Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. 174, cloth. 1879. 2s. 6d.


CALDI'2R.—TIIE COMING ERA. By A. Calder, Officer of the Legion of Honour, and Author of “ The Man of the Future." 8vo, pp. 422, cloth. 1879. 10s. 6d.

CALDWELL.—A COMPARATIVE GRAMMAR or THE DRAVIDIAN OR SOUrH INDIAN FAMILY or LimGUaGEs. By the Rev. B. Caldwell, LL.D. A second, corrected, and enlarged Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. 804, cloth. 1875. 28s.

CALENDARS OF STATE PAPERS. List on application.

CALL.—REVEEBRRATIONS. Revised. With a chapter from My Autobiography. By W. M. W. Call, M.A., Cambridge, Author of “ Lyra Hellenica” and “Golden Histories.” Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 200, cloth. 1875. 4s. 6d.

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