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MAYERS.—THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT : a Manual of Chinese Titles, categorically

arranged and explained, with an Appendix. By Wm. Fred. Mayers, Chinese Secretary to H.B.M.'s Legation at Peking, &c., &c. Royal 8vo, pp. viii. and 160, cloth. 1878. 30s.


being a translation of the fragments of the Indika of Megasthenes collected by Dr. Schwanbeck, and of the first part of the Indika of Arrian. By J. W. M‘Crindle, M.A., Principal of the Government College, Patna, &c. With Introduction, Notes, and Map of Ancient India. Post 8vo, pp. xi. and 224, cloth. 1877. 7s. 6d.


a Translation of the Periplus Maris Erythræi, by an Anonymous Writer, and of Arrian's Account of the Voyage of Nearkhos, from the Mouth of the Indus to the Head of the Persian Gulf. With Introduction, Commentary, Notes, and Index. By J. W. M'Crindle, M.A., Edinburgh, &c. Post 8vo, pp. iv. and 238, cloth. 1879. 7s. 6d.

M CRINDLE.-Ancient India as Described by Ktesias the Knidian; being a Transla

tion of the Abridgment of his “Indika” by Photios, and of the Fragments of that Work preserved in other Writers. With Introduction, Notes, and Index. By J. W. M'Crindle, M.A., M.R.S.A. 8vo, pp. viii. and 104, cloth. 1882. 6s.

MECHANIC (THE YOUNG). A Book for Boys, containing Directions for the use of

all kinds of Tools, and for the construction of Steam Engines and Mechanical Models, including the Art of Turning in Wood and Metal. Fifth Edition.

Imperial 16mo, pp. iv, and 346, and 70 Engravings, cloth. 1878. 6s. MECHANIC'S WORKSHOP (AMATEUR). A Treatise containing Plain and Concise

Directions for the Manipulation of Wood and Metals, including Casting, Forging, Brazing, Soldering, and Carpentry. By the Author of "The Lathe and its Uses. Sixth Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. iv, and 148. Illustrated, cloth. 1880. 6s.

MEDITATIONS ON DEATH AND ETERNITY. Translated from the German by Frederica

Rowan. Published by Her Majesty's gracious permission. 8vo, pp. 386, cloth. 1862. 10s. 6d. DITTO. Smaller Edition, crown 8vo, printed on toned paper, pp. 352, cloth,

1884. 6s.


by Frederica Rowan. Dedicated to H.R.H. Princess Louis of Hesse. Published by Her Majesty's gracious permission. Being the Companion Volume to “Meditations on Death and Eternity.” 8vo, pp. vi. and 370, cloth. 1863. 10s. 6d.

DITTO. Smaller Edition, crown 8vo, printed on toned paper, pp. 338. 1863. 6s.

MEDLICOTT.-A MANUAL OF THE GEOLOGY OF INDIA, chiefly compiled from the

observations of the Geological Survey. By H. B. Medlicott, M.A., Superintendent, Geological Survey of India, and W. T. Blanford, A.R.S.M., F.R.S., Deputy Superintendent. Published by order of the Government of India. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xviii.-lxxx.-818. with 21 Plates and large coloured Map mounted in case, uniform,

cloth. 1879. 168. (For Part III. see BALL.) MEGHA-DUTA (THE). (Cloud-Messenger.) By Kālidāsa. Translated from the

Sanskrit into English Verse by the late H. H. Wilson, M.A., F.R.S. The Vocabulary by Francis Johnson. New Edition. 4to, pp. xi. and 180, cloth. 10s. 6d.


F. Meredyth, M.A., Canon of Limerick Cathedral. Crown 8vo, pp. 124, cloth.


calfe, M.A., Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford ; Translator of Gallus” and “Charicles ;” and Author of “The Oxonian in Iceland.” Post Svo, pp. 512,


Michel, Correspondant de l'Institut de France, &c. In 2 vols. 8vo, pp. vii., 547, and 551, rich blue cloth, with emblematical designs. With upwards of 100 Coats of Arms, and other Illustrations. Price, £1, 12s.--Also a Large-Paper Edition (limited to 100 Copies), printed on Thick Paper. 2 vols. 4to, half morocco, with 3

additional Steel Engravings. 1862. £3, 3s. MICKIEWICZ.–KONRAD WALLENROD. An Historical Poem. By A. Mickiewicz.

Translated from the Polish into English Verse by Miss M. Biggs. 18mo, pp.

xvi. and 100, cloth. 1882. 2s. 6d. MILL.-AUGUSTE COMTE AND POSITIVISM. By the late John Stuart Mill, M.P.

Third Edition. 8vo, pp. 200, cloth. 1882. 3s. 6d. MILLHOUSE.-MANUAL OF ITALIAN CONVERSATION. For the Use of Schools. By


TIONARY. By John Millhouse. Vol. I. English-Italian. Vol. II. Italian-English.

Fourth Edition. 2 vols. square 8vo, pp. 654 and 740, cloth. 1867. 12s. MILNE.-NOTES ON CRYSTALLOGRAPHY AND CRYSTALLO-PHYSICS. Being the Sub

stance of Lectures delivered at Yedo during the years 1876-1877. By John

Milne, F.G.S. 8vo, pp. viii. and 70, cloth. 1879. 3s. MINOCHCHERJI.–PAHLAVI, GUJÅRATI, AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY. By Jamashji

Dastur Minochcherji. Vol. I., with Photograph of Author. 8vo, pp. clxxii. and

168, cloth. 1877. 14s. MITRA.-BUDDHA GAYA: The Hermitage of Sákya Muni. By Rajendralala Mitra,

LL.D., C.I.E., &c. 4to, pp. xvi. and 258, with 51 Plates, cloth. 1879. £3. MOCATTA.—MORAL BIBLICAL GLEANINGS AND PRACTICAL TEACHINGS, Illustrated

by Biographical Sketches Drawn from the Sacred Volume. By J. L. Mocatta.

8vo, pp. viii. and 446, cloth. 1872. 7s. MODERN FRENCH READER (TAE). Prose. Junior Course. Tenth Edition. Edited by Ch. Cassal, LL.D., and Théodore Karcher, LL.B. Crown 8vo, pp. xiv. and 224, cloth. 1884. 2s. 6d.

SENIOR COURSE. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xiv. and 418, cloth. 1880. 4s. MODERN FRENCH READER.–A GLOSSARY of Idioms, Gallicisms, and other Diff

culties contained in the Senior Course of the Modern French Reader; with Short Notices of the most important French Writers and Historical or Literary Characters, and hints as to the works to be read or studied. By Charles Cassal, LL.D.,

&c. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 104, cloth. 1881. 2s. 6d. MODERN FRENCH READER. - SENIOR COURSE AND GLOSSARY combined. 6s. MORELET.-TRAVELS IN CENTRAL AMERICA, including Accounts of some Regions

unexplored since the Conquest. From the French of A. Morelet, by Mrs. M. F.

Squier. Edited by E. G. Squier. 8vo, pp. 430, cloth. 1871. 8s. 6d. MORFILL.-SIMPLIFIED POLISH GRAMMAR. See Trübner's Collection.


Morfit, M.D., F.C.S., formerly Professor of Applied Chemistry in the University of Maryland. With Illustrations. Demy 8vo, pp. xii. and 270, cloth. 1871.


version of Rock Guanos, Marlstones, Coprolites, and the Crude Phosphates of Lime and Alumina generally into various valuable Products. By Campbell Morfit, M.D., F.C.S., formerly Professor of Applied Chemistry in the University of Mary

land. With 28 Plates. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 547, cloth. 1873. £4, 4s. MORRIS.-A DESCRIPTIVE AND HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE GODAVERY DISTRICT,

IN THE PRESIDENCY OF MADRAS. By Henry Morris, formerly of the Madras Civil Service, author of “A History of India, for use in Schools," and other works.

With a Map. 8vo, pp. xii. and 390, cloth. 1878. 12s. MOSENTHAL.-OSTRICHES AND OSTRICH FARMING. By J. de Mosenthal, late

Member of the Legistive Council of the Cape of Good Hope, &c., and James E. Harting, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Member of the British Ornithologist's Union, &c. Second Edition. With 8 full-page illustrations and 20 woodcuts. Royal 8vo, pp. xxiv.

and 246, cloth. 1879. 10s. 6d. MOTLEY.-JOHN LOTHROP MOTLEY : a Memoir. By Oliver Wendell Holmes.

English Copyright Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 275, cloth. 1878. 6s. MUELLER.—THE ORGANIC CONSTITUENTS OF PLANTS AND VEGETABLE SUBSTANCES,

and their Chemical Analysis. By Dr. G. C. Wittstein. Authorised Translation from the German Original, enlarged with numerous Additions, by Baron Ferd. von Mueller, K.C.M.Ğ., M. & Ph. D., F.R.S. Crown 8vo, pp. xviii. and 332, wrapper. 1880. 14s. MUELLER.-SELECT EXTRA-TROPICAL PLANTS READILY ELIGIBLE FOR INDUSTRIAL

CULTURE OR NATURALISATION. With Indications of their Native Countries and some of their Uses. By F. Von Mueller, K.C.M.G., M.D., Ph.D., F.R.S. 8vo,

pp. X., 394, cloth. 1880. 88. MUHAMMED.—THE LIFE OF MUHAMMED. Based on Muhammed Ibn Ishak. By

Abd El Malik Ibn Hisham. Edited by Dr. Ferdinand Wüstenfeld. One volume containing the Arabic Text. 8vo, pp. 1026, sewed. £1, 1s. Another volume, containing Introduction, Notes, and Index in German. 8vo, pp. lxxii. and 266, sewed.

78. 6d. Each part sold separately. MUIR.-EXTRACTS FROM THE CORAN. In the Original, with English rendering,

Compiled by Sir William Muir, K.C.S.I., LL.D., Author of “The Life of

Mahomet." Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 64, cloth. 1880. 3s. 6d.
MUIR.-ORIGINAL SANSKRIT TEXTS, on the Origin and History of the People of

India, their Religion and Institutions. Collected, Translated, and Illustrated by
John Muir, D.C.L., LL.D., Ph.D., &c. &c.
Vol. I. Mythical and Legendary Accounts of the Origin of Caste, with an Inquiry

into its existence in the Vedic Age. Second Edition, rewritten and

greatly enlarged. 8vo, pp. xx. and 532, cloth. 1868. £1, 1s. Vol. II. The Trans-Himalayan Origin of the Hindus, and their Affinity with the

Western Branches of the Aryan Race. Second Edition, revised, with

Additions. 8vo, pp. xxxii. and 512, cloth. 1871. £1, 1s. Vol. III. The Vedas : Opinions of their Authors, and of later Indian Writers, on

their Origin, Inspiration, and Authority. Second Edition, revised and

enlarged. 8vo, pp. xxxii. and 312, cloth. 1868. 16s. Vol. IV. Comparison of the Vedic with the later representation of the principal

Indian Deities. Second Edition, revised. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 524, cloth. 1873. £1, 1s.

Vol. V. Contributions to a Knowledge of the Cosmogony, Mythology, Religious

Ideas, Life and Manners of the Indians in the Vedic Age. Third

Edition. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 492, cloth. 1884. £1, 1s. MUIR.—TRANSLATIONS FROM THE SANSKRIT. See Trübner's Oriental Series. MULHALL. -HANDBOOK OF THE RIVER PLATE, Comprising the Argentine Republic,

Uruguay, and Paraguay. With Six Maps. By M. G. and E. T. Mulhall, Proprietors and Editors of the Buenos Ayres Standard. Fifth Edition (Ninth

Thousand), crown 8vo, pp. x. and 732, cloth. 1885. 7s. 6d. MULLER.-OUTLINE DICTIONARY, for the Use of Missionaries, Explorers, and

Students of Language. With an Introduction on the proper Use of the Ordinary English Alphabet in transcribing Foreign Languages. By F. Max Müller, M. A. The

Vocabulary compiled by John Bellows. 12mo, pp. 368, morocco. 1867. 7s. 6d. MÜLLER. LECTURE ON BUDDHIST NIHILISM. By F. Max Müller, M.A. Fcap.

8vo, sewed. 1869. ls. MÜLLER.—THE SACRED HYMNS OF THE BRAHMINS, as preserved to us in the oldest

collection of religious poetry, the Rig Veda-Sanhita. Translated and explained, by F. Max Müller, M.A., Fellow of All Souls' College, Professor of Comparative Philology at Oxford, Foreign Member of the Institute of France, &c., &c. Vol. I. Hymns

to the Maruts or the Storm-Gods. 8vo, pp. clii. and 264, cloth. 1869. 12s. 6d. MÜLLER. —THE HYMNS OF THE RIG-VEDA, in the Samhita and Pada Texts. Reprinted

from the Editio Princeps. By F. Max Müller, M.A., &c. Second Edition, with

the two Texts on Parallel Pages. In two vols. 8vo, pp. 1704, sewed. £1, 12s. MÜLLER.- A SHORT HISTORY OF THE BOURBONS. From the Earliest Period down

to the Present Time. By R. M. Müller, Ph.D., Modern Master at Forest School, Walthamstow, and Author of “Parallèle entre “Jules César,' par Shakespeare, et

'Le Mort de César,' par Voltaire,” &c. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 30, wrapper. 1882. 1s. MÜLLER.--ANCIENT INSCRIPTIONS IN CEYLON. By Dr. Edward Müller. 2 Vols.

Text, crown 8vo, pp. 220, cloth, and Plates, oblong folio, cloth. 1883. 21s. MÜLLER.-PALI GRAMMAR. See Trübner's Collection. MULLEY.-GERMAN GEMS IN AN ENGLISH SETTING. Translated by Jane Mulley.

Fcap., pp. xii, and 180, cloth. 1877. 38. 6d. NÁGÁNANDA; OR, THE JOY OF THE SNAKE WORLD. A Buddhist Drama in Five

Acts. Translated into English Prose, with Explanatory Notes, from the Sanskrit of Sri-Harsha-Deva, by Palmer Boyd, B. A. With an Introduction by Professor

Cowell. Crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 100, cloth. 1872. 4s. 6d. NAPIER.--FOLK LORE; or, Superstitious Beliefs in the West of Scotland within

this Century. With an Appendix, showing the probable relation of the modern Festivals of Christmas, May Day, St. John's Day, and Hallowe'en, to ancient Sun and Fire Worship. By James Napier, F.R.S.E., &c. Crown 8vo, pp. vii. and

190, cloth. 1878. 4s. NARÁDÍYA DHARMA-SASTRA ; OR, THE INSTITUTES OF NARADA. Translated, for

the first time, from the unpublished Sanskrit original. By Dr. Julius Jolly, University, Wurzburg. With a Preface, Notes, chiefly critical, an Index of Quotations from Narada in the principal Indian Digests, and a general Index.

Crown 8vo, pp. xxxv. and 144, cloth. 1876. 10s. 6d. NAVILLE.- PiThom. See Egypt Exploration Fund. NEVILL.-HAND LIST OF MOLLUSCA IN THE INDIAN MUSEUM, CALCUTTA. By

Geoffrey Nevill, C.M.Z.S., &c., First Assistant to the Superintendent of the Indian Museum. Part I. Gastropoda, Pulmonata, and Prosobranchia-Neuro

branchia. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 338, cloth. 1878. 15s. NEWMAN.—THE ODES OF HORACE. Translated into Unrhymed Metres, with Intro.

duction and Notes. By F. W. Newman. Second Edition. Post 8vo, pp. xxi. and 247, cloth. 1876. 4s.

NEWMAN.—THEISM, DOCTRINAL AND PRACTICAL; or, Didactic Religious Utterances.

By F. W. Newman. 4to, pp. 184, cloth. 1858. 4s. 6d. NEWMAN.-HOMERIC TRANSLATION IN THEORY AND PRACTICE. A Reply to Matthew

Arnold. By F. W. Newman. Crown 8vo, pp. 104, stiff covers. 1861. 2s. 6d. NEWMAN.-HIAWATHA: Rendered into Latin. With Abridgment. By F. W.

Newman. 12mo, pp. vii. and 110, sewed. 1862. 2s. Gd. NEWMAN.-A HISTORY OF THE HEBREW MONARCHY from the Administration of

Samuel to the Babylonish Captivity. By F. W. Newman. Third Edition. Crown

8vo, pp. x. and 354, cloth. 1865. 8s. 6d. NEWMAN.-PHASES OF FAITH ; or, Passages from the History of my Creed. By

F. W. Newman. New Edition ; 'with Reply to Professor Henry Rogers, Author

of the "Eclipse of Faith.” Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 212, cloth. 1881. 3s. 6d. NEWMAN.—A HANDBOOK OF MODERN ARABIC, consisting of a Practical Grammar,

with numerous Examples, Dialogues, and Newspaper Extracts, in European

Type. By F. W. Newman. Post 8vo, pp. xx. and 192, cloth. 1866. 6s. NEWMAN.- TRANSLATIONS OF ENGLISH POETRY INTO LATIN VERSE. Designed as

Part of a New Method of Instructing in Latin. By F. W. Newman. Crown 8vo,

pp. xiv, and 202, cloth. 1868. 6s. NEWMAN. —THE SOUL : Her Sorrows and her Aspirations. An Essay towards the

Natural History of the Soul, as the True Basis of Theology. By F. W. Newman.

Tenth Edition. Post 8vo, pp. xii, and 162, cloth. 1882. 3s. 6d. NEWMAN.—THE TEXT OF THE IGUVINE INSCRIPTIONS. With Interlinear Latin

Translation and Notes. By F. W. Newman. 8vo, pp. 56, sewed. 1868. 2s. NEWMAN.-MISCELLANIES ; chiefly Addresses, Academical and Historical. By F.

W. Newman. 8vo, pp. iv. and 356, cloth. 1869. 7s. 6d. NEWMAN.—THE ILIAD OF HOMER, faithfully translated into Unrhymed English

Metre, by F. W. Newman, Royal 8vo, pp. xvi. and 384, cloth. 1871. 10s. 6d. NEWMAN.- A DICTIONARY OF MODERN ARABIC. 1. Anglo-Arabic Dictionary. 2.

Anglo-Arabic Vocabulary. 3. Arabo-English Dictionary. By F. W. Newman.

In 2 vols. crown 8vo, pp. xvi. and 376–464, cloth. 1871. £1, 18. NEWMAN.-HEBREW THEISM. By F. W. Newman. Royal 8vo, pp. viii. and 172.

Stiff wrappers. 1874. 4s. 60. NEWMAN.—THE MORAL INFLUENCE OF LAW. A Lecture by F. W. Newman, May

20, 1860. Crown 8vo, pp. 16, sewed. 3d. NEWMAN.-RELIGION NOT HISTORY. By F. W. Newman. Foolscap, pp. 58, paper


W. Newman. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. 80, limp cloth. 1882. 1s. 6d. NEWMAN. -REORGANIZATION OF ENGLISH INSTITUTIONS. A Lecture by Emeritus

Professor F. W. Newman Delivered in the Manchester Athenæum, October 15,

1875. Crown 8vo, pp. 28, sewed. 1880. 6d. NEWMAN. – WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT CHRIST? By F. W. Newman,

Emeritus Professor of University College, London. 8vo, pp. 28, stitched in wrapper. 1881. ls. NEWMAN.-LIBYAN VOCABULARY. An Essay towards Reproducing the Ancient

Numidian Language out of Four Modern Languages. By F. W. Newman, Crown

8vo, pp. vi. and 204, cloth. 1882. 10s. 6d. NEWMAN.—A CHRISTIAN COMMONWEALTH. By F. W. Newman. Crown 8vo, pr.

60, cloth. 1883. ls. NEWMAN.—CHRISTIANITY IN ITS CRADLE. By F. W. Newman, once Fellow of

Balliol College, Oxford, now Emeritus Professor of University College, London, Crown 8vo, pp. iv, and 132, cloth. 1884. 28.


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