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LL.D., Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. I. The English People in its Three Homes. II. The Practical Bearings of General European History.

Post 8vo, pp. viii.-454, cloth. 1883. 8s, 6d. FRIEDRICH.- PROGRESSIVE GERMAN READER, with Copious Notes to the First Part.

By P. Friedrich. Crown 8vo, pp. 166, cloth. 1868. 4s. 6d. FRIEDRICH.—A GRAMMATICAL COURSE OF THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. See under


under DUSAR. FRIEDERICI. – BIBLIOTHECA ORIENTALIS, or a Complete List of Books, Papers,

Serials, and Essays, published in England and the Colonies, Germany and France, on the History, Geography, Religions, Antiquities, Literature, and Languages of the East. Compiled by Charles Friederici. 8vo, boards. 1876, 2s. 6d.

1877, 3s. 1878, 3s. 6d. 1879, 38. . 1880, 3s. 1881, 3s. 1882, 3s. 1883, 3s. 6d. FREMBLING.—GRADUATED GERMAN READER. Consisting of a Selection from the most Popular Writers, arranged progressively; with a complete Vocabulary for the first part. By Friedrich Otto Froembling. Eighth Edition. 12mo, pp. viii. and


ing of Extracts from the best English Authors, arranged progressively ; with an Appendix, containing Idiomatic Notes. By Friedrich Otto Frambling, Ph.D., Principal German Master at the City of London School. Crown 8vo, pp. xiv. and

322, cloth. With Notes, pp. 66. 1867. 4s. 6d. Without Notes, 4s. FROUDE.-THE BOOK OF JOB. By J. A. Froude, M.A., late Fellow of Exeter Col.

lege, Oxford. Reprinted from the Westminster Review. 8vo, pp. 38, cloth. ls. FRUSTON.-ECHO FRANÇAIS. A Practical Guide to French Conversation. By F.

de la Fruston. Wit a Vocabulary. 12mo, pp. vi. and 192, th, 3s. FRYER. -THE KHYENG PEOPLE OF THE SANDOWAY DISTRICT, ARAKAN. By G. E.

Fryer, Major, M.S.C., Deputy Commissioner, Sandoway. With 2 Plates. 8vo,

pp. 44, cloth. 1875. 3s. 6d." FRYER.–PÁLI STUDIES. No. I. Analysis, and Páli Text of the Subodhálankara, or

Easy Rhetoric, by Sangharakkhita T'hera. 8vo, pp. 35, cloth. 1875. 3s. 6d. FURNIVALL.--EDUCATION IN EARLY ENGLAND. Some Notes used as forewords to a Collection of Treatises on “Manners and Meals in Olden Times,” for the Early English Text Society. By Frederick J. Furnivall, M. A. 8vo, pp. 4 and lxxiv.,

sewed. 1867. ls. GALDOS.-TRAFALGAR: A Tale. By B. Perez Galdos. From the Spanish by Clara

Bell. 16mo, pp. 256, cloth. 1884. 48. Paper, 2s. 6d. GALDOS. - MARIANELA. By B. Perez Galdos. From the Spanish, by Clara Bell.

16mo, pp. 264, cloth. 1883. 4s. Paper, 2s. 6d. GALDOS.-GLORIA: A Novel. By B. Perez Galdos. From the Spanish, by Clara

Bell. Two volumes, 16mo, pp. vi. and 318, iv. and 362, cloth. 1883. 78. 6d.

Paper, 5s. GALLOWAY.--A TREATISE ON FUEL. Scientific and Practical. By Robert Gallo.

way, M.R.I.A., F.C.S., &c. With Illustrations. Post Svo, pp. x. and 136,

cloth. 1880. 6s. GALLOWAY.-EDUCATION : SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL; or, How the Inductive

Sciences are Taught, and How they Ought to be Taught. By Robert Galloway,

M.R.I.A., F.C.S. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 462, cloth. 1881. 10s. 6d. GAMBLE.-A MANUAL OF INDIAN TIMBERS : An Account of the Structure, Growth,

Distribution, and Qualities of Indian Woods. By J. C. Gamble, M.A., F.L.S.

8vo, pp. xxx. and 522, with a Map, cloth. 1881.'10s. GARBE.-See AUCTORES SANSKRITI, Vol. III.


President of the United States. A Biographical Sketch. By Captain F. H. Mason, late of the 42d Regiment, U.S.A. With a Preface by Bret Harte. Crown 8vo,

pp. vi. and 134, cloth. With Portrait. 1881. 2s. 6d. GARRETT.-A CLASSICAL DICTIONARY OF INDIA : Illustrative of the Mythology,

Philosophy, Literature, Antiquities, Arts, Manners, Customs, &c., of the Hindus. By John Garrett, Director of Public Instruction in Mysore. 8vo, pp. x. and 794,

cloth. With Supplement, pp. 160. 1871 and 1873. £1, 16s. GAUTAMA.—THE INSTITUTES OF. See AUCTORES SANSKRITI, Vol. II. GAZETTEER OF THE CENTRAL PROVINCES OF INDIA. Edited by Charles Grant,

Secretary to the Chief Commissioner of the Central Provinces. Second Edition. With a very large folding Map of the Central Provinces of India. Demy 8vo, pp.

clvii. and 582, cloth. 1870. £1, 4s. GEIGER.-A PEEP AT MEXICO; Narrative of a Journey across the Republic from

the Pacific to the Gulf, in December 1873 and January 1874. By J. L. Geiger, F.R.G.S. Demy 8vo, pp. 368, with Maps and 45 Original Photographs. Cloth,


RACE: Lectures and Dissertations, by Lazarus Geiger. Translated from the Second German Edition, by David Asher, Ph.D. Post 8vo, pp. X.-156, cloth.

1880. 6s. GELDART._FAITH AND FREEDOM. Fourteen Sermons. By E. M. Geldart, M.A.

Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 168, cloth. 1881. 4s. 6d. GELDART.-A GUIDE TO MODERN GREEK. By E. M. Geldart, M.A. Post 8vo,

pp. xii. and 274, cloth. 1883. 7s. 6d. Key, pp. 28, cloth. 1883. 2s. 6d. GELDART.-GREEK GRAMMAR. See Trübner's Collection. GEOLOGICAL MAGAZINE (THE): OR, MONTHLY JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY. With

which is incorporated “The Geologist.” Edited by Henry Woodward, LL.D., F.R.S., F.G.S., &c., of the British Museum. Assisted by Professor John Morris, M.A., F.G.S., &c., and Robert Etheridge, F.R.S., L. & E., F.G.S., &c., of the

Museum of Practical Geology. 8vo, cloth. 1866 to 1883. 20s. each. GHOSE.—THE MODERN HISTORY OF THE INDIAN CHIEFS, RAJAS, ZAMINDARS, &c.

By Loke Nath Ghose. 2 vols. post 8vo, pp. xii. and 218, and xviii. and 612, cloth.

1883. 21s. GILES.—CHINESE SKETCHES.--By Herbert A. Giles, of H.B.M.'s China Consular

Service. 8vo, pp. 204, cloth. 1875. 10s. 6d. GILES.-A DICTIONARY OF COLLOQUIAL IDIOMS IN THE MANDARIN DIALECT. By

Herbert A. Giles. 4to, pp. 65, half bound. 1873. 288. GILES. -SYNOPTICAL STUDIES IN CHINESE CHARACTER. By Herbert A. Giles. sro,

pp. 118, half bound. 1874. 158. GILES.–CHINESE WITHOUT A TEACHER. Being a Collection of Easy and Useful

Sentences in the Mandarin Dialect. With a Vocabulary. By Herbert A. Giles.

12mo, pp. 60, half bound. 1872. 58. GILES.—THE SAN TZU CHING ; or, Three Character Classic ; and the ChʼJen Tsu

Wen; or, Thousand Character Essay. Metrically Translated by Herbert A. Giles.

12mo, pp. 28, half bound. 1873. Zs. 6d. GLASS.-ADVANCE THought. By Charles E. Glass. Crown 8vo, pp. xxxvi. and 188,



from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor H. H. Wilson, with his sanction and concurrence. Together with a Supplement, Grammatical Appendices, and an Index, serving as a Sanskrit-English Vocabulary. By Theodore Gold

stücker. Parts I. to VI. 4to, pp. 400. 1856-63. 6s. each. GOLDSTÜCKER.-See AUCTORES SANSKRITI, Vol. I. GOOROO SIMPLE. Strange Surprising Adventures of the Venerable G. S. and his

Five Disciples, Noodle, Doodle, Wiseacre, Zany, and Foozle ; adorned with Fifty Illustrations, drawn on wood, by, Alfred Crowquill. A companion Volume to “Münchhausen” and “ Owlglass,” based upon the famous Tamul tale of the Gooroo Paramartan, and exhibiting, in the form of a skilfully-constructed consecutive narrative, some of the finest specimens of Eastern wit and humour. Elegantly printed on tinted paper, in crown 8vo, pp. 223, richly gilt ornamental cover, gilt

edges. 1861. 10s. 60. GORKOM.-HANDBOOK OF CINCHONA CULTURE. By K. W. Van Gorkom, formerly

Director of the Government Cinchona Plantations in Java. Translated by B. D. Jackson, Secretary of the Linnæan Society of London. With a Coloured Illus

tration. Imperial 8vo, pp. xii. and 292, cloth. 1882. £2. GOUGH.—The SARVA-DARSANA-SAMGRAHA. See Trübner's Oriental Series. GOUGH.-PHILOSOPHY OF THE UPANISHADS. See Trübner's Oriental Series. GOVER.—THE FOLK SONGS OF SOUTHERN INDIA. By C. E. Gover, Madras. Con

tents: Canarese Songs , Badaga Songs ; Coorg Songs ; Tamil Songs , The Cural; Malayalam Songs ; Telugu Songs. 8vo, pp. xxviii. and 300, cloth. 1872.

10s. 6d. GRAY.-DARWINIANA : Essays and Reviews pertaining 'to Darwinism. By Asa

Gray. Crown 8vo, pp. xii. and 396, cloth. 1877. 10s. GRAY.-NATURAL SCIENCE AND RELIGION: Two Lectures Delivered to the Theo

logical School of Yale College. By Asa Gray. Crown 8vo, pp. 112, cloth. 1880. 5s. GREEN.-SHAKESPEARE AND THE EMBLEM-WRITERS: An Exposition of their Simi

larities of Thought and Expression. Preceded by a View of the Emblem-Book Literature down to A.D. 1616. By Henry Green, M.A. In one volume, pp. xvi. 572, profusely illustrated with Woodcuts and Photolith. Plates, elegantly bound

in cloth gilt. 1870. Large medium 8vo, £1, 11s. 6d. ; large imperial 8vo. £2, 12s. 6d. GREEN.- ANDREA ALCIATI, and his Books of Emblems : A Biographical and Biblio

graphical Study. By Henry Green, M.A. With Ornamental Title, Portraits, and other Illustrations. Dedicated to Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, Bart., Rector of the University of Edinburgh. Only 250 copies printed. Demy Svo, pp. 360,


FRENCH LANGUAGE: or, First Lessons in French (Introductory to Ollendorff's Larger Grammar). By G. W. Greene, Instructor in Modern Languages in Brown University. Third Edition, enlarged and rewritten. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 248, cloth.

1869. 3s. 6d. GREENE.-THE HEBREW MIGRATION FROM EGYPT. By J. Baker Greene, LL.B.,

M.B., Trin. Coll., Dub. Second Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. xii, and 440, cloth.

1882. 10s. 6d. GREG.–TRUTH VERSUS EDIFICATION. By W. R. Greg. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 32, cloth.

1869. ls. GREG.–WHY ARE WOMEN REDUNDANT? By W. R. Greg. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 40, cloth.

1869. ls. GREG.- LITERARY AND SOCIAL JUDGMENTS. By W. R. Greg. Fourth Edition,

considerably enlarged. 2 vols. crown 8vo, pp. 310 and 288, cloth. 1877. 15s.


R. Greg. Crown 8vo, pp. vi. and 332, cloth. 1876. 10s. 6d. GREG.-ENIGMAS OF LIFE. By W. R. Greg. Fifteenth Edition, with a postscript.

Contents : Realisable Ideals. Malthus Notwithstanding. Non-Survival of the Fittest. Limits and Directions of Human Development. The Significance of Life. De Profundis. Elsewhere. Appendix. Post Svo, pp. xxii. and 314, cloth.


tents : I. Constitutional and Autocratic Statesmanship. II. England's Future Attitude and Mission. III. Disposal of the Criminal Classes. IV. Recent Change in the Character of English Crime. V. The Intrinsic Vice of TradeUnions. VI. Industrial and Co-operative Partnerships. VII. The Economic Problem. VIII. Political Consistency. IX. The Parliamentary Career. X. The Price we pay for Self-government. XI. Vestryism. XII. Direct v. Indirect Taxation. XIII. The New Régime, and how to meet it. Demy 8vo, pp. 342,

cloth. 1870. 10s. 6d. GREG.–THE GREAT DUEL: Its True Meaning and Issues. By W. R. Greg. Crown

8vo, pp. 96, cloth. 1871. 2s. 6d. GREG.–THE CREED OF CHRISTENDOM. See English and Foreign Philosophical

Library, Vols. V. and VI. GREG.–Rocks AHEAD; or, The Warnings of Cassandra. By W. R. Greg. Second

Edition, with a Reply to Objectors. Crown 8vo, pp. xliv. and 236, cloth. 1874.

9s. GREG.-MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. By W. R. Greg. First Series. Crown 8vo, pp. iv.-268, cloth. 1881. 78. 6d. CONTENTS :-Rocks Ahead and Harbours of Refuge. Foreign Policy of Great

Britain. The Echo of the Antipodes. A Grave Perplexity before us. Obli. gations of the Soil. The Right Use of a Surplus. The Great Twin Brothers : Louis Napoleon and Benjamin Disraeli. Is the Popular Judgment in Politics more Just than that of the Higher Orders? Harriet Martineau. Verify your Compass. The Prophetic Element in the Gospels. Mr. Frederick Harrison on the Future Life. Can Truths be Apprehended which could

not have been Discovered ? GREG.-MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. By W. R. Greg. Second Series. Pp. 294. 1884. 78. 6d. CONTENTS :-France since 1848. France in January 1852. England as it is.

Sir R. Peel's Character and Policy. Employment of our Asiatic Forces in

European Wars. GRIFFIN.—THE RAJAS OF THE PUNJAB. Being the History of the Principal States

in the Punjab, and their Political Relations with the British Government. By Lepel H. Griffin, Bengal Civil Service, Acting Secretary to the Government of the Punjab, Author of "The Punjab Chiefs,” &c. Second Edition, Royal 8vo,

pp. xvi, and 630, cloth. 1873. £1, 1s. GRIFFIN.—THE WORLD UNDER GLASS. By Frederick Griffin, Author of “The

Destiny of Man," "The Storm King,” and other Poems. Fcap. 8vo, pp. 204,

cloth gilt. 1879. 3s. 6d. GRIFFIN.-THE DESTINY OF MAN, THE STORM KING, and other Poems. By F.

Griffin. Second Edition. Fcap. 8vo, pp. vii.-104, cloth. 1883. 2s. 6d. GRIFFIS.—THE MIKADO'S EMPIRE. Book I. History of Japan, from 660 B.C. to

1872 A.D.-Book II. Personal Experiences, Observations, and Studies in Japan, 1870-1874. By W. E. Griffis, A.M. Second Edition. 8vo, pp. 626, cloth. Illus

trated. 1883. 20s. GRIFFIS. —JAPANESE FAIRY WORLD. Stories from the Wonder-Lore of Japan. By

W. E. Griffis. Square 16mo, pp. viii. and 304, with 12 Plates. 1880. 7s. 6d.

GRIFFITH.-THE BIRTH OF THE WAR God. See Trübner's Oriental Series.
GRIFFITH.-YUSUF AND ZULAIKHA. See Trübner's Oriental Series.

T. H. Griffith, M.A., Principal of the Benares College. Second Edition. Crown 8vo, pp. xviii. and 244, cloth. 1870. 6s.

CONTENTS. - Preface-Ayodhya-Ravan Doomed–The Birth of Rama-The Heir-ApparentManthara's Guile-Dasaratha's Oath—The Step-mother-Mother and Son—The Triumph of Love-Farewell ?—The Hermit's Son- The Trial of Truth-The Forest—The Rape of SitaRama's Despair-The Messenger Cloud-Khumbakarna—The Suppliant Dove-True Glory Feed the Poor_The Wise Scholar. GRIFFITH.—THE RÁMÁYAN OF VÁLMÍKI. Translated into English Verse. By Ralph

T. H. Griffith, M.A., Principal of the Benares College. Vol. I., containing Books I. and II., demy 8vo, pp. xxxii. and 440, cloth. 1870. – Vol. II., containing Book II., with additional Notes and Index of Names. Demy 8vo, pp. 504, cloth. 1871. – Vol. III., demy 8vo, pp. 390, cloth. 1872. -Vol. IV., demy 8vo, pp. viii. and 432, cloth. 1873. -Vol. V., demy 8vo, pp. viii. and 360,

cloth. 1875. The complete work, 5 vols. £7, 78. GROTE.- REVIEW of the Work of Mr. John Stuart Mill entitled “Examination of

Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy.” By George Grote, Author of the “History of Ancient Greece,” “Plato, and the other Companions of Socrates,” &c. 12mo,

pp. 112, cloth. 1868. 38. 6d. GROUT.-ZULU-LAND; or, Life among the Zulu-Kafirs of Natal and Zulu-Land,

South Africa. By the Rev. Lewis Grout. Crown 8vo, pp. 352, cloth. With

Map and Illustrations. 7s. 6d. GROWSE.—MATHURA : A District Memoir. By F. S. Growse, B.C.S., M.A., Oxon,

C.I.E., Fellow of the Calcutta University. Second edition, illustrated, revised,

and enlarged, 4to, pp. xxiv. and 520, boards. 1880. 42s. GUBERNATIS.— ZOOLOGICAL MYTHOLOGY; or, The Legends of Animals. By Angelo

de Gubernatis, Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Literature in the Instituto di Studii Superorii e di Perfezionamento at Florence, &c. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xxvi. and 432, and vii. and 442, cloth. 1872. £1, 8s.

This work is an important contribution to the study of the comparative mythology of the IndoGermanic nations. The author introduces the denizens of the air, earth, and water in the various characters assigned to them in the myths and legends of all civilised nations, and traces the migration of the mythological ideas from the times of the early Aryans to those of the Greeks, Romans, and Teutons. GULSHAN I. RAZ: THE MYSTIC ROSE GARDEN OF SA'D UD DIN MAHMUD SHABIS

TARI. The Persian Text, with an English Translation and Notes, chiefly from the Commentary of Muhammed Bin Yahya Lahiji. By E. H. Whinfield, M.A., Bar

rister-at-Law, late of H.M.B.C.S. 4to, pp. xvi., 94, 60, cloth. 1880. 108. 6d. GUMPACH.—TREATY RIGHTS OF THE FOREIGN MERCHANT, and the Transit System

in China. By Johannes von Gumpach. 8vo, pp. xviii. and 421, sewed. 10s. 60. HAAS.-CATALOGUE OF SANSKRIT AND PALI BOOKS IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. By

Dr. Ernst Haas. Printed by permission of the Trustees of the British Museum.

4to, pp. viii. and 188, paper boards. 1876. 21s. HAFIZ OF SHIRAZ.-SELECTIONS FROM HIS POEMs. Translated from the Persian by Hermann Bicknell. With Preface by A. S. Bicknell. Demy 4to, pp. xx. and 384, printed on fine stout plate-paper, with appropriate Oriental Bordering in gold and colour, and Illustrations by J. R. Herbert, R. A. 1875. £2, 2s. HAFIZ.-See Trübner's Oriental Series. HAGEN.-NORICA ; or, Tales from the Olden Time. Translated from the German of

August Hagen. Fcap. 8vo, pp. xiv. and 374. 1850. 58.

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