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EDDA SÆMUNDAR HINNS FRODA. The Edda of Sæmund the Learned. Translated

from the Old Norse, by Benjamin Thorpe. Complete in 1 vol. fcap. 8vo, pp. viii. and 152, and pp. viii. and 170, cloth. 1866. 78. 6d. EDGREN.-SANSKRIT GRAMMAR. See Trübner's Collection. EDKINS.-CHINA'S PLACE IN PHILOLOGY. An attempt to show that the Languages

of Europe and Asia have a common origin. By the Rev. Joseph Edkins. Crown

8vo, pp. xxiii. and 403, cloth. 1871. Os. 60. EDKINS.-INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE CHINESE CHARACTERS. By J. Edkins,

D.D., Peking, China. Royal 8vo, pp. 340, paper boards. 1876. 185. EDKINS.-RELIGION IN CHINA. See English and Foreign Philosophical Library,

Vol. VIII., or Trübner's Oriental Series. EDKINS.-CHINESE BUDDHISM. See Trübner's Oriental Series. EDMONDS.-GREEK LAYS, LEGENDS, &c. A Selection from Recent and Contem

porary Poets. Selected and Translated by E. M. Edmonds. Crown 8vo, cloth. EDWARDS.—MEMOIRS OF LIBRARIES, together with a Practical Handbook of Library

Economy. By Edward Edwards. Numerous Illustrations. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth. Vol. i. pp. xxviii. and 841 ; Vol. ii. pp. xxxvi. and 1104. 1859. £2, 8s.


1629–1863. With an Appendix relating to the Unpublished Chronicle “ Liber de Hyda.”

By Edward Edwards. 8vo, pp. 180, cloth. 1864. 6s. DITTO, large paper, royal 8vo. 108. 6d. EDWARDS. -LIBRARIES AND FOUNDERS OF LIBRARIES. By Edward Edwards. Svo, pp. xix. and 506, cloth. 1865. 188.

DITTO, large paper, imperial 8vo, cloth. £1, 108. EDWARDS. -- FREE TOWN LIBRARIES, their Formation, Management, and History in

Britain, France, Germany, and America. Together with Brief Notices of Book Collectors, and of the respective Places Deposit of their Surviving Collections.

By Edward Edwards. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 634, cloth. 1869. 21s. EDWARDS.-LIVES OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE BRITISH MUSEUM, with Notices of its

Chief Augmentors and other Benefactors. 1570-1870. By Edward Edwards. With Illustrations and Plans. 2 vols. 8vo, pp. xii. and 780, cloth. 1870. 30s. EDWARDES.—See ENGLISH AND FOREIGN PHILOSOPHICAL LIBRARY, Vol. XVII. EGER.-TECHNOLOGICAL DICTIONARY IN THE ENGLISH AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.

Edited by Gustav Eger, Professor of the Polytechnic School of Darmstadt, and Sworn Translator of the Grand Ducal Ministerial Departments. Technically Revised and Enlarged by Otto Brandes, Chemist. Two vols., royal 8vo, pp. viii. and 712, and pp. viii. and 970, cloth. 1884. £1, 78. EGER AND GRIME.-An Early English Romance. _Edited from Bishop Percy's

Folio Manuscripts, about 1650 A.D. By John W. Hales, M.A., Fellow and late Assistant Tutor of Christ's College, Cambridge, and Frederick J. Furnivall, M.A., of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 4to, large paper, half bound, Roxburghe style, pp. 64. 1867. 10s. 6d. EGERTON.-SUSSEX FOLK AND SUSSEX Ways. Stray Studies in the Wealden For. mation of Human Nature. By the Rev. J. Coker Egerton, M.A., Rector of. Bur

wash. Crown 8vo, pp. 140, cloth. 1884. 2s. EGGELING.-See AUCTORES SANSKRITI, Vols. IV. and V. EGYPT EXPLORATION FUND :THE STORE-CITY OF PITHOM, and the Route of the Exodus. By Edouard Naville. With Thirteen Plates and Two Maps. Demy 4to, pp. viii. and 32, boards.


Stone, Chief of the General Staff Egyptian Army. By Major H. G. Prout, Corps of Engineers, Commanding Expedition of Reconnaissance. Made at ElObeiyad (Kordofan), March 12th, 1876. Royal 8vo, pp. 232, stitched, with 6 Maps. 1877. 10s. 6d.

PROVINCES OF THE EQUATOR: Summary of Letters and Reports of the Governor-
General. Part 1. 1874. Royal 8vo, pp. viii. and 90, stitched, with Map.

1877. 58. REPORT ON THE SEIZURE BY THE ABYSSINIANS of the Geological and Mineralo

gical Reconnaissance Expedition attached to the General Staff of the Egyptian Army. By L. H. Mitchell, Chief of the Expedition. Containing an Account of the subsequent Treatment of the Prisoners and Final Release of the Com

mander. Royal 8vo, pp. xii. and 126, stitched, with a Map. 1878. 78. 6d. EGYPTIAN CALENDAR for the year 1295 A.H. (1878 A.D.): Corresponding with the

years 1594, 1595 of the Koptic Era. 8vo, pp. 98, sewed. 1878. 2s. 6d. EHRLICH.-FRENCH READER : With Notes and Vocabulary. By H. W. Ehrlich.

12mo, pp. viii, and 125, limp cloth. 1877. 1s. 6d. EITEL.–BUDDHISM : Its Historical, Theoretical, and Popular Aspects. In Three

Lectures. By E. J. Eitel, M.A., Ph.D. Second Edition. Demy 8vo, pp. 130.

1873. 5s. EITEL.–FENG-SHUI; or, The Rudiments of Natural Science in China. By E. J.

Eitel, M.A., Ph.D. Royal 8vo, pp. vi. and 84, sewed. 1873. 6s. EITEL.HANDBOOK FOR THE STUDENT OF CHINESE BUDDHISM. By the Rev. E. J.

Eitel, of the London Missionary Society. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 224, cloth.

1870. 18s. ELLIOT. -MEMOIRS ON THE HISTORY, FOLK-LORE, AND DISTRIBUTION OF THE RACES OF THE NORTH-WESTERN PROVINCES OF INDIA. By the late Sir Henry M. Elliot, K.C.B. Edited, revised, and rearranged by John Beames, M.R.A.S., &c., &c. In 2 vols. demy 8vo, pp. XX., 370, and 396, with 3 large coloured folding Maps, cloth.

1869. £1 16s. ELLIOT.-THE HISTORY OF INDIA, as told by its own Historians. The Muhammadan

Period. Edited from the Posthumous Papers of the late Sir H. M. Elliot, K.C.B., East India Company's Bengal Civil Service. Revised and continued by Professor John Dowson, M.R.A.S., Staff College, Sandhurst. 8vo. Vol. I.–Vol. II., pp. x. and 580, cloth. Vol. III., pp. xii. and 627, cloth. 24s.—Vol. IV., pp. xii. and 564, cloth. 1872. 21s. - Vol. V., pp. x. and 576, cloth. 1873. 21s.-Vol. VI., pp. viii. 574, cloth. 21s.-Vol. VII., pp. viii.-574. 1877. 21s. Vol. VIII., pp. xxxii.-444. With Biographical, Geographical, and General

Index. 1877.24s. Complete sets, £8, 88. Vols. I. and II. not sold separately. ELLIS.—ETRUSCAN NUMERALS. By Robert Ellis, B.D., late Fellow of St. John's

College, Cambridge. 8vo, pp. 52, sewed. 1876. 2s. 6d. ELY.-FRENCH AND GERMAN SOCIALISM IN MODERN TIMES. By R. T. Ely, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of Political Economy in the Johns Hopkins University, B:altimore; and Lecturer on Political Economy in Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.

Crown 8vo, pp. viii.-274, cloth. 1884. 35. 6d. EMERSON AT HOME AND ABROAD. See English and Foreign Philosophical Library,

Vol. XIX. EMERSON.-—INDIAN MYTHS; or, Legends, Traditions, and Symbols of the Abori.

gines of America, compared with those of other Countries, including Hindostan, Egypt, Persia, Assyria, and China. By Ellen Russell Émerson. Illustrated.

Post 8vo, pp. viii. -678, cloth. 1884. £i, ls. ENGLISH DIALECT SOCIETY.-Subscription, 10s. 6d. per annum. List of publica

tions on application.

Post 8vo, cloth, uniformly bound.
I. to III.-A HISTORY OF MATERIALISM, and Criticism of its present Importance.

By Professor F. A. Lange. Authorised Translation from the German
by Ernest C. Thomas. In three volumes. Vol. I. Second Edition.
pp. 350. 1878. 10s. 6d. – Vol. II., pp. viii. and 298. 1880. 10s. 6d.
-Vol. III., pp. viii. and 376. 1881. 10s. 6d.


IV.-NATURAL LAW: an Essay in Ethics. By Edith Simcox. Second

Edition. Pp. 366. 1878. 10s. 6d.

V. and VI.-THE CREED OF CHRISTENDOM ; its Foundations contrasted with Super-

structure. By W. R. Greg. Eighth Edition, with a New Introduction.

In two volumes, pp. cxiv.-154 and vi.-282 1883. ]58.


UNIVERSAL RELIGIONS. By Prof. C. P. Tiele. Translated from

the Dutch by J. Estlin Carpenter, M.A., with the author's assist-

ance. Third Edition. Pp. xx. and 250. 1884. 7s. 6d.

VIII.- RELIGION IN CHINA; containing a brief Account of the Three Religions

of the Chinese; with Observations on the Prospects of Christian

Conversion amongst that People. By Joseph Edkins, D.D., Peking.

Third Edition. Pp. xvi. and 260. 1884. 7s. 6d.


1878. 78. 6d.

X.-THE COLOUR-SENSE ; its Origin and Development; an Essay in Com.

parative Psychology. By Grant Allen, B.A., author of “Phy.

siological Æsthetics.” Pp. xii. and 282. 1879. 10s. 6d.

XI.—THE PHILOSOPHY OF Music ; being the substance of a Course of

Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in

February and March 1877. By William Pole, F.R.S., F.R.S.E.,

Mus. Doc., Oxon. Pp. 336. 1879. 10s. 6ů.


RACE: Lectures and Dissertations, by Lazarus Geiger. Translated

from the German by D. Asher, Ph.D. Pp. x. and 156. 1880. 6s.

XIII.—DR. APPLETON : his Life and Literary Relics. By J. H. Appleton,

M.A., and A. H. Sayce, M.A. Pp. 350. 1881. 10s. 6d.

XIV.-EDGAR QUINET: His Early Life and Writings. By Richard Heath.

With Portraits, Illustrations, and an Autograph Letter. Pp. xxii.

and 370. 1881. 12s. 6d.

XV.—THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY. By Ludwig Feuerbach. Translated

from the German by Marian Evans, translator of Strauss's “Life

of Jesus.” Second Edition. Pp. xx. and 340. 1881. 7s. 6d.

XVI.-AUGUSTE COMTE AND POSITIVISM. By the late John Stuart Mill,

M.P. Third Edition. Pp. 200. 1882. 3s. 6d.


Charles Edwardes. With Biographical Sketch. Pp. xliv. and 216.

1882. 78. 6d.


rich Heine. Translated by J. Snodgrass. Pp. xii. and 178, cloth.

1882. 68.
XIX.-EMERSON AT HOME AND A BROAD. By M. D. Conway. Pp. viii. and

310. With Portrait. 1883. 10s. 6d.
XX.-ENIGMAS OF LIFE. By W. R. Greg. Fifteenth Edition, with a

Postscript. CONTENTS : Realisable Ideals-Malthus Notwithstand-
ing-Non-Survival of the Fittest-Limits and Directions of Human
Development,The Significance of Life-De Profundis, Elsewhere-

Appendix. Pp. xx. and 314, cloth. 1883. 10s. 6d.

FIVE PARTS, which treat (1) Of God, (2) Of the Nature and Origin of
the Mind, (3) Of the Origin and Nature of the Affects, (4) Of Human
Bondage, or of the Strength of the Affects, (5) Of the Power of the
Intellect, or of Human Liberty. By Benedict de Spinoza. Trans-

lated from the Latin by William Hale White. Pp. 328. 1883. 10s. 6d.
XXII.-THE WORLD AS WILL AND IDEA. By Arthur Schopenhauer, Trans-

lated from the German by R. B. Haldane, M.A., and John Kemp,
M.A. 3 vols. Vol. I., pp. xxxii.-532. 1883. 188.


Hartmann. Speculative Results, according to the Inductive Method
of Physical Science. Authorised Translation, by William C. Coup-

land, M.A. 3 vols. pp. xxxii.-372; vi.-368; viii.-360. 1884. 31s. 6d. XXVIII. to XXX.-THE GUIDE OF THE PERPLEXED OF MAIMONIDES. Trans

lated from the Original Text and Annotated by M. Friedlander, Ph.D. 3 vols., pp.

Extra Series. I. and II.-LESSING : His Life and Writings. By James Sime, M.A. Second

Edition. 2 vols., pp. xxii. and 328, and xvi. and 358, with por

traits. 1879. 21s. III. and VI.-AN ACCOUNT OF THE POLYNESIAN RACE: its Origin and Migrations,

and the Ancient History of the Hawaiian People to the Times of Kamehameha I. By Abraham Fornander, Circuit Judge of the Island of Maui, H.I. Vol. I., pp. xvi. and 248. 1877. 7s. 6d. Vol.

II., pp. viii. and 400, cloth. 1880. 10s. 6d. IV. and V.-ORIENTAL RELIGIONS, and their Relation to Universal ReligionIndia. By Samuel Johnson. In 2 vols., pp. viii. and 408;

viii. and 402. 1879. 21s. VI.-AN ACCOUNT OF THE POLYNESIAN RACE. By A. Fornander. Vol.

II., pp. viii. and 400, cloth. 1880. 10s. 6d. ER SIE ES.-FACSIMILE OF A MANUSCRIPT supposed to have been found in an Egyp

tian Tomb by the English soldiers last year. Royal 8vo, in ragged canvas covers,

with string binding, with dilapidated edges (? just as discovered). 1884. 6s. 6d. EYTON.-DOMESDAY STUDIES : AN ANALYSIS AND DIGEST OF THE STAFFORDSHIRE SURVEY. Treating of the Method of Domesday in its Relation to Staffordshire,

&c. By the Rev. R. W. Eyton. 4to, pp. vii. and 135, cloth. 1881. £1, ls. FABER.–THE MIND OF MENCIUS. See Trübner's Oriental Series. FALKE, -ART IN THE HOUSE. Historical, Critical, and Æsthetical Studies on the

Decoration and Furnishing of the Dwelling. By J. von Falke, Vice-Director of the Austrian Museum of Art and Industry at Vienna. Translated from the German. Edited, with Notes, by C. C. Perkins, M. A. Royal 8vo, pp. xxx 356, cloth. With Coloured Frontispiece, 60 Plates, and over 150 Illustrations. 1878. £3. FARLEY.-EGYPT, CYPRUS, AND ASIATIC TURKEY. By J. L. Farley, author of “The

Resources of Turkey,” &c. 8vo, pp. xvi. and 270, cloth gilt. 1878. 10s. 6d. FAUSBOLL.-See JATAKA. FEATHERMAN.—THE SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE RACES OF MANKIND. By A. Featherman. Demy 8vo, cloth. Vol. I. First Division -THE NIGRITIANS. Pp. xxvi. and 800. 1885. £1, 11s. 6d. Vol. V. THE ARAMÆANS. Pp. xvii. and 664. 1881.

£1, 1s. FENTON.-EARLY HEBREW LIFE: a Study in Sociology. By John Fenton. 8vo,

pp. xxiv. and 102, cloth. 1880. 58. FERGUSSON.–ARCHÆOLOGY IN INDIA. With especial reference to the works of

Babu Rajendralala Mitra. By James Fergusson, C.I.E., F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D.,

V.-P.R.A.S., &c. Demy 8vo, pp. 116, with Illustrations, sewed. 1884. 5s. FERGUSSON.—THE TEMPLE OF DIANA AT EPHESUS. With Especial Reference to Mr. Wood's Discoveries of its Remains. By James Fergusson, C.I.E., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., &c. From the Transactions of the Royal Institute of British

Architects. Demy 4to, pp. 24, with Plan, cloth. 1883. 58. FERGUSSON AND BURGESS.—THE CAVE TEMPLES OF INDIA. By James Fergusson,

D.C.L., F.R.S., and James Burgess, F.R.G.S. Impl. 8vo, pp. xx. and 536, with 98 Plates, half bound. 1880. £2, 2s.


FERGUSSON.-CHINESE RESEARCHES. First Part. Chinese Chronology and

Cycles. By Thomas Fergusson, Member of the North China Branch of the

Royal Asiatic Society. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 274, sewed. 1881. 10s. 6d. FEUERBACH.—THE ESSENCE OF CHRISTIANITY. See English and Foreign Philo.

sophical Library, vol. XV. FICHTE.-J. G. FICHTE'S POPULAR WORKS : The Nature of the Scholar—The Voca

tion of Man-The Doctrine of Religion. With a Memoir by William Smith, LL.D.

Demy 8vo, pp. viii. and 564, cloth. 1873. 15s. FICHTE.- CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PRESENT AGE. By J. G. Fichte. Translated

from the German by W. Smith. Post 8vo. pp. xi. ånd 271, cloth. 1847. 68. FICHTE.—MEMOIR OF JOHANN GOTTLIEB FICHTE. By William Smith. Second

Edition. Post 8vo, pp. 168, cloth. 1848. 4s. FICHTE.-ON THE NATURE OF THE SCHOLAR, AND ITS MANIFESTATIONS. By Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Translated from the German by William Smith. Second Edi

tion. Post 8vo, pp. vii. and 131, cloth. 1848. 38. FICHTE.-NEW EXPOSITION OF THE SCIENCE OF KNOWLEDGE. By J. G. Fichte.

Translated from the German by A. E. Kroeger. 8vo, pp. vi. and 182, cloth. 1869. 6s. FIELD.-OUTLINES OF AN INTERNATIONAL CODE. By David Dudley Field. Second

Edition. Royal 8vo, pp. iii. and 712, sheep. 1876. £2, 2s. FIGANIERE.-ELVA: A STORY OF THE DARK AGES. By Viscount de Figanière, G.C.

St. Anne, &c. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 194, cloth. 1878. 58. FINN.-PERSIAN FOR TRAVELLERS. By Alexander Finn, F.R.G.S., &c., H.B.M.

Consul at Resht. Oblong 32mo, pp. xxii.-232, cloth. 1884. 5s. FISCHEL.-SPECIMENS OF MODERN GERMAN PROSE AND POETRY; with Notes, Grammatical, Historical, and Idiomatical. To which is added a Short Sketch of the History of German Literature. By Dr. M. M. Fischel, formerly of Queen's College, Harley Street, and late German Master to the Stockwell Grammar School. Crown 8vo, pp. viii. and 280, cloth. 1880. 4s. FISKE.—THE UNSEEN WORLD, and other Essays. By John Fiske, M.A., LL.B.

Crown 8vo, pp. 350. 1876. 10s. FISKE.—MYTHS AND MYTH-MAKERS; Old Tales and Superstitions, interpreted by

Comparative Mythology. By John Fiske, M.A., LL.B., Assistant Librarian, and late Lecturer on Philosophy at Harvard University. Crown 8vo, pp. 260, cloth.

1873. 10s. FITZGERALD.--AUSTRALIAN ORCHIDS. By R. D. Fitzgerald, F.L.S. Folio.-- Part I.

7 Plates. -Part II. 10 Plates.-Part III. 10 Plates.- Part IV. 10 Plates.Part V. 10 Plates.- Part VI. 10 Plates. Each Part, Coloured 21s.; Plain, 10s. 6d

--Part VII. 10 Plates. Vol. II., Part I. 10 Plates. Each, Coloured, 25s. FITZGERALD.-AN ESSAY ON THE PHILOSOPHY, OF SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. Com.

prising an Analysis of Reason and the Rationale of Love. By P. F. Fitzgerald.

Demy 8vo, pp. xvi. and 196, cloth. 1882. 58. FORJETT.--EXTERNAL EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY. By E. H. Forjett. 8vo, pp.

114, cloth. 1874. 2s. 6d. FORNANDER.—THE POLYNESIAN RACE. See English and Foreign Philosophical

Library, Extra Series, Vols. III. and VI. FORSTER.-POLITICAL PRESENTMENTS.-By William Forster, Agent-General for

New South Wales. Crown 8vo, pp. 122, cloth. 1878. 4s. 6d. FOULKES.—THE DAYA BHAGA, the Law of Inheritance of the Sarasvati Vilasa.

The Original Sanskrit Text, with Translation by the Rev. Thos. Foulkes, F.L.S., M.R.A.S., F.R.G.S., Fellow of the University of Madras, &c. Demy Svo, pp.

xxvi. and 194–162, cloth. 1881. 10s. 6d. FOX.-MEMORIAL EDITION OF COLLECTED WORKS, by W. J. Fox. 12 vols. 8vo.


Franklyn, LL.B. Crown 16mo, pp. viii. and 152, cloth. 1874. 38. 6d.

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