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And then with pipe and Lydian verse
The lives of heroes we rehearse,

And their great actions trace;
Anchises and the tale of Troy ;
And Venus with her lusty boy,

The founder of our race.


The object of this concluding Ode is to sing the praises of Augustus in having at length restored peace to the Empire and the Universe. In the words of an illustrious Sovereign of the present day, “ L'Empire c'est la paix.”

With this Ode I bid farewell to the task of preparing this work for the press.

The translations have occupied and cheered the leisure hours of an easy but not inactive life. If I have succeeded in conveying to the English reader any just idea of the grace and beauty of compositions which are almost faultless in the original Latin, I shall be amply rewarded by the thought that I have contributed some addition to the literature of my country.

June, 1856.

Virtute functos, more patrum, duces, Lydis remixto carmine tibiis, Trojamque et Anchisen et Almæ

Progeniem Veneris canemus.


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Ode xxxviii. Book i. line 4, for his read her.

viii. Book ü. line 5, for your read you.
xiii. Book ii. line 2, for whosoe'er read whos’eer.
iii. Book iii. page 250, line 21, for These read There.


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