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us from our enemies, and put?????iteft them to confusion that hate


9 We make our boast of God all day long : and will praise thy Name for ever.

To But now thou art far off, and putteft us to confufion : and goest not forth with our

armies. !! (Rob us of, or, Plun

11 Thou makest us to turn der,] that is the mean our backs upon our enemies : ing of the word again, so that they which hate us Mat. xii. 28. so the Latin Spolio, and the [spoil] our goods. Hebrew word here used,

12 Thou letreft us be eaten do signify, not to marr, up like sheep: and hast scator destroy.

tered us among the heathen. 13 [These Heathen

13 [Thou sellest thy people Asyrians do not pure for nought: and takeft no mofor nothing: Thou dif- ney for them.] porest of us, as Masters 14 Thou makeft us to be reof their Slaves that are buked of our neighbours : to be unserviceable, without demanding any pricc.) laughed to scorn, and had in

derifion of them that are round

about us.

Is Thou makeft us to be a by-word among the heathen: and that the people shake their heads at us.

16 My confusion is daily bem fore me: and the shame of

my face hath covered me;

17 For the voice of the flanderer and blasphemer: for the

enemy and avenger. 18 What is said in 3 18 And though all this be this and the following come upon us, yet do we not Verse, does very well fit the çişmes of Hezekiab, who reformed the


Jewish Church.

forget thee : nor behave our selves frowardly in thy covenant.

19 Our heart is not turned back ; neither our steps gone out of thy way;

20 No, not when thou haft 20 * The place of smitten us into *the place of Dragons] fignifies a de

uninhabited dragons : and covered us with Country, El. xxxiv. 17. *the shadow of death.

XXXV. 7. Jer. ix. II. 21 If we have forgotten the X. 22. li. 37. into such Name of our God, and holden Countries they expect

ed to be carried Captive: up our hands to any strange * The Shadow of death] god : shall not God search, it fignifies the most difout ? for he knoweth the very' mal, forlorn Condition, secrets of the heart.

next to utter ruine and

destruction. 22 For thy fake also are we killed all the day long and are counted as sheep appointed to be slain.

23 Up, Lord, why sleepest thou: awake, and be not abfent from us for ever.

24. Wherefore hideft thou thy face : and forgetteth our misery and trouble 25 (For our soul is brought 25 (We are like Men

dead and buried.] low, even unto the duft : our belly cleaveth unto the ground.]

26 Arise, and help us : and deliver us for thy mercies sake.

[blocks in formation]

A Song of Loves. Some suppose that this Psalm was

first Indited upon Solomon's marrying Pharaoh's Daughter, wbich was a Type of the Espousals betwixt Christ and he Church. Others csert, That the Psalmist bud regard to no other Person but Christ, and bis Church only, in composing it. However, 'tis certain, that no one can apply it by way of Devotion to any but Christ and his Church; and therefore in my Notes I shall take notice of no other sense. (> Erulavit cor meum.

Pfal. XLV. 1 (My Thoughes are


a engaged in a Subject that is full of good of the things which I have made

good matger: I speak Matter; and I will address my self to the unto the King.] great King, the Meffas, and rehearse to him what I have composed.]

2[* My Tongue shall be 2.(* My tongue is the pen : like the Pen of one that of a ready writer.) takes Minutes or writes Short hand : for I shall speak very briefly, and not in words ar length, or fo as to be understood in a literal fence, bur in Figures and Emblems.)

3 (Thy Specch most 2 Thou art fairer than the excellent, insomuch, children of inen: [full of grace that it Mall be laid of thee, Never Man Spate are thy lips,) because God hath like this Man.

blessed thee for ever. 4. (Appear with the

4 (Gird thee with thy sword Ensigns of shy Power; upon thy thigh, O thou moft with Majesty and Splen- mighty: according to thy wordor, like thy self.] fhip and renown.]

5 [May thine Ho s [Good luck have thou with nour prosper with thee, thine honour : ride on because go on triumphantly for of the word of truth, of meekthe furtlierance and

nefs and righteousness, and thy promoting of Honesty, Humility, Justice : And right hand shall teach thee tera tły divine Power Ihall rible things.] enable tliee to do miraculous and amazing things, Luk.iv. 36.v.26.)

8 [Thy words shall 6 [Thy arrows are very sharp, pierce like Arrows,thou and the people shall be subdued



unto thee: even in the midst shalt make Converts, among the kings enemies.] where one would leant of all hope for it, from amongst thy greatest and most inveterate Enemies, from amongst the chief Rulers of the Jews, Fobn xii.42. the Court of the Roman Emperor, and the Areopagus, Axs xvii.34.]

7 [Thy * seat, O God, endu 7 * Seat, ] that is, reth for ever : the scepter of


[There shall be no thy kingdom is a right scepter.] end of thy Kingdom, o thou Messias, who art God as well as Man: Thy Government shall be administred by Laws most just and reasonable.] See Heb. i. 8.

8 Thou haft loved righte 8.* The Oyl of Gladousness and hated iniquity :

ness;] char is, the Holy wherefore God, even thy God, Spirit and Royal Power,

A&ts X. 38. hathanointed thee with the *oyl * Above thy Fellows :] of gladness * above thy fellows. All Kings, Priests, or Prophets, all that are called Gods, or Sons of God.

9 [All thy garments smell of * They have made Myrrh, Aloes, and Caffia : out

thee glad, ) is an usual

Hebraism, signifying, of the ivory palaces, whereby thou art made glad, or *they have made thee glad.] rejoyced ; as, (they Asall receive you,] Luke xvi. 9. fignifies no more chan [ you shall be received.] Ham.

[All those Divine Graces wherewith thou art clothed and adorn. ed, and which chou broughreft with thçe from Heaven, the place with which thou art so much delighted, and of which the most noble Palaces of Kings, lined with Ivory, · Kings X. 28. are buç faint resemblances, shall be more grateful than the most delicious Perfumes of Myrrh, Exod. xxx. 23. Lignum Aloes, Numb. xxiv. 6. and Cafia, Exod. XXX. 24, 10 * Kings daughters were

10 By * Xings Daugh. among thy honourable women:

ters] is meant either

large Royal Cities. See upon thy right hand did stand Psal. ix. 14. or else Per*the Queen in a vesture of gold, sons of the greatest

as Dr. wrought about with divers co- worldly Rank

Ham. supposes.) Boch lours.

there Senses fic che words; and they have in both senses been verified of Jesus Chrift, who has had great Numbers of the most considerablc Cities and Persons in tlie World actually devoted to his Service, and devoutly attending his Worship.

By the Queen in á Vesture of Gold) is meant the Church his Spouse, most royally adorned. Here it is to be noted, thaự the Church called the Queen) is


distinguish'd from the Converts, [the Kings Daughters ;] for that Remnant of the Jews which own's Christ Jesus, are represented by St. Paul, Rom. xi. to be the Tree or Root, ver. 17, 18. the Heathen-Converts are but Ciens, or Branches grafted into the true Olive-Tree, or Church, Rom. II. 17, 18, 19.

1 [ And now, O 11 [Hearken, o daughter, Royal Bride, consider and consider, incline thine ear: the best of Spouses

, forget also thine own people, thou must lay aside all and thy fathers house.] fondness to the Jewish 12 So shall the king have People, to whom thou didh furmetly

belong: pleasure in thy beauty: for he Nor value thy self too

is thy Lord God, and worship much for thy natural thou him. Descene from thy Father Abraham ; but renounce every thing char is dearest to thee in this World, out of Love to thy Lord and Bridegroom.]

(Tyri.ins, and ma 13 [ And the daughter of ny other rich

and po- Tyre shall be there with a gift: tenc People, shall own

like as the rich also among the thy Power, and address themselves to thee with people shall make their suppliPresents, the Presents cation before thee.] or Sacrifice of their whole Selves, Souls, and Bodies, and pay their Devotion to thee, O Meffias.]

Mem. There were many and early Converts in Tyre, Mark iii.8. vii. 24. Alts xxi. 3, 4, 5. 14 [The chief Orna

14 [The Kings daughter is ments of the Church allglorious within: her clothing are the inward Endowments of the Mind; but is of wrought gold.] there shall be nothing wąpțing as to her external Magnificence and Accomplishments.

15*The Virgins;]The 15 She shall be brought unHeathcn Ciries and Peo

to the King in raiment of ple converted to the Faith. See ver. 1o.

needle-work: * the virgins that be her fellows shall bear her company, and shall be brought

unto thee. 16 * The Kings Pa 16 With joy and gladness lace] denotes the place shall they be brought: and fhall of publick Worship. The Hebrew word (He

enter into * the Kings palace. cal] is often curn'd Temple in other places, and by some iş this Text. The ancient Christians called their Churches or Temples Bafilice, that is, Royal Palaces.

17 (!o

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