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look upon this : O deliver my soul from the calamities which

they bring on me, and my 17 (Dear Life.] [darling] from the lions.

18 So will I give thee thanks in the great congregation : I will praise thee among much people.

19 O let not them that are

mine enemies, triumph over me 19 (in their wicked [ungodly]: neither let them and insulting manner.]

wink with their eyes t, that + Making Signs to one another, as if they hate me without a caufe. bad done their business. 20. And why? their com

muning is not for peace : But they imagine deceitful words, against them that are quiet in the land.

21 They gaped upon me

with their mouths, and said : * It ; ] that is, *it with our eyes.

Fie on thee, fie on thee, we faw fome foul Fact of which they falsly accu

22 This thou hast seen, O sed David,

for they Lord : hold not thy tongue were false Witneffes, then, go not far from me, o ver. II. of whom David

Lord. here speaks.

23 Awake and stand up to judge my quarrel: avenge thou my cause, my God, and my Lord.

24 Judge me, O Lord, my God, according to thy righteoufness: and let them nor triumph over me.

25 Let them not fay in their hearts, There, there, so would we have it : neither let them fay, We have devoured him.


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- 26 Let them be put to confusion and shame together, that · rejoyce at my trouble let them be clothed with rebuke and dishonour, that boast themfelves against me.

27 Let them be glad and rejoyce that favour my righteous dealing: yea, let them say alway, Blessed be the Lord who hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant.

28 And as for my tongue, it shall be talking of thy righteousness : and of thy praise all the day long. A Psalm of David, a Servant of the Lord, during the

time of his being persecuted by Saul.

Dixit injuftus. Pfal. XXXVI.
Y heart sheweth me the

wickedness of the ungodly : that there is no fear of God before his eyes.

2 For he flattereth himself in his own fight : until his abominable sin be found out.

3 The words of his mouth are unrighteous, and full of deceit : he hath left off to behave himself wisely, and to do. good. 4 He [imagineth] mischief

4 [Contrivech.] See upon his bed, and hath fet him- Vocabulary. self in no good way: neither doth he abhor any thing that is evil.


governing the World, great deep.]

s Thy mercy, O Lord, reacheth unto the heavens : and thy faithfulness unto the clouds.

6 Thy righteousness stand

eth like the strong mountains : 6 [Thy ways of pró: [thy judgments are like the ceeding with Men, and,

, are as unfathomable as 7 Thou, Lord, fhalt save the deepest part of the both man and beart. How exOcean.)

cellent is thy mercy, O God : and the children of men shall put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.

8 They shall be satisfied with the plenteousness of thy house: and thou shalt give them drink of thy pleasures, as out of the

river. 9 [Spring or Four 9. For with thee is the swell] rain. See Vocabulary. * of life: and (in thy* light shall

* Of Life; 7 that is, of Comfort. See Psal.

we see light.] xxii. 26.

10 O continue forth thy lo* Light] also figni- ving kindness unto them that fies the Tame thing, know thee : and thy righteousJob xxix. 3. Pl.xxvii.i. nefs unto them that are true of ('Tis only in thee and thy Service, that we heart. can hope to enjoy any ni O let not the foot of pride true and lasting Com

come against me : and let not the hand of the ungodly caft


me down.

12 There are they fallen, all that work wickedness: they are cast down, and shall not be able to stand.


Evening Prayer. A Psalm of David, which contains a full Answer to that

common Obječtion against Providence, the Prosperity of the Wicked.

Noli amulari. Pfal. XXXVII
Ret not thy self because of

the ungodly: neither be thou envious against the evil doers.

2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass : and be withered even as the green herb. 3. Put thou thy trust in the

3 [Be content with

your Native Country, Lord, and be doing good : and your present Con[dwell in the land, and verily. dition, take heed that thou shalt be fed.]

you don't rebel againft 4 Delight thou in the Lord: forbid you to return to

God's Law, who has and he shall give thee thy hearts Egypt, or to confort desire.

with Foreign Nacions, 5 Commit thy way unto the and God's Providence

will so watch over you, Lord, and put thy trust in him: that ye shall not want and he shall bring it to pass. a Subfiftence.)

6 He shall make thy rightepusnessas clear as the light: and thy just dealing as the noon-day. 7 [Hold thee ftill ] in the

7 (Rest satisfied.] Lord, and abide patiently upon him: but grieve not thy self at him whose way doth prosper, against the man that doeth after evil counsels. 8 Leave off from wrath, and

+ Against the prospelet go displeasure t: fret not thy felf, else shalt thou be mo

8. [To commit those ved [to do evil.]

Sins of Fraud and Oppression, by which thou seest the wicked Man to grow Rich and Great.]


rous Sinner.

9 Wick

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tude of peace.

12 The ungodly seeketh counsel against the just : and gnafheth upon him with his teeth.

13 The Lord shall laugh him

to fcorn : for he hath feen 13 (The day of his that [his day] is coming. Death.]

14 The ungodly have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow : to cast down the poor and needy, and to flay such as are of a right conversation.

15 Their sword shall go through their own heart : and their bow shall be broken

16 A finall thing that the righteous hath: is better than

great riches of the ungodly. 57 [Power.]

17 For the [arms] of the ungodly shall be broken: and the

Lord upholdeth the righteous. 18 [Takes a particu j 18 The Lord [knoweth the lar Care and Account days] of the godiy: and their of good Mens Death.] See Pfal. l. 7. and ver.

inheritance shall endure forever, 13. of this Psalm.

19 They shall not be con


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