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the great congregation : my vows will I perform in the sight of them that fear him.

26 [The poor shall eat, and 26 * Tour Heart Mall be satisfied: they that seek after live for ever;) that is, the Lord, shall praise him; your becomforted, 10(tolive heart shall live for ever.]


signifies, i Theiii. 8. So facob's Spirit revived, or lived again, that is, was full of Comfort, Gen. xlv. 27.

TÍ will call the Poor to eat their fill of those Sacrifices, which I have vowed, and will offer to God; and all that are well-affected to him shall join with me in his Praise, and shall enjoy a conftant, never-failing comfort in serving him.] These words are more truly applicable to Christ Jefus, who feeds the Poor with his Word, with his Flesh and Blood, which is a perpetual stream of Comfort to his faithful People.

27 All the ends of the world shall remember themselves, and be turned unto the Lord : and all the kindreds of the nations shall worship before him.

28 For the kingdom is the Lords: and he is the Governour among the people. 29 [All such as be fat upon had cattle of their own,

29 [All those who earth have eaten, and wor

or wherewithal to buy shipped.]

them, and to travel to Jerusalem, have all along, at proper times offer'd Sacrifice, and car their share of them, and worshipped God according to the Rites of Moses's Law.]

30 [All they that go down 30 To * quicken sig. into the dust, shall kneel before nifies to give or restore

life. him : and no man hath *quick

(But I will take care, ened his own soul.]

so far as in me lies, that whatever mortal Men are my Subjects, shall not want wherewithal to worship God, nor time and opportunity to attend his Service. And when I speak of mortal Men, I mean all without Excepcion; for who can keep alive hinfelf, or raise himself when he is once dead. This is more truly applicable to Christ Jesus, who hath, in all respects, ser the Poor on equal Terms with the Rich, as to their Religious Concerns; or if either have the advantage, 'tis the Poor, for unto then the Gospel was in an especial manner preached

*31 My


31 [* My Seed Mall 31[*My seed shall serve him: also do much for the they Thall be counted unto the Kings descended from Lord for a generation.] mc Thall new a great Zeal for his Honour : 'And at last che Grear King, the Meh.x, Mall be born of a Virgin lincally descended from me, so that my Family shall be accounted Sacred to the true God.)

32 [* They Mall rise 32[They shall come, and the up in their several Ages, heavens shall declare his righbe the Saviour of the teousness: unto à people that World : And what I shall be born, whom the Lord now say shall hereafter

* hath made.] be confirmed by the greatest Miracles, and by an Angel, and a Star from Heaven.' God's Truth and Faithfulness to me and my Family, I say, shall be confirm'd to a People whom he shall raise up (the Christian Church,) whose Minds God shall form for the receiving and practising Divine Truth, Epb. ii. 10.)

* Hath made :] He speaks in the Propherick Style ; as again, ver. 17. they pierced.

A Psalm of David in time of Prosperity.
Dominus regit me.

Pfal. XXIII.
He Lord is my shepherd :

therefore can I lack nar

2 He shall feed me in a green pasture: and lead me forth be

side the waters of comfort.
of from the wrong 3. He shall convert my foult:
way of Vice and Error.

and bring me forth in the paths
of righteousness for his Names

4 [A state of the 4 Yea though I walk through
greatett Misery and Af. [the valley of the shadow of
Hiction.] Thy * Rod, death, ] I will fear no evil : for
and thy * Staff; or,
thy Scepter, and thy

thou art with me, thy * rod, Crook : The first figni- and thy * staff comfort me. fies his Power, as a King; the other his Care, as : Shepherd. 5 [Thou hast pro

s [Thou shalt prepare a table vided for me, even in before ine, *against them that


trouble me : thou hast anoint- the fight of mine eneed my head with oyl, and my

mies, not only a Com

petency, but a Plenty shall be fullt.] cup

of all things necessary for this Life.)-----* Against, or over-against. See the Vindication.

of Maugre the Malice of mine Enemies.

6 But thy loving kindness 6 In return to thy and mercy shall follow me all

shall follow me all Favours I will always the days of my life: and [I will frequent thy House as dwell in the house of the Lord don't doubr but froin

long as I live; and for eyer.]

thence I shall be removed, for ever to dwell in thy heavenly Temple.)

The Fifth Day Morning Prayer. A Psalm of David, on occasion of bringing the Ark to

Mount Sion, and placing it in the Tent, which be
had prepared for it, 1 Chr. xv, xvi. which was a
Type of Christ's Accession into Heaven, the frue Holy
of Holies.

Domini est terra. Pfal. XXIV.
He earth is the Lords, and

all that therein is : the compafs of the world, and they that dwell therein. 2 [For he hath founded it 2 For he by his ad.

mirable Wisdom and upon the feas : and prepared it

Power, hath made such upon the flouds.]

Arches and Channels in the Earth, that the Waters, which were at first above it, are now, as to the main mass of them, beneath it, Exod. xx. 4. and yet the Earth stands firm upon that fluid body, as upon the most solid Foundation.

3 [Who shall ascend into the 3 [Who is fit to a hill of the Lord : or who shall

scend into Sion, this Ho

ly Mountain, to stand rise up

in his holy place ?] there and worshipGod?] 4 [Even he that hath clean

4 [He whore Actions hands,] and a pure heart : and are free from Deceir that hath not * lift up his mind

and Violence.)

* To lift up ones Mind, unto vanity, nor sworn to deceive his neighbour.

or Soul, to Vanity, and

to take up God's Name in vain, are two Plırases fignifying the same thing; that is, to take a false Oath, cr swear to a Lye. Hain. Patr. Ainsw.

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5 Righteousness ;] 5. He shall receive the blefthat is, Mercy; lo Righ sing from the Lord: and * righHam. Ainsw. See i sa: teousness from the God of his xii: 7. Jud. v. 11.

salvation. 6 * To seek, or seek 6 [This is the generation of the Face] fignifies in them that feek him : even of Scripture-Language to desire the Favour or them that * seek thy face, o Friendship of another? * Jacob.] See i Kings X. 24. * Jacob here, as often elsewhere, figni. fies the children, or People of facob.

[Such should the People be that expect acceptance with God, or to be in Communion with his Church, to be reckon'd among the number of the true Ifraelites.) 7,9 * Lift up your

7 * Lift up your heads, O heads, Oye Gates.] Dr.

ye gates, and be Ham. very rationally


ye up, ye fupposes, that there everlasting 'doors : * and the Gates did not turn up. King of glory shall come in. on Hinges, as common 8 'Who is the King of glory? ly now with us, but it is the Lord strong and mighthat they were Portcullises, which are shut ty, even the Lord mighty in by being let down, and battel. opened by being lifted

* Lift

up your heads, o up: And so when Da.


up ye vid, and they that are ye gates, and be ye with him, do in a Po. everlasting doors : and *the etic manner

speak to King of glory shall come in. the Gates to lift up their 10 Who is the King of glory? heads, 'ris all one as to bid them be opened,

even the Lord of hosts, he is chat so the Ark mighé the King of glory: enter in : And this is the more probable, if it be considered, chat Sion was a Strong-Hold, 2 Sam. v.7. for in such places, to this Day, we use Portcullises.

7,9. * Everlasting Doors ;] that is, Doors made of exceeding durable Materials : cho' when apply'd to our Saviour's entring Heaven-Gates, the word is to be taken in its most proper sense.

7,9 And the King of Glory shall come in.] By which is meant, That God, who had promised in a peculiar minner to be present between the Cherubims over the Ark, should now enter into the Sanctuary. See Exod. xxv. 20, 21, 22. but the Godhead dwelt in a more perfeit manner in Christ Jesus, than ever it had done in che Ark; and these words are therefore more truly applicable to his Entrance into Heaven, than to the Arks being carried into the $un quary.

A Piala

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over me.

A Psalm of David. This is one of those that are called

Alphabetical Psalms (thoit be not perfectly so.) By which is meant, That they are compos'd after the order of the Hebrew Letters ; the first Verse beginning with Aleph, the second with Beth, and so on.

Ad te, Domine, levavi. Pfal. xxv. Nto thee, O Lord, will I 1 [My Defire, and lift up my soul,]my God,

Affections and Hope are

toward thee, O Lord.] I have put my trust in thee: 0 let me not be confounded, neither let minė enemies triumph

2 For all they that hope in thee shall not be ashamed: but

2 (Rebel, or behave such as [transgress] without a themselves perfidiously .cause shall be put to confufion. toward me.]

3 Shew me thy ways, o Lord : and teach me thy paths.

4. Lead me forth in thy'truth, and learn me: for thou art the God of my falvation; in thee hath been my hope all the day long.

5 Call to remembrance, O Lord, thy tender mercies : and thy loving kindnesses, which have been ever of old.

6 Oh remember not the fins and offences of my youth: but according to thy mercy think thou upon me, O Lord, for thy goodness.

7 Gracious, and righteous is the Lord : therefore will he teach sinners in the way. 8 Them that are meek, shall twixt good and evil,

8 [ Discerning behe guide in (judgment); and right and wrong.)


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