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4 (My soul breaketh out for 4. (I am so big with the very fervent desire : that it

a fervent desire of hath alway untothy judgments.] fing, and teaching thy

knowing, and practis Thou hast rebuked the Commandments, that I proud: and cursed are they that am ready to burst. ] do err from thy commandments.

6. Oturn from me shame and rebuke: for I have kept thỹ teftimonies.

7 Princes also did fit and speak against me : but thy fervant is occupied in thy statutes.

8 For thy teftimonies are my delight: and my counsellers. Daleth iv.

Adhæfit pavimento. Y soul cleaveth to the 1 [I am in the lowduft: O'quicken thou

est and most desperate

condition, like one that me according to thy word. ] lies on the Ground, ftrugling for Life: O do thou revive and comfort me, according to thy Promise.] 1. mai. 2 [I have knowledged my

2 [I have always ways, and thou heardest me :) laid my Wants

before confels'd

my Sins, and O teach me thy statutes.

thee, and thou haft ever been ready to forgive, and relieve me. 3 Make me to understand the way of thy commandments: and so shall I talk of thy wondrous works.?! :: 4 [My soul melteth away

4 [I am as weak as for" very heaviness :] comfort melced Wax, by reason thou-me according unto thy

of my Affliction.]
word. ?
s Take from me [the way.

$ [All fraudulent
of lying]: and cause thou me and hypocritical Arts. ]
to make much of thy law.
6 I have chosen the way of


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truth: and thy judgments have I laid before me.

7 I have stuck unto thy te stimonies : 0 Lord; confound

me not.

8 I will run the way of thy 8 † From Grief and commandments: when thou Trouble.

haft set my heart at liberty to


The Twenty Fifth Day Morning Prayer.

He v. Legem pone.

Each me, O Lord, the

way of thy statutes: and I shall keep it unto the end.

2 Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law : yea, I shall keep it with my whole heart.

3 Make mestogo in the path its of thy commandments : for therein is


defire. 4 Incline my heart into thy teftimonies: and not to cove

tousness, 1:19 S [Grant that I may s [O turn away mine eyes, never be overmuch ca.

left they behold vanity : and ken with

empry Pomps, and fading Beauty, buc quicken thou me in thy.

way.] make me active, and lively in performing my Duty to chee.]

6 [0 ler thy Divine 6 [Oftablish thy word in thy Truth, thy Promises and servant ) : that I may fear thee. Threats, be fo fastened on my Mind, and fixe in my Memory.] 7 * Rebuke,] that is,

7 Take

away the *rebuke that Reproach.

I am afraid of: [for thy judgThy Proceedings with good Men are

ments are good.] gentle and mercifyll). 8 Behold, my delight is in

8 [Make me lively and thy commandments: O[ quickactive in doing what is juft and righteous.] en me in thy sighteousness

. ]


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Vau vi. Et veniat super me.
Et thy loving

also unto me, O Lord :
even thy salvation, according
unto thy word,

2 So shall I make answer un 2 ( Those who reto [my blasphemers:) for my for my conscientious

proach and Nander me, trust is in thy word.

behaviour toward chce} See Blaspheme, &c. in Vocabulary. 3 [O take not the word of 3 [ Let me never thy truth utterly out of my speak of thy faichful

want a juft occasion co mouth: for my hope is in thyness in performing thy judgments. ]

Promises; for my hope is in the mercy and cquicy of thy Proceedings with those who fear thee.] See Stanza He, ver. 7.

4 So fhall Lalway keep thy
law: yea, for ever and ever.
s And I will walk (at libera

s [With care and
ty:] for I seek thy command- chcartulness.].

6 I will speak of thy testimonies also, even before kings:

will and will not be ashamed.

7 And my delight shall be in thy commandments : which I have loved.

8 [*My hands also will I lift 8 [1 will folemnly up unto thy commandments, ] engage my felf by Oath which I have loved : and my ments.] To *lift up the

to keep thy Command. study shall be in thy statutes. Hand was a Ceremony us'd in Swearing, and denotes the whole Action, Gen. xiv. 22.

Zain vii. Memor esto fervi tui.
Think upon thy fervant,

as concerning thy (word): (Promises.]
wherein thou hast caused me to

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put my trust.

2. The same is my comfort in 2 [Revived, com

my trouble : for thy word hath forced, enlivened.]

[quickened] me.

3. The proud have had me exceedingly in derision : yet have I not shrinked from thy

law. 4 (The eternal, un 4 For I remembred [thine alterable equity of thy everlasting Proceedings. ]

See everlasting judgments, ] O Sranza Vau, ver. 3.

Lord: and received comfort.

is I am horribly afraid : for the ungodly that forsake thy

6 Thy statutes have been my songs : in the house of, my pilgrimage.

7 I have thought upon thy Name, O Lord, in the night

feason: and have kept thy law. 8 + Happy chearful

8. This t I had because I frame of Mind, mencioned ver. 6.

kept thy commandments:

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Cheth viii.

Portio mea, Domine. 1 [ Only valuable Hou art my ( portion, T

] Poffeffion.

O Lord: I have promised to keep thy law.

2 I made my humble petition in thy presence with my whole heart: O be merciful unto me according to thy word.

3 I called mine own ways to remembrance: and turned my feet unto thy testimonies.

4 I made haste and prolonged not the time : to keep thy commandments.

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5 The


5 The * congregationis of the 5 * The Congregations ungodly have robbed me: bue of the ungodly.) He pro


Sant's I have not forgotten thy law. wicked Courriers,

6 At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto thee: because of thy righteous judgments.

7 I am a companion of all them that fear thee; and keep thy commandments.

8 The earth, O Lord, is full of thy mercy: 0 teach me thy statutes.

O Lord thou haft deale

Tech ix. Bonitatem fecisti:
Lord, thou hast deale

ciously with thy servant:
according unto thy word.

2 O learn me true' understanding and knowledge: for 2 * Commandments I have believed chy** com- here fignifies Promises, mandments."

orCoinmandments with 3 Before I was troubled, I Promise, as Psal. cxi. 7: went wrong: but now have I kept thy word,

4. Thou art good-and graci-
ous : O teach me thy statutes.

5 The proud have imagined
a lie against me: but I will keep
thy commandments with my
whole heart.
:6f Their heart is as far as

6 Their Minds are brawn]: but my delight hath

as senfeless, and their

Consciences as harderbeen in thy law.

ed, as the Fat of the most pamper'd and stufdy Animals. T Mem. Thac there is liccle or 10 sense in the fac Parts of any Creature : Hence the Ancients faid of any very dull Fellow, that he had [a far Wit :) And futther, David intended by the Hebrew Phratë to exprefs the hardinefs, as well as folly of Sinners. See Notes in Vindication.

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