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ply'd, viz. The Dew of thy Birth, is as the Dew of (or from) the Womb of the Morning, or which the Morning brings forth.

Mem. The Morning is elsewhere in Scripture represented as an Animal with Eye-lids, fobii. 9. with Wings, Psal. cxxxix. 8. So then these words contain the reason of the former, viz.

For the Divine Blessing which shall accompany the Preaching of thy Apostles, shall, like the Dew which the Morning produces, fall every-where, in all Countries more or less, and shall be very fruitful, bringing forth Faith and Obedience in abundance, and begercing great numbers of Converts.

of Who wou not only 4 The Lord sware, and will Priešt, but King alfoz not repent : Thou art a Priest not receive his Priethood for ever after the order of Melby Successi n. or Entail, chisedeck t. as those of the Line of Aaron, Heb. vii. in both which respects he was a fit Type of Thee, o Meffias!

5,6 By the * King', s The Lord upon thy right * Heathen, and * Heads hand: shall wound even * kings over divers Countries,] in the day of his wrath. he means, the Heathen Roman Emperors, Anti 6 He shall judge among the christ and his Adhe- *heathen; he shall fill the places rents, and all worldly with the dead bodies: and smite Powers, who obftinarely and maliciously op

in funder the *heads over divers pose the Authority of countreys. Chrift; for they shall all at last be made his Footstool.

7 [The Mefias, like a thirsty Traveller, or

7 [He shall drink of the

brook in the way: therefore a couragious Soldier in pursuit of his Enemies, shall he lift up his head.] Judg. vii. 4, 5, 6. shall neglect himself, and take what is next to hand, fatisfy his Thirst out of the Brook which he meets in his way, therefore Thall God exalt him to the highest pitch of Hopour and Dignity,] Phil. ii. 9.


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Hallelujah, or, Praise ye the Lord, that is, A Form

of Praise. See Notes in Vindication. This is ano-
ther of the Alphabetical Psalms : Every Half-Verse of
the first eight, beginning with a new Letter ; but the
two last Verses consist of fix small Clauses, every one of
which begins with a distinct Hebrew Letter.

Confitebor tibi. Pfal. CXI.
Will give thanks unto the

Lord with my whole heart:
secretly among the faithful, and
in the congregation.

2 The works of the Lord are great : [sought out of} all them that have pleasure therein.

3 His work is worthy to be
praised and had in honour :
and his righteousness endureth
for ever.

4 The merciful and gracious
Lord hath so done his marvel-
lous works: that they ought to
be had in remembrance.
5 (He hath given meat unto

5 [Rather than they them that fear him : he shall who fcar him should

want, he did of old give ever be mindful of his cove

them Bread from Heanant.]

ven,] Exod. xvi. 6 He hath shewed his people 6 (To put them in

of those the power of his works: [that poffeffion he may give them the heritage Amorites, and other

Countries, which the of the heathen. ]

Heathen Nations did before inherit.] See Deut. ii, iii. Joh. x. 7 The works of his hands are 7 [Promises or Co. verity and judgment : all his venares.] So to Com

mand, ver. 9. fignifies [commandments) are true. to Promise. See also

8. They stand fast for ever Psal. cxix. Teth ix. 2. and ever: and are done in truth and Caph xi. 6.

and equity.

9 He fent redemption unto his people: he hath commanded his covenant for ever; holy and reverend is his Name.

10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a gcod understanding have all they that do thereafter ; the praise of it endureth for ever.

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Hallelujah, or, Praise ye the Lord, another Alpha

betical Psalm just as the former.
Beatus vir. Pfal. CXII.

Lessed is the man that fear

eth the Lord: he hath great delight in his commandments.

2 His feed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of

the faithful shall be blessed. 3,9. * Righteousness


Riches and plenteousness fignifies Mercy, Psal. shall be in his house: and [his xxiv. 5.

* righteousness endureth for e[The reward of his Charity shall attend ver. ] him, not only for a little while here in this World, but for ever hereafter.]

4. C.Comfort in Af 4 Unto the godly there arifliction.]

feth up (light in the darkness:] he is merciful, loving, and

righteous. 5 [And will fhew Moderarion and Tem

S A good man is merciful, per in his words as well and lendeth: [and will guide his as Actions.)

words with discretion. 6 (It shall not be in 6 [For he shall never be the power of ill Men to Thake or unserele him,

moved :], and the righteous either as to his Eftate shall be had in everlasting reor Reputation.) membrance.

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2017 He will not be afraid - of
any evil tidings for his heart
ftandeth faft, and believeth in
the Lord. 7,5

8 His heart is ftablished, and
will not shrink? until he see
his desire upon his enemies.

9 He hath dispersed abroad, and given to the poor: and his righteousness remaineth for

9 [And he shall be ever; [his horn shall be exalted raised to a considera: with honour. ]

ble degree of Power

and Authority) 10 The ungodly shall see it, and it shall grieve him : he shall gnash with his teeth, and consume away; the desire of the ungodly shall perish. Hallelujah, or, Praise ye the Lord. This Psalm, with

the Five next, used to be recited at Table, on the. Paschal-Night, and on other Festivals.

Laudate, pueri. Plal. CXIII. Raise the Lord, ye [fers I [ Ministers, and vants :] Opraise the whoever else have de

dicated yourselves to Name of the Lord.

the Service of God.) 2 Blessed be the Name of the Lord: from this time forth for evermore.

3. The Lord's Name is prai-
fed': from the rising up of the
sun, unto the going down of
the same.

4 The Lord is high above all
heathen: and his glory above
the heavens.

Who is like unto the Lord
our God, that hath his dwel-
ling so high: and yet humbleth



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himself to behold the things

that are in heaven and earth 6 [Poor, humble, op 6 He taketh up the [simple] pressed Person.)

out of the duft: and lifteth the poor out of the mire,

set him with the princes : even with the

princes of his people. Gen. xviii. 10, 11.

8 He maketh the barren woXXX. 22, 23.

man to keep house : and to be I Sam. i. 20. ii. 21.. a joyful mother of children.

7 That he may

XXV. 21.

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Evening Prayer.
See Title of Psalm CXIII.

In exitu Ifrael. Pfal. CXIV.
Exod. xiii. 17.

Hen Israel came out of

Egypt: and the house of Jacob from among the

strange people, 2 [ Fuda was the

2 [Juda was his fanctuary : Tribe that march'd foremost, Numb. ii. 3.

and Israel his dominion.] xiv, 14. Exod. xii. si. and therefore had the bright Cloud of Glory, the token of God's Presence standing juft over them, and so was the Tribe that God did peculiarly dwell with, as he now also doth (Psalm lxxviii. 69.) tho' all the whole People of freel then were, and shall continue to be under his Care and Protection.] Exod. xiv. 21, 24.

3 [ The sea faw that and Forh. iii. 15, 16. 3 [ The Red-fea, as

fled: Jordan was driven back.] if it had been sensible of the Divine Presence, forsook irs Channel, and left a dry Path for the People to march through ; as Jordan also afterward stopt its course for the People to pafs over.] All the greater

4 [The mountains skipped and leffer Hills about like rams: and the little hills Sinai trembled, and Jeapt, like Lambs, as if like young sheep.] they would run away from the place where they had been fixed.]


What aileth thee, O thou sea, that thou flęddest ; and


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