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him, and praise him ; and let : your talking be of all his wondrous works,

3 Rejoyce in his holy Name: let' the heart of them rejoyce

that seek the Lord. 3* His Arength, } 4 [Seek the Lord and * his that is, the Ark local strength : seek his face everled, becaufe by the Divine Presence over the

more.] Ark the Jews were enabled to overcome their Enemies,

[Come therefore devoutly before the Lord, who dwells in his Sanctuary, there endeavour to procure his Favour. ]

5* The Fudgments of s Remember the marvellous his mouth, the terrible works that he hath done : his did on Pharaob and the wonders, and * the judginents Egyptians, according to of his mouth; the Sentence which he had before passed on them, Ex. iji. 2. vii.4.

6. O'ye seed of Abraham his fervant, ye children of Jacob

his chosen. 7 [The Judgments 7

He is the Lord our God: which he executed on [his judgments are in all the the Canaanites, Philifines,&c. are, and shall world.] be, spoke of through 8 He hath been alway mindout the World. ful of his covenant and pro

mise: that he made to a thousand generations ;

9 Even the covenant that he made with Abraham: and the oath that he fware unto


10* Testament.] We 10 And appointed the same still call the Holy.Books

unto Jacob for a law; and to that were written bé. fore Chrift came, [The Israel for an everlasting * teftaOld Testament :) The ment, fum and substance whereof is, that which is here called fo, viz: the Promises made to Abraham, whereby, as Dr, Hammond expresses it, they had a quiet and secure enjoyment of the Promised Land, bequeathed to them by God himself,




vii. 4, 5.


11 Saying, Unto thee will
I give the land of Canaan: the
lot of

12 When there were yet but
a few of them t: and they 12 + Viz. Abraham
strangers in the land;

and his family, Acts 13 What time as they went

Gen. xii, xiii, XX, xxix.
from one nation to another :
from one Kingdom to another

14 He suffered no man to do Gen. xii, 15. XX. 3.
them wrong: but reproved e-
ven kings for their fakes.

15 Touch not mine * anoint 15 * Anointed.] This ed : and do my * prophets no

word generally denores

a King; and Abraham harm.

is own'd to be a mighty
Prince by the Children of Heth, Gen. xxiii. 6.
* Prophets.] God declares Abraham to be a Prophet, Gen. XX.7.

16 Moreover, he called for Gen. xli.
a dearth upon the land : and
destroyed all the provision of
17 But he had sent a man

Gen. xlv.
before them : even

even Joseph, who was sold to be a bond-servant;

18 Whose feet they hurt in 18 Iron, ] that is, the stocks: (the * iron entred Sword, which is a way into his soul ;]

of speaking usual in all

Languages. Here, by a further Figure, it is put for the flandering Tongue of Joseph's Mistress: As likewise Pfal. lv. 22. [The false Accusation of his Mistress cut him to the very Heart.]

19 Until the time came that Gen. xl, xli. his cause was known: [the

19 (The interpret.

ing of Pharaoh's, and word of the Lord tried him.]

the Baker and Bucler's Dream, purged him from all Suspicion of the Crime which he was charged with, for this Revelation from God, or Word of God, was a demonftration to Pharaoh, chat he who had it was a chaste and vercuous Person:]


Gen. lxi. 14.

20 The king sent, and delivered him : the prince of the people let him


free. Gen. xli. 40, 41,

21 He made him lord also of his house : and ruler of all his

substance; Gen. xli. 44. 22 That he might (inform] 22 [Direct]

his princes after his will: and

teach his senators wisdom. Gen. xlv.

23 Israel also came into 23 * Ham was the great Ancestor of Mize Egypt: and Jacob was a stranraim, or the Ægyptians, ger in the land of *Ham. Gen. x. 6.

24 And he increased his peoExod. i. 7, 9.

ple exceedingly : and made

them stronger than their eneExod. i. 10, C.

25 Whose heart turned fo, that they hated his people: and dealt untruly with his servants.

26 Then sent he Moses his servant: and Aaron whom he

had chosen. :27 [Miracles.)

27. And these fewed his [tokens) among them: and

wonders in the land of Ham. Exod. x. 22. 28 He sent darkness, and it 28 [Pharaphand the

was dark : and (they] were Ægyptians. ]

not obedient unto his word. Exod. vii. 21, 22. 29 He turned their waters

into blood: -and flew their fish. Exod. viii. 3,6.

30. Their land brought forth frogs: yea even in their kings

chambers. Exod. viii. 17, 24. 31 He spake the word, and .

there came all manner of fies:

and lice in all their quarters. Exod. ix, 23, kc. 32 He gave them hailstones

for rain: and flames of fire in their land.

33 He

33 He (mote their vines also and fig-trees : and 'destroyed the trees that were in their coasts.

34 He spake the word; and Exod. x. 14. the grashoppers came, and caterpillers innumerable: and did eat up all the grass in their land, and devoured the fruit of their ground.

Exod. xii. 29. 35 He finote allthe first-born in their land: even the chief of all their strength,

36 He brought them forth Exod. xii. 31, &c. also with silver and gold: there mong fo many hundred

36 [Any Person awas not (one feeble person a- . thouland, Exod. xii.37. mong their tribes.]

unfit for Travel

. ] 37 Egypt was glad at their Exod. xii. 33. departing: for they were afraid of them.

38 He spread out à cloud Exod. xiii. 21, 22. to be a covering: and fire to give light in the night-seafon.

39 At their desire he brought Exod. xvi. 12, doc, quails: and he filled them with the bread of heaven.

46. He opened tlic reck of Exod. xvii. 2, 6. fone, and the waters flowed out: so that rivers ran in the dry places.

41 For why? he remembred his holy promise : and Abraham his servant.

42 And he brought forth his people with joy: and his chofen with gladness; 43 And gave them the lands

43 (And they of of the heathen: [and they took joyd Ciries, Towns,


Fields, and Vineyards, the labours of the people in which the Labours of

poffeffion;] the Canaanites, and the other Inhabitants of the Promis'd Land had built, and planted for them,] Deut. vi. 10. II. Josh. xxiv. 13.

44. That they might keep his statutes : and observe his laws.


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Evening Prayer.
Hallelujah, or,



the Lord, which shews, that the Psalm is a Psalm of Praise. There is the fame reason to believe, that this Pfalm was composed by David, as that the former was so, viz. that the first and two last Verses of this Psalm are attributed to bim, '1 Chron. xvi. 7, 36, 37. In this Psalm, not only God's Mercies to the People of Israel are-recited, but their untbankfulness to him. See Notes in Defence. Confitemini Domino. Pfal. CVI.

Give thanks unto the

Lord, for he is gracious: for his mercy endureth

for ever. 2 Who can express the noble acts of the Lord or shew forth all his praise?

3 Blessed are they that alway keep judgment: and do

righteousness. 4 [Watch over me 4 Remember me, O Lord, with thy saving power.] according to the favour that

thou beareft unto thy people :

O [visit me with thy salvation] 5 [Bear a part in s That I may see the felicity the publick Joy of thy of thy chosen: and (rejoyce in People.]

the gladness of thy people, Jand
give thanks with thine inheri-
6. We have finned with our


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