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3 They have imagined craf 3 [ Peculiar People tily against thy people: and loveit, as we Men do

the Jews, whom thou taken counsel against thy [fe- hidden Treasure.) cret ones.]

Exod. xix. 5. 4 They have said, Come, and let us root them out, that they be no more a people: and that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.

s For they have cast their heads together with one consent: and are confederate against thee; 6 The * tabernacles of the E

6 * The Tabernacles, domites and the Ismaelites : the Armies, or Camps

. So

or Tents, that is, the Moabites and Hagarens : Castra among the La

7 *Gebal, and Ammon, and tins. Amalech : the Philistines, with


* Gebal is menti.

oned again, Ezek.xxvii. them that dwell at Tyre.

9. the People are called 8 * Affur also is joyned with Gibelites, . xiii. s. thein : and have holpen * the

8 * Ajur,] that is,

the Allyrian. children of Lot.

* The children of Lot] were the Moabites and the Ammonites, Gen. xix. 31. 9 But do thou to them as 9 The History of the unto the Midianites : unto

* Midianites being de

feared is fudges vii. * Sisera, and unto * Jabin at

of *Sisera and * Jabin, the brook of Kison ;

Jud. iv. 21, 22, 23, 24.

See aifo fud. v. 21. 10 Who perished at * Endor: 10 * Endor] was near

Tanaach and Megiddo, and became as the dung of the

fof. xvii. 11. about earth.

whi h place this Battle

was fought, Jud. v. 19. II Make them and their

Of the faralend princes like * Oreb and Zeb : of * Oreb and Zeb, read yea, make all their princes like Jud. vii. 25. of * Zeba

and Salmana, tee as * Zeba and Salmana;

Jud. viii, 12, 21. 12 Who say, Let us take to our felves : the houses of God in poffeffion.


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13 [ As restless as

13 O my God, make them the Wheel of a Charior in its Career, or make slike unto a wheel] : and as them as swift to run

the stubble before the wind; i away as a Wheel down Hill.] 14 [The burning

14 Like as the fire that burnMountains 1 such as Ætna and Vesuvius.

eth up the wood : and as the flame that consumeth (the mountains. ]

15 Persecute them even fo with thy tempest: and make them afraid with thy storm.

16 Make their faces ashamed, O Lord : that they may seek thy Name.

17 Let them be confounded and vexed ever more and more: let them be put to shame and perish.

18 And they shall know that thou whose Name is Jehovah : art only the most Highest over all the earth.

Bishop Patrick supposes this Psalm to have been indited by

Some pious Levite, when the way to Jerusalem was . block'd up by Senacherib's Army. Quam diletta! Pial. LXXXIV.

How amiable are thy O

dwellings: thou Lord of hosts!

2 My soul hath a desire and longing to enter into the courts of the Lord : my heart and my

flesh rejoyce in the living God. 3 * Altars] here sig. 3 Yea, the sparrow hath nifies the place, or Buil- found her an house, and the ding abour the Altars : So the word Altar fig. swallow a nest, where she may nifies again, Rev.xi.i. lay her young: even thy *altars,

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my God.

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O Lord of hosts, my King and

Rev. xvi. 7. as the most
Learned Mc:Mede hach

obferved: So Ignatius describes the Catholic Christians, En. ad Ephef. by saying, They are within the Altar, that is, the Quire or Chancel, as we now speak. So the meaning of this Clapie is, that Birds built nor in the Roof of that part of the Temple where the Altar of Incense stood, viz. just before che Veil, Exod. xxx. vi. but in the Trees which

grew in the innermost court, where the Altar of Burnt, Offering food, 2 Kings Xvi. 14.See Psal. xcii. 11,'!2. 4 Blessed

are they (that dwell 4 (The Priests and in thy house]: they will be al- others, whose chief

employ is in thy Temway praifing thee ...n

ple.] 5 [Blessed is the man whose 5 By *Ways here we strength is in thee : in whose must understand Roads heart are thy * ways.]

for Travelling, raised

or paved by Man's Labour ; fo the Hebrew word irefilloth fignifies. Our TranNators turn the word [thy ways) or the ways leading to thy House; and so moft Divines understand it. See Psal. cxxxviii. 5.

[ Happy is the Man who relies on thy Promise of protecting him and his Estate, Exod. xxxñi. 24. while he is going to pay his Devotion to thee ac Jerusalem, and fo leaves all his worldly Cares at home, and goes with the greatest Pleasure and Satisfaćtion to thy House ; or if he be debarrd of that Privilege, and forced to : stay at home, yet his Mind runs of the way that leads to the Temple, thither his Desires and Inclinations carry him.]

6 [ Who going through the 6 [They who go to vale of misery, use it for a well: thy Houfe with Heard

and Good-will, are not and the pools are filled with

at all discouraged at water.]

that Valley in the way thither, which is so incommodious, and hard to be passed by other Travellers: 'Tis to them a place of Refreshment, whicre they quench-their Thirst, and bathe their Bodies; for there they never wanç the convenience of plenty of Water, chan which nothing is more welcome to Travellers in hoc Countries.] See Well in the Vocabulary. 7 [ They will go,

7 * From strength to strength to strength : and unto

strength, as from Evil

co Evil, Jer.ix.3. froin the God of gods appeareth eve Faith to Faith, Ro.i17. ry one of them in Sion.] from Glory to Glory, 2 Cor. iii. 18. imports a growth and increase in Evil, Faith, Glory; so by parity of reason, to go from strength to strength, imports growing stronger, as they proceed in their journey.


* from

[These Holy Pilgrims shall go on their Journey with a strength and vigour, which, in stead of abating, shall grow more fresh the nearer they come to their Journeys-end, till cyery one of them at last, to the Joy of his Heart, presents himself before God in the Temple on Mount Zion.]

8 O Lord God of hosts, hear my prayer : hearken, Ö God

of Jacob. 9 [Of our good 9 Behold, O God our deKing, that he may be fender : and look upon the face able to drive away Enemy, who keeps us [of thine anointed. from the place of Publick Worship, and protect us in thy Service.]

10 For one day in thy courts: is better than a thousand.

II I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God: than to dwell in the tents of ungodliness.

12 For the Lord God is a

light and defence : the Lord 12 [Honour.] See will give grace and (worship,] the Vocabulary,

and no good thing shall he withhoid from them that live a godly life.

13 O Lord God of hosts : blessed is the man that putteth his trust in thee.

Some think that this Psalm was composed, on occasion of

Absalom's Rebellion being quieted : others on the disappointment of Senacherib: And'tisaltogether as probable, that 'twas made and used on the return of the People from the Babylonish Captivity, who were still molested with many Enemies. Benedixisti, Domine. Pfal. LXXXV.

Ord, thou art become grahaft turned away the captivity of Jacob.


2 Thou hast forgiven the offence of thy people : and covered all their sins.

3 Thou haft taken away all thy displeasure: and turned thy self from thy wrathful indignation.

4 Turn us then t, o God 4. † To our former our Saviour: and let thine an

State. ger cease from us.

5 Wilt thou be displeased at us for ever :: and wilt thou ftretch out thy wrath from one generation to another?

6. Wilt thou not turn again and [quicken) us: that thy peo? fectly recover.]

6 (Revive, or perg ple may rejoyce in thee

7. Shew us thy mercy, o Lord: and grant us thy salvation. 8 [I will hearken what the

8 [1 will wait patiLord God will say concerning ently on the Lord, for me : for he shall speak peace

an answer to these my unto his people, and to his Prayers, little doubting

bur that he will be ful. saints, that they turn notagaint.] ly reconciled to his People, who are devoted to his Worship; that they may be out of all danger, and tempration of falling to the Worship of Idols again, which has brought all this Calamity upon them.] 87 To Folly. See Gen. Not. I.

9 For his falvation is nigh them that fear him: that [glory]

9. [The favourable may dwell in our land.

Presence of God.) 10 [Mercy and truth are met 10 (For methinks I together : righteousness and fee Goodness and Ho

nefty, Justice and conpeace have kisfed each other.].

cord, which are the principal Glory and Safety, of any Kingdom, meeting together, and like ancient Friends, which have been long ablent, embracing each other.


II Truth

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